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					The Great Gatsby

  Important Things
      to Know
        Nick Carraway
Narrator of the novel
Self proclaimed:
– Tolerant
– Open-minded
– Good listener (people tell him their secrets)
Admires Gatsby (even though he
represents everything Nick hates about
New York)
     Daisy Buchanan
Married to Tom Buchanan
Nick‟s cousin
       Tom Buchanan
Married to Daisy
Having an affair with Myrtle Wilson
Inherited wealth from prominent family
Strong / brutish / a bully
Racist and sexist
        Jordan Baker
Professional golfer
Becomes involved with Nick
        Myrtle Wilson
Married to George Wilson
Having an affair with Tom Buchanan
Highly superficial
Always seeking better (Tom =
          George Wilson
Married to Myrtle
          Jay Gatsby
Nick‟s neighbor
No one knows much about him – rumors
Overly formal
   East Egg vs. West Egg
Wealthy               Wealthy
neighborhood          neighborhood
Buchanans live here   Nick and Gatsby live
Associated with:      here
– Aristocracy         Opposite of E. Egg
– Breeding            Nouveau riche (new
– Inherited wealth    wealth)
                      – Gatsby‟s gaudy
                        mansion and
                        extravagant parties
    Valley of the Ashes
Between West Egg and New York City
Juxtaposed to glamour and beauty of the
What does the Valley suggest about the
– They are equally empty and ugly underneath
  their fancy facades
        Gatsby’s Party
East Egg and West Egg mix
Who are the West Eggers?
– Nouveau riche
– Get really drunk and misbehave
– Most are not even invited, they just show up
Gatsby keeps distant
– Seems to not know many of the guests
– Watches everyone rather than mingling
– Other business is being handled
The 1920’s - Prohibition
18th Amendment – banned the
manufacture and sale of “intoxicating
liquors.” (note: not illegal to possess or
Volstead Act – defined “intoxicating
liquors” as any beverage with more than
0.5 percent alcohol.
The 1920’s - Prohibition
Prohibition linked to the war in order to
gain acceptance (German-American
brewers were labeled as enemies; “Kaiser
Enforcing the law was almost impossible
The 1920’s – Organized
As a result of Prohibition, the production
and sale of alcohol went underground.
As much as $60 million per year for
gangsters like Al “Scarface” Capone and
George “Bugs” Moran.
Also associated with gambling and
General dislike for authority and law
   What was Gatsby’s
He used to own a chain of drugstores
Drugstores were big sellers of grain
– People made their own liquor using this;
Relationship to Meyer Wolfsheim
– Said to have fixed the World Series of 1919
– Gatsby is related to the crime ring
Gatsby and Daisy Meet
Gatsby bought his house to be closer to
Wants to make himself worthy of her
– He buys the best of the best
– Throws extravagant parties
Daisy cries over shirts!
– Superficial
– Money
      The Green Light
The light at the end of Daisy‟s dock
Gatsby can see it across the water
– For Gatsby‟s yearning to be with Daisy
– The American Dream: wealth, material
– Daisy = wealth, status
Theme: American Dream
What does Nick imply happens when
Gatsby finally meets Daisy?
 – He had created a magnificent image in his
 – She failed to meet those expectations
If Daisy relates to the American Dream for
Gatsby, what happens when someone
finally achieves the American Dream?
Theme: Social Status
The rich don‟t have to follow rules:
– Smuggle alcohol
– Have extramarital affairs
Take advantage of the poor:
– Tom carries on a relationship with Myrtle,
  knowing he will never marry her.
        Nick Carraway
Why is Nick the narrator and not the
– Is present during most of the action, but barely
– At the end of the novel he becomes Fitzgerald‟s
  voice. (will explore later)
He has his own internal conflict dealing with life
on the East Coast.
Claims to be tolerant:
– Tom and Myrtle in Ch. 2
– Setting up Gatsby and Daisy
  The American Dream
Pursuit of happiness
Fitzgerald claims it has become the pursuit
of wealth (more, more, more)
In order to get Daisy, Gatsby had to
become wealthy
Created an entirely new identity for himself
         Social Status
Gatsby – the card from the mayor; gets
away with speeding and other reckless
The Buchanans – move away when things
get rough; pretend like nothing happened
Wilson – kills Gatsby; then himself
because he will not be able to buy his way
out of anything; lost everything he had to
live for (Myrtle, the car, etc.)
          Social Status
Gatsby‟s dream will never happen
– He‟s nouveau riche (not accepted by
  aristocracy like Tom and Daisy)
– He gets his money through criminal activity
– His identity is false
     Living in the Past
5 years since Gatsby and Daisy last saw
each other
Gatsby builds up his expectations of her –
she never does meet those expectations
What happens to those who live in the
          Green Light
Light = Hope to be with Daisy
Green = envy, money
Remember the image of Gatsby reaching
out to the light (pp. 20-21)
Gatsby waiting outside of Daisy‟s house in
the bushes (pp.143-145)
Pining for something that he will never get
(Tom stands in his way)
Eyes of Dr. T.J. Eckleburg
Wilson believes the eyes are the eyes of
God (pg. 159)
The eyes are watching the immorality
taking place in the Eggs and the city.
                   The West
“I see now that this has been a story of the West, after all
– Tom and Gatsby, Daisy and Jordan and I, were all
Westerners, and perhaps we possesses some deficiency
in common which made us subtly unadaptable to
Eastern life.”
As Westerners, do they all possess the pioneering spirit
and the unquenchable desire to reach the American
Nick prefers the West because its what he knows.
As Westerners, can they ever achieve real acceptance
into the “Old Money” group?
Will they ever realize that the hills are not full of gold or
that streets are not paved in it?
   Location in the story
West = Gatsby
East = Buchanans
Valley of the ashes = George Wilson
   Weather in the story
Gatsby‟s and Daisy‟s meeting = stormy to
begin with; moves into sunshine
Tom‟s and Gatsby‟s confrontation =
hottest day of the summer
Gatsby‟s death = beginning of autumn
What role does weather play in the novel?
      Important Quotes
“ „She‟s got an indiscreet voice,‟ I
remarked. „It‟s full of –‟ I hesitated.

„Her voice is full of money,‟ he said
sullenly.” (pg. 120)
Does Gatsby love Daisy or her money?
     Important Quotes
“A brewer had built it earlier in the „period‟
craze a decade before, and there was a
story that he‟d agreed to pay five years‟
taxes on all the neighboring cottages if the
owners would have their roofs thatched
with straw… Americans, while
occasionally willing to be serfs, have
always been obstinate about being
peasantry.” (pg. 88)
     Important Quotes
“Gatsby believed in the green light, the
orgastic future that year by year recedes
before us. It eluded us then, but that‟s no
matter – tomorrow we will run faster,
stretch out our arms farther…And one fine
morning ---

So we beat on, boats against the current,
borne back ceaselessly into the past.