Subjective Vs Objective Writing by Adela Sanders

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									Subjective Vs. Objective
Subjective Writing
            When writers
          emphasize or share
          their own personal
          feelings, thoughts,
            judgments, and
             opinions, their
          writing is defined as
   Subjective Writing
Subjective writing is found in
      personal essays, in
  autobiographies, and in the
editorial section of newspapers
where journalists express their
 opinions about news events.
Objective Writing
         Objective writing
           presents facts
          and figures only.
             It does not
            include the
         writer’s beliefs or
        Objective Writing

Journalists who report the news write in
 an objective style. They stick to the
 facts and figures of the events they
 report; their purpose is strictly to
 inform the readers. Objective writing is
 also found in textbooks.
  Some texts may combine objective
    writing and subjective writing. For
 example, a biographer may include his
    or her opinion of the person about
  whom he or she is writing, as well as
report the facts regarding that person’s
 life. It is important to recognize which
  segments are written objectively and
      which are written subjectively.
      Likewise, a inexperienced or
      unprofessional journalist may
 inadvertently or on purpose mix actual
facts related to a news event and his or
  her own opinions of that occurrence.
  Again, it is the reader’s responsibility
    to distinguish fact from opinion.

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