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					State of Being Verbs
  A Project LA Activity
What is a state of being verb?

 State   of being verbs are often
   called linking verbs because
   they link the subject of the
   sentence with information
   about it.

What is a state of being verb?

  There   are 8 state of being verbs:
    is,am are
    was, were,

    be being been.

                Hear the 8
                 state of
The teacher is tall.

    In the first sentence, is links the teacher
     to information about her-the fact that she
     is tall. That is her state of being.
This candy tastes so sweet.

    In the second sentence, tastes links
     candy to information about it—its
     sweetness. Did you think taste was an
     action verb? Well, it is—when the
     subject is doing the tasting. But here, the
     candy isn't doing any tasting. The candy
     itself tastes sweet. That is its state of
Can you tell which are being verbs?

  were      run      will be    jump

  shine       skip       sing         is

  could     has      drive          draw
                         Ready to
                         move on?
OOPS! That is an action verb.

 Try again
Yes! That is a state of being verb.

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