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					Abraham Lincoln

My biography report on:
   Abraham Lincoln
       By: Timothy Voloshin
    Basic Details
•   Abraham Lincoln was born on Feb. 12, 1809 in Kentucky.
•   When Abraham’s father was only six years old his father took
    him to the woods, but at the woods there were Indians and
    they shot his father and another Indian took Abe and started
    pulling him out of the woods but Abe’s older brother shot the
    Indian and Abe escaped.
•   When Abe was nine years old his mother died.
•   One time Abe went to school with his sister Sarah, some boys
    called the kids that go school “School-butters” and the school
    kids ran after them and Abe went with them and Sarah rushed
    home and Abe’s dad (Thomas Lincoln) ran after him and
    searched and searched and searched but didn’t find him. When
    he came to school office he found Abe on the bench sound
•    When Abe was still a young boy he already was a story seller.
•    When Abe was 19 a rich farmer asked him to take a boat to
    New Orleans to sell things there. He earned $10 by doing that
•   Abraham Lincoln died on Feb. 12 1809 in a theater in
    Washington D.C.
  Lincoln’s most important
  accomplishment and
  contribution to society was
  the abolition of slavery.
• When Abe became
  presedent of U.S.A he told
  the south to stop slavery.
• But instead of doing that
  they said, “No we want
  slaves and we will start a
  new country called the
  Confederate States of
• After that there was war
  between the north and the
  south from 1860-1865 and
  the north won and slavery
• A little after that in 1865
  Abraham went to the
  theater and there he was
  assassinated by: John
  Wilkes Booth.
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• I have picked my project on Abraham
  Lincoln because he stopped slavery.
• I am also an abolitionist because if
  Abraham Lincoln would not have
  stopped slavery than African-
  American kids would have a separate
  school than white kids, but if that                           QuickTime™ and a
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  would have happened than I would
  have less friends.
• I also picked Abe because he was an
  honest person: once when he worked
  at a store he forgot to give a lady her
  change, so he walked more than 3
  miles to give that lady her change
• I agree with with Abe when he said,
  “People should not be judged by the
  color of their skin” because God
  made them that way.
Interesting Facts
• In 1844 Abraham Lincoln was
  elected to the United States
  House of Representatives.
• Abraham Lincolns grandfather
  owned more than 10,000
  acres of land.
• Abe ran for the State                       QuickTime™ and a
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  and did not win… but he
  second time he ran for it he
• I really like the quote about
  the Bible; “In regard to this
  great book, I have to say it is
  the best gift God has given to
  men. All the good the savior
  gave to the world was
  communicated through this
A Little About Me
  Hi my name is Timothy Voloshin I am 10
   years old. I was born on Oct. 6 1998.
   I go to Lynnwood Elementary School
   (LWE) I’m in 4th grade and I have the
  BEST TEACHER EVER!!!!!!!!!! Her name is
     Mrs. Bonny. My hobby is sports, my
      favorite sport is football. I have 3
            brothers and sisters.
  My favorite food is Pizza :). My favorite
          subject at school is math.
                  I hope you

              my power point.