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					Homemade beauty tips for skin
A glowing skin is the requirement for beautiful looks and hence, you can’t avoid taking care of your skin every
day. Eating and drinking healthy will let you have shiny and radiant skin, which avoid pimples and blemishes.
Now, when food will take care of your skin from within you would also need to apply homemade beauty packs
to complete the process.

Oatmeal would be an superb natural scrub. It will help to remove the dead cells from your face to give it a fresh
look. To prepare the oatmeal pack mix half cup of oatmeal with half cup water and make it into a paste.

Wash your face with normal water and then apply the pack uniformly on your face. Allow the pack to rest for
10-15 mintues and then clean off with warm water while scrubbing your face with the pack in circular motions.

Cucumber is the natural astringent. It also helps tightening skin and slows down the aging process. Hence,
cucumber is a must be in your beauty regime. Grate cucumber and extract the juice. Apply the juice on your
face with cotton ball. Let it dry on your face for 20 mins. Time-to-time, reapply the juice. Rinse your face with
cold water when the juice dries completely.

You can also preserve the juice in refrigerator and use every day for brilliantly glowing skin.

Egg yolk
The egg yolk is rich in nutrients that will let you have beautifully glowing skin. To make a face pack of egg yolk-
mix 1 egg yolk with ½ tablespoon of olive oil and ½ table spoon of lemon juice. Apply the pack on your face and
leave it to dry for around 15 mins. Rinse off the pack completely with water. It is an ideal face pack for normal
to dry skin.

Honey, Peach and Yogurt Mask
This is a great face mask which can be used every day. Honey is the natural moisturizer and therefore is used
extensively in face-packs. The honey, peach and yogurt mask will leave your skin beautiful and glowing.

Take the pulp of a large peach and mix honey and yogurt to it. Make a paste and apply it on face. Leave the
pack to dry for 30 mins. Once the pack is dry, rinse it off with lukewarm water. Complete the process by
applying light moisturizer to your face.
combination skin

Tips to handle your combination skin
       You should always clean your eye make up with the help of an oil based eye make up remover.

       You should wash your face with a foaming facial cream to in the morning. This will cleanse the oily areas of your skin and
        the pores on the tip of your nose are also cleansed, therefore preventing acne and blackheads. You should massage your
        damp skin, especially the oily region and leave it for a few seconds, then wash your face with water. This process helps in
        removing the dirt from your skin.

       You should always use a cream cleanser in the evening time regularly in order to keep the dry areas of your skin clean
        and smooth.

       You should use two different toners, each having different strength. For the dry area of your skin, use a mild skin
        freshener and for the oily areas use a strong astringent. Using these will make you feel fresh.

       You should apply moisturizer all over your face, especially on the dry areas. Then with a help of a tissue you can blot the
        excess oil from your skin.

       Even though the remainder of your face is prone to oiliness, always remember that the skin around your eyes is very
        delicate, so don’t drag at it when removing your eye makeup. Soak a cotton wool pad with a non oily remover and hold
        over your eyes for a few seconds to give it time to dissolve the make up. Then lightly stroke away the mascara and make -
        up from the eyelids, and the upper and lower lashes.

       Lather up with a gentle facial wash, as it won’t strip away moisture from your skin, but it will remove grime, dirt and oil.
        Massage gently over damp skin with your fingertips, and then rinse away the soapy suds with lots of warm water.

       Soak a cotton wool ball with a refreshing astringent lotion. Sweep it over your skin to refresh and cool it .Continue until the
        cotton wool comes up completely clean.

       Even oily skin needs moisturizer, because a moisturizer helps to seal water into the top layer to keep the skin soft and
        supple. Choose a light, watery fluid as this will be enough for you.

       Allow the moisturizer to sink in for a few minutes, and then press a clean tissue over your face to absorb the excess oil
        and prevent a shiny complexion.

Homemade body care beauty tips

When you are taking every care to improve the quality of your skin and hair you can’t avoid caring for your body
too. Flaky skin, cracked heels will put a dampener on your beauty regimen.

Body lotion for dry skin
The homemade body lotion will help you fight skin dryness. Add 2 teaspoon of glycerin with lemon juice and
six-teaspoons of petroleum jelly. You may apply this moisturizing lotion on your body to prevent dryness.

Cucumber for sunburn
Cucumber juice can be used to treat sunburn. Peel and grate one cucumber and squeeze juice from it.
Refrigerate the juice. Mix the juice with ½ teaspoon of glycerin and rose water. Apply the mixture on the
affected area.
Cracked heel
Cracked heels look bad and hence, you can’t ignore them. To treat your cracked heels melt paraffin wax and
mix mustard oil with it. Apply the mixture on the affected area and leave overnight. If you use it regularly your
heels will become smooth after 10 to 15 days.

Hand care Beauty Tips
Even when you can deceive your age with a glowing skin your hands are often the give-away. They will tell
your true age if you ignore them. Hence, taking care of your hand is equally crucial.

To clear the dead skin from your hand mix some sea salt with lemon juice and rub your hands with it by using
an old toothbrush. Rinse off your hands with lukewarm water.

Keeping your hands moisturized is very important for a great look and hence, apply almond oil to keep them
hydrated. To prevent nails from breaking, massage your nails with vitamin E.

Beauty treatment doesn’t always have to be expensive. You can retain the glowing youthful look by using
simple ingredients available easily at home.

Homemade tips for OILY SKIN OILY SKIN
The Oil Control Guide
There are various ways to care for oily skin. Here is an effective guide to do away with excess facial oil and
reduce the outbreak of acne and pimples.

       Wash your facial skin with mild soap and water, two to three times a day.
       You can also use herbal ex foliating scrub to cleanse the skin.
       Follow this up with astringent lotion. Soak a cotton pad in astringent and apply all over face.
       You can use an oil-free moisturizer for your skin. This is essential as overuse of soap and astringent
        can lead to dehydrated skin.
       Allow your face to soak up the moisturizing lotion for a couple of minutes. Then wipe off the lotion with
        a fresh tissue. This will help to get rid of excess oil and leave your skin with a clean and fresh look.
       Splashing your face with cold water also helps to reduce oil.
       Remember it is a must to apply astringent lotion before make up.
       Mix cucumber juice with lime juice. Apply this mixture to your face. Keep on for 15 minutes and wash
        off with cold water.
       Pour a few drops of eau-de cologne in half a glass of water and put in freezer. Remove from
        refrigerator after an hour and apply to face with cotton wool.
       Apply the white of an egg to facial skin. Wash off with basin flour after it dries off.
       Apply a paste of crushed cucumber and tomato to your face and leave on for 15 to 20 minutes.
       A mixture of rose water and mint juice helps to reduce excess oil.
       A mud pack comprising of pink or white clay is ideal for oily skin.
       Use skin care products and cosmetics that are specially formulated for oily skin.
       Mix apple juice and lime juice in equal quantities and apply to your skin. Keep for 10 to 15 minutes and
        wash off. This will work wonders for your skin.

Note: Some of the above mentioned products and ingredients might be allergic to your skin. In case of such
complications, you are requested not to use the same.

Natural Skin Care Tips for Oily Skin

       Freedom from blackheads:For getting rid of blackheads, mix oatmeal paste, lemon juice and few
        drops of olive oil. Apply it on face and wash with lukewarm water. This is quite effective as it extracts
        oil from the pores, thereby reducing blackheads.

       Problem of shiny skin: Mix up some lemon juice with warm water and add a pinch of vinegar. Dab a
        cotton ball and apply over the face and neck. Let the skin dry after which you can apply any other skin
        care product. This helps in reducing the shine on skin, which looks and feels uncomfortable.

       Applying make-up:Use cucumber juice to take care of excessive oiliness. Apply the juice before
        makeup. Let it dry for sometime and then continue with your makeup.

       Excessive oiliness:Find a solution in clay and mud mask if your skin is very oily. Mix 1-teaspoon
        green clay powder and 1-teaspoon raw honey properly and apply the paste leaving the areas around
        the eyes. Fifteen minutes later, wash with warm water. For best results, repeat it 2-3 times a week.

       Daily care:Spare 4-5 minutes daily and follow this tip; mix equal amount of lemon juice and water.
        Then pat on your face gently. Let it dry and wash off with normal water or little bit warm water if

Sensitive Skin Care Guide
Sensitive skin care requires a lot of patience and meticulous help. Red spots, itchiness, rashes and allergies
might       develop        at       the        slightest     exposure        to       harsh        conditions.

The following tips mentioned below are effective in providing a safeguard for sensitive skin.

       You should be very particular about the food that you eat. A healthy, well balanced diet will work
        wonders for your skin. Avoid fried and spicy food as these might cause your skin to break out.

       Drink plenty of water. Adequate intake of water is essential for that soft, glowing skin.

       Herbal skin care products are excellent for sensitive skin.

       Always use hypo-allergenic make up and cosmetics on your face.

       Do not use harsh cleansers on your face. Always remove eye make up with a gentle eye make up
        remover that is not harsh on your skin.

       Treat your face to a cleanser made from jojoba or almond oil.
     Oatmeal mixed with grapefruit makes an excellent ex foliating scrub for sensitive skin.

     You can use a fruit mask for toning and cleansing your skin.

     Comfrey works as an excellent toner for sensitive skin.

     Aloe vera works as a soothing skin lotion for redness, itches and blots.

     Licorice is good for sensitive skin.

     Green tea extracts can work towards preventing skin allergies and reactions.

     Always use hypo-allergenic cleansers and moisturizers.

     Do not use skin fresheners. Splash your face with warm water instead.
     You should try wearing clothes that are made of natural fabrics, as much as possible. People with sensitive skin are more
      likely to get an allergic reaction to some fabrics. The major culprits are the dyes and formaldehyde that are present in the
      fabric. Here are some tips to avoid this problem:

           o      You should wear loose fitting clothes.

           o      You should wash new clothes, at least twice, before wearing them.

           o      You should steer from clothes that are made of nylon, spandex, acrylic, or polyester, if you are allergic to dyes.

     You should use the dilution method. It is almost impossible to completely eliminate contact with everyday products. But
      you can use the method of diluting in order to weaken the amount of harmful chemicals and dyes that are present in these
      Here are some suggestions:

           o      Add a tablespoon of baking soda and half the amount of shampoo that you use to rinse off waxy buildup from
                  hair conditioners.

           o      Adding baking soda to your laundry that is not stained can reduce that required amount of detergent by up to

           o      Dilute your shampoo by using only half the amount and adding water as the other half.

     Treat your skin as you would treat a baby’s. Just like a baby’s skin, people with sensitive skin needs the plainest products
      and those that offer the most protection against irritating factors.

Homemade tips for Dehydrated Skin
     Drink lots of water. That is the most effective way of keeping dehydration at bay.
     Try to take lots of fruit juices and coconut water.
     Try to avoid tea and coffee. It is not good for dehydrated skin.
     Lemon juice helps to cut down on dehydration.
     Save your skin from the harmful UV rays. Using an umbrella or sunshade is necessary. You can also use any
      good sunscreen lotion that is suited to your skin type.
     Cut down on fried food and salty snacks.
     Moisturize your skin with a lotion that contains a humectant to seal the moisture.
     Use a cleansing cream to remove your make up.
     Use a good night cream that replenishes lost moisture to your skin.
     Always use water based skin care products.
     An under eye cream is essential for smoothing out those fine lines.
       A proper balanced diet is good for dehydrated skin.
       Rub sugar granules dampened with water on to the flaky areas of your skin.
       Apply a mixture of honey and milk to smoothen your skin.
       Take ½ spoon white of egg, ¼ spoon honey, ½ spoon cucumber juice. Make a paste and apply it on your face with the
        help of cotton. After it get dry, wash it off with cold water.
       Take 1 spoon multani mitti, 1 spoon milk cream, ½ spoon honey and a little amount of oil. Make a paste. Apply it on
        your face. Keep it for 10 – 15 minutes. Wash it off after it gets dry.
       Take ¼ spoon oil, ½ spoon honey, 1 tablespoon ‘Chokar’. Make a paste and apply and wash it off after it gets dry.
       Make a paste by mixing 1 spoon curd, ½ spoon honey, ½ spoon milk cream, 2 spoons potato juice. Apply on your face
        and wash if off when it gets dry.
       Drink warm water to which ¼ teaspoon of crushed cardamom seeds are added.

Homemade beauty tips for hair

Hair is your crowning glory and hence, you can’t simply ignore them. Healthy hair is sign of health and beauty.
Homemade hair care recipes will help you keep your hair healthy and shining. These can also prevent issues
like- dandruff and premature graying.

Brown sugar
Dandruff is caused by dry and flaky scalp and hence, keeping it moisturized and clean is the best way to
prevent dandruff. Brown sugar scalp scrub will let you keep your head clean. Mix two parts of brown sugar with
one part of conditioner. Lightly rub the mixture on your scalp. However, you must be careful not to tangle your
hair. Rinse your hair thoroughly with water.

Moisturize with honey and olive oil
Moisturizing your hair regularly is an important part of your hair care regimen. Hence, you must not avoid
moisturizing your hair even if you have oily hair. If you have dry hair you can benefit from adding olive oil and
honey to your regular conditioner.

If you have dry hair then you can also benefit from using mayonnaise on your scalp. Apply it on wet hair. Wash
your hair thoroughly and shampoo if needed and style accordingly.
Beauty tips for Facial
How to bring back the glow is the question foremost on the minds of most men and women
considering getting a facial done. The best facial is one that constitutes use of natural ingredients
because they contain all of the essential vitamins that the skin needs and are able to revitalize it
without the worry of harsh chemical additives that can affect the balance of the skin. Below are
the different face facial tips:

      Choosing a facial mask requires one to pay keen attention to the skin type and purchase a
       facial mask in accordance with the skin’s needs. These few minutes dedicated to finding
       the right kind of facial mask is what will spell the difference for the freshened and
       revitalized look to your face.
      The other great benefit of commercially available facial masks is that they require
       minimum effort on your part as all the beautification, detoxification and exfoliation work
       is done by the active ingredients of the facial masks.
      A facial mask is a unique and instantaneous way to complement the daily skin care
       routine and adds to the breathing power granted to the pores of the skin when combined
       with the beauty regime of cleansing, toning and moisturizing.
      Whether your facial is the mask variety or cream-and-wash kind, take care that it must
       not be done too frequently as this can endanger the ph balance of your skin.
      Applying a facial mask should be restricted to a weekly procedure and correspond to your
       skin type to ensure the most positive beautifying effect to your face.
      If you have a dry skin, look for facials that will replenish the moisture needed by your
       facial skin and go in for products that offer coco or shear butter, lanolin, Vaseline, natural
       or scented fruit or nut-extract oils for extra nourishment. Fruit extracts like strawberry,
       peach, apricot and banana with milk components are believed to rejuvenate and hydrate
       dry skin.
      Choose a facial that will soften the upper derma layers and improve its color, clean and
       contract, intensify circulation of blood so you get that healthy, youthful glow on your
      Always thoroughly cleanse your skin to receive the maximum benefit of a home facial
       and include the neck area for massaging and treating during a facial too.

Homemade Eye beauty tips
Your Eyes and Overall Health

If you’re a romantic or like to read fiction and poetry, you’ll have memorized and appreciated
the saying, “the eyes are the windows to your soul.” But your eyes are also a good barometer of
your overall health. We’re not just talking about the state of your eyes predicting cataracts and
glaucoma; we’re talking about them being harbingers of diseases like diabetes and
cardiovascular disease.

Doctors say that ocular manifestations of health are really best interpreted by experts, which
means that you should get an eye examination as regularly as you get a physical: at least once a
year. If you have bloodshot eyes, or suspect that not everything looks normal or standard, then
it’s time to consult your eye doctor and schedule an appointment. Regardless, everyone should
have a comprehensive eye exam by the time they are 40 years of age to ensure that their eyes and
overall health are in good order. Problems such as Conjunctivitis. (Pinkeye), bloodshot eyes,
bulging eyes or droopy eyelids suggest much deeper, bigger issues. For instance, a bloody eye
could not only mean harmless hemorrhaging of the tiny bloodshot vessels that are on the outer
layer of the eye, but also severe blood pressure. A droopy eyelid may mean a brain tumor.
Yellow discoloration in the eyes may indicate that some malfunction in the liver such as hepatitis
and cirrhosis.

How to Nourish Your Eyes If You Wear Contact Lenses

If you are a contact lens wearer, then opt for the Daily Acuvue™ variety that allow your eyes to
breathe; the daily lenses provide superior hydration as well. There is now a breakthrough Acuvue
contact lens technology called Hydraclear® that moisturizes your eyes thoroughly and provides
ample lubrication throughout the day. Dryness of the eye is a consistent complaint of contact lens
wearers and Hydraclear may be the answer. Furthermore, this technology allows three times
more oxygen to the corneal area.

General Nutrition for Your Eyes

The eyes, just like your body, need adequate amounts of proper nutrients and vitamins in order to
perform optimally. If you have dry eyes, you may want to increase your consumption of flaxseed
and fish oil that contain dietary fatty acids. You can also increase the use of lubricating eye
drops, (we recommend the Rohto brand). Fish oil and cod liver oil are popular supplements and
you can pretty much find them everywhere. In general, good nutrition for the body will translate
into good nutrition for the eyes. Fruits, vegetables, whole grains and low-fat milk will help your
eyesight. In particular, lean meats, poultry, fish, beans, eggs and nuts are definitely linked to
good vision.

Eyes and Vitamins

In the vitamin department, studies have shown that Vitamins C, E and A, and zinc and copper are
excellent for eye health. Chances are that you’ve heard about the connection between eating a lot
of carrots and good eyesight. Carrots are rich in Vitamin A, and this is also necessary for night
vision and bolstering the immune system. Carotenoids give this vegetable their characteristic
orange pigment, and in addition to providing color to vegetables and fruit, they act as
antioxidants. Your body naturally converts certain carotenoids into Vitamin A. Carrots are not
the only vegetable to contain essential Vitamin A: other supplements like lutein and zeaxanthin
contain Vitamin A that is beneficial for sight as well. Omega-3 essential fatty acids give
excellent nutrition to the eyes and also reduce the risk of dry eyes.

Vitamin A plays such an important role in your eye health that it may make sense to understand
why. The vitamin prevents night blindness and also dryness of the eyes, corneal ulcers and
swollen eyelids. Vitamin A is also thought to be a good prevention to cataracts and acts to
prevent macular degeneration. Macular degeneration is thought to be the leading cause of

The human eye is like a camera that collects, focuses, and transmits light through a lens to create
an image of its surroundings. A cataract is a clouding of the lens in the eye that affects such
vision. The vision dims because the cataract prevents light from passing beyond the lens and
focusing on the retina. Most cataracts are related to aging and are very common among the old.

General Eye Care Tips

As we have seen, getting some decent shut-eye, avoiding smoking, wearing eye protection
(particularly during the summer) and eating responsibly will give you a much healthier pair of
eyes. If you wear contact lenses make sure that your prescription is always up to date. Outdated
prescriptions can give you headaches and migraines, and can even ruin your sight. Make sure
you keep your annual eye appointment and hydrate your eyes accordingly with the proper drops
or saline solution. Prevention is better than cure, especially when it comes to your sight. A lot of
prevalent eye diseases can be held at bay through common sense and healthy habits. Treat your
“windows to the soul” well and they will reward you with good sight for many years to come.

If you want your eyes to be attractive, keep yourself healthy. When you have good health, the
eyes will have natural shine and there will be glow. Take food full of proteins and vitamins.
Food with vitamin-A is specially beneficial. Take a lot of green vegetables apricot, plum, date
and carrot too. Take half a lemon in warm water, an hour before your breakfast, it is very
Natural Hair Care

Get a glimpse of natural hair care with Best Beauty Info who brings to you the easiest and
environment hugging ways to cure your seasonal mane troubles…

Taking care of your hair totally depends on the type of hair you have, your lifestyle, food-habits,
and the kind of styling products you dip them in. still, to put it straight, natural ingredients are
the best way to get beautiful and healthy hair. Who doesn’t know that chemical treatments
mostly damage the hair? Natural products help to reduce dandruff problems, cure hair breakage
hair fall, and getting rid of dull and unhealthy hair becidel.

Healthy Hair Naturally

Diet, multi-vitamin in your food habits like, intake of more and greener vegetables, broccoli,
milk, oats and walnuts is a must in your diet, and also exercise is very important to get naturally
healthy hair. Along with your diet basic hair care is also necessary, like head massage, hair spa,
hair packs, and oiling; this helps the hair to be strong and healthy. We can get healthy naturally
by following some simple procedures, to the onset regular oiling is a must to maintain a good
textured hair. Vitamin E is also a very good food for hair as it increases the blood circulation in
our body. To regenerate the scalp and provide needed protection, castor oil is also as very good
ingredient for healthy hair. For years castor oil has been used as a traditional medicine but today
it has been discovered to be highly beneficial for healthy hair. Try not to take too much of hair
treatments, keep your hair virgin as long as possible, if you still want to go for hair treatments,
then hair spas are the best option.

Cure Dandruff and Hair Fall Naturally:

Dandruff and hair fall is generally co-related, if we have dandruff then there will be hair fall
again if we have hair fall there might be a chance of having dandruff. One of the important
measures that can be taken to get rid of the problem is by improving blood circulation. Brush
hair everyday to improve blood circulation and remove dandruff flakes, if there any. There are a
lot of lotions and dandruff shampoos that can help, and if you talk about home-made remedy, a
mixture of curd, lemon juice and egg yolk twice a week is a very good cure for dandruff and hair
fall. Always try to keep your scalp clean, everyday we come across with a lot of pollution, as a
result keeping your hair clean is a must. Believe it or not stress and anxiety can lead to dandruff
and hair fall, so try not to take the same as much as possible. There might be various reasons for
dandruff and hair fall, such as stress, pollution, how you look after your hair and many more. To
get rid of the same we need to take good care of our hair, there are many hair treatments as well
to get rid of such problems. Eating habits also matter in having healthy and beautiful hair, regular
intake of fruits, vegetables, nuts and protein is very important.

Natural Hairstyling Tips and Tricks
Being stylish is nothing but making the most of the shape of your hair. You should know well
which hairstyle or cut suits you and also which you will be able to carry off comfortably. If you
are not comfortable with a style that you are putting on, you can never look good, no matter how
well the hair cut suits you. Hair styles basically depends on the structure of the face-like with
round faces bangs are very in now-a-days, this bangs help to cover the sides of the face. If you
have a thin face, you can ask your stylist to give it a cut which makes your face look bigger. One
of the simplest tricks to natural style your hair is, if you have a dirty hair then tie it up and when
you have a clean and shampooed hair then let it loose. Natural Hairstyle actually depends on the
length of the hair as well. Always try and use quality product for your hair, the market is flooded
with a good number of options, so paying a bit more for your styling products will only help you
to get healthy and beautiful hair without ruining it. If you have straight hair then you are the
lucky one, and if you have fizzy hair, you can go with a hair serum or rebounding, but you
should always remember one thing that you should go for rebounding from a very good hair
saloon or spa. If you talk about latest hairstyles-side parting with low pony or gelled hair with
low pony is very in.

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