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 WINTER 2010
 Volume 57 Issue 1
                       The       Colorado

                                                Published by the Colorado Region
                                                   Classic Car Club of America

               Davis McCann’s 1930 L-29 Cord Formal Sedan
           2010 Upcoming Colo. Region Events
The Board of Managers met in January to tentatively set several events for the members to attend along with their Classics.
 Please mark your calendars for these special events when they are published. We are hopeful that the dates stay the same,
                      but as everyone knows there may be some changes as the events are firmed up.

        April 17th                       Spring Tour                      August 22nd                  Broadmoor Brunch

                                                                   Roger Loecher, Fred Norman, & Mark Clayton will be coor-
        This is the first event of the touring season.
                                                                    dinating a tour to the Broadmoor Hotel in Colo. Springs.

        May 16th                     Progressive Dinner                 September 25th                        Fall Tour

The club has not had a progressive dinner for a couple of years.   Tour to the Wild Life Refuge near Keenesburg to be coordinated
Frank Keller and Terry Johnson will be coordinating this event.                by Harvey Delockroy and Ken Matthews.

   June 8th thru 12th                  Overnight Event                    October 30th                  Playhouse Dinner

This is a joint event with the ACD Club that will be coordinated   Bill Hunter will be coordinating this event to the same din-
            by Davis McCann and Shiela Koppenheffer.                     ner playhouse that the club enjoyed last October.

  July 15th thru 18th                  Mini CARavan                     November 18th                     Annual Meeting

 This will be a mini CARavan that will be coordinated by            The details for the annual meeting and Christmas Party will be
              Tom Kostelecky and Tony Ficco.                          forthcoming as the details for both are being worked out.

                      December 12th                                    Christmas Dinner at Roilling Hills Country Club

                      Upcoming National Events
       April 17, 2010               Grand Classic: Malvern, Pennsylvania - DWR

       May 15, 2010                 Grand Classic: Stone Mountain, Georgia - NSR

        June 5, 2010                Grand Classic: National, CCCA Museum, Michigan

        June 6, 2010                The Experience, CCCA Museum, Michigan

     June 19-28, 2010               Pacific Northwest CARavan

       July 10, 2010                Grand Classic: Michigan

  September 9-18, 2010              Adirondacks CARavan Hosted by the Metro Region

     October 16, 2010               Grand Classic: Waxahachie, Texas - NTR
               The                                                                                Established 1954

  Colorado Classicist
          Pu b l i s h e d by t h e C o l o r a d o Region of the Classic Car Club of America

The Colorado Classicist is published by the            2010 Board of Managers                       WINTER 2010
Colorado Region Inc., of the Classic Car                   Colorado Region                          Volume 57 Issue 1
Club of America as an informative publica-            Classic Car Club of America
tion for its membership.
                                                                 Director                      TABLE OF CONTENTS
                                                               Ron Damiana
The Colorado Region was chartered as a                303-985-4159 *            2010 Upcoming Events
Region Member of the Classic Car Club of
                                                                                              Page 2
America in 1954. The Colorado Region,                       Assistant Director
Inc. of the Classic Car Club of America was                   Davis McCann
incorporated under Colorado State law and           303-841-9265 *           Message from the Director
granted a charter by the Classic Car Club of                                                  Page 4
America in 1990.                                               Secretary
                                                             Mark Clayton                     From the Editor
                                                   303-688-4035 *
The Classic Car Club of America is a non-                                                     Page 5
profit organization chartered in the State of                   Treasurer
New York for the development, publication,                      Phil Doty                     Music of Glenn Miller Tour
and interchange of its members. The club              303-798-1707 *           Page 6
seeks to further the restoration and preserva-
tion of distinctive motor cars manufactured                  Classicist Editor
from 1925 through 1948; to provide a chan-                    Ken Matthews                    Visit to the Rambler Ranch
nel of communication for those interested           303-937-7977 *        Page 8
in such cars; and to bring together in good
                                                          Membership Chairman
fellowship all who own or admire these fine
                                                              Davis McCann
                                                                                              Featured Classic 1930 L-29
examples of automotive craftsmanship. Re-           303-841-9265 *           Cord Formal Sedan
quirements for membership include an in-                                                      Page 14
terest in Full Classic® cars and sponsorship                  Board Members
requirements as stated in the Classic Car                                                     Tech Talk by Robert Reeve
                                                            Harvey DeLockroy
Club of America National Handbook for
                                                   720-685-0862 *       Page 20
                                                               Tony Ficco
It should be noted that this publication is        303-431-6492 *         Tech Talk by Mark Clayton
about the events and correspondence for the                                                   Page 21
                                                            Sheila Koppenheffer
membership of the Colorado Region, Inc.
                                                      303-457-3821 *
and may include some technical articles and                                                   October 2009 Event
other articles of automotive interest. The                   Tom Kostelecky                   Page 22
correctness of the information contained in          303-978-1777 *
the articles is the responsibility of the author                                              Christmas Party Dec. 2009
of the article. The Colorado Region, Inc. is                   Roger Loecher
                                                               303-420-7229                   Page 24
not responsible for the content of technical
articles or problems that may arise from fol-                   Peter Luce
lowing the information in the articles.            303-781-1078 *
                                                                                              April 2010 Event
                                                                                              Page 28
Full Classic® is a registered trademark of the                 Fred Norman
Classic Car Club of America. In this pub-
                                                               303-420-0835                   Classic Items for Sale
lication a car named as a Classic or a Full             Old Car Council of Colorado           Page 29
Classic is a Full Classic® as recognized by the               Representative
Classic Car Club of America. Non-Classic                                                      Classic Ad from the Past
cars are designated as NC, and altered Clas-                   Bill Hunter
                                                   303-986-1458 *
                                                                                              Page 31
sics are noted as such.
    	 	 	 Message	From	The
                         Ron Damiana
This being my first “message” as director of the Colorado Region of the CCCA, let me begin by first
thanking Roger Loecher, my most recent predecessor, for his work and time spent on directing the
club over the last couple of years. Thanks Roger. We all appreciate your great work. I would also
like to thank the past directors and board members who have done a great deal to help keep the club
running and be the active viable club that it is today. I have only been involved in the club for a few
years, but I have very much enjoyed meeting the members, participating in the functions, going on
the various club tours and driving our Classics. It is, of course, the members that make the club. More
on that later.

                    When I first joined the club, at the suggestion of Tony and Lou Ficco, known as
                    “The Brothers” on the national tours, I did not have a Classic. After some school-
                    ing from them, I was able to find a 1934 Packard that I then took on tours, and
                    have had some wonderful times doing. Tony was a big help in filling me in on
                    what to bring and how to prepare for my first tour. By then I had met Lonnie Fal-
                    lin who also helped me with some mechanical issues in getting my car ready. That
                    is what makes this such a great “hobby”, members and friends helping each other
                    and enjoying the wonderful pleasure of driving and keeping these classic works of
                    art on the road.

Having just been to my first National Annual Meeting, much of the talk at the meetings was centered
on the membership of the CCCA, both nationally and locally. As with most current clubs, we look
for ways to keep and attract members. At the January meeting of the Colorado Region Board of Di-
rectors, we had a wonderful turn out of members in addition to our board members. At the meeting
we had some very good input and participation by those in attendance. The board would like that to
continue and encourage more members to come to the meetings and give your input and get involved
with planning and offering ideas. This is your club. So come join in and enjoy the members, cars,
and functions.

At the January meeting we scheduled dates for
our year’s activities. So look for them in this issue.

                                                            MOTOR CARS

4                                                               The Colorado Classicist
     From the
             Editor            Ken Matthews
I received a simple note and a picture from our past director
that he wanted to pass on to the membership. Roger Loecher
has been the Director of our club for the last two years and
has performed an exceptional job in keeping the Board of
Managers focused and the club as a whole going down the
right road in their Classics. I would like to take this oppor-
tunity to personally thank Roger for his help and guidance.
As I was taking on the responsibility of being the editor of
the Classicist, I would periodically stop by Roger’s coin shop
to discuss various issues. He always had a smile, some good
advice, a story or two, and usually a joke. Thank you Roger.

                                                                   As a few of you are aware there has been a documentary
                                                                   that has been aired on the Public Broadcasting System
                                                                   about the Packard Motor Car Company. The documentary
                                                                   was put together by Richard Lukin who just happens to
                                                                   live in Golden. The documentary has a couple of our
                                                                   Colorado Region members in it. One is Lonnie Fallin
                                                                   and the other is Dick Veghte. A lot of the footage was
                                                                   filmed in Dick’s showroom in north Denver. I know that
“It’s been a great ride. No, I am not talking about going          Richard has had several copies of the documentary placed
down the road in my 42 Cad. I am talking about my last             on DVD’s and is for sale. Following is how you can order
3 years as being the Director for the Colorado Region. It’s
about the cars, the Board of Managers, and about the mem-          your own copy.
bers who belong to the local and national organization. What
a swell group of people. Remember, drive your Classic, wear                            Packard:
your name tag and hold a good thought.”
                                                                               An American Classic Car
Roger P. Loecher                                                                    The Only documentary
                                                                            that celebrates the Packard Motor Car.
Remember to periodically check the Colorado Region web                   Includes interviews, images of over 70 cars,
site at The website is relatively                         plus bonus footage not shown on PBS.
new and is in the continuing process of being updated. If
you have anything that relates to the website, please feel                Order your DVD today. $28.95 postpaid.
free to contact Shiela Koppenheffer at 303-457-3821, or at                   RK Publishing - 621 Cascade Court                                                                  Golden, CO 80403-1581
Publications Committee
Ken Matthews, Editor           Peter Luce, Advertising           Damon Delgado, Design              Joe Malaney
303-937-7977                   303-781-1078                         Proof Reader

 Colorado Region Classic Car Club of America                                                                            5
                 music of glenn miller tour
                                               june 27, 2009
                                        TEXT by shIEla koppENhEffER

                                                THE COLORADO REGION OF THE CCCA TOUR TO THE
                                                ANNUAL CELEBRATION OF THE LIFE AND MUSIC OF
                                                GLENN MILLER ON SATURDAY, JUNE 27, 2009. The tour took
                                                us to Fort Morgan, the town where Glenn Miller attended high school
                                                and where he learned to play the Trombone. This tour was put together
                                                and coordinated by Shiela Koppenheffer and Peter Luce. The Colorado
                                                Region members met as scheduled on Saturday morning at the Atlanta
                                                Bakery north side of 104th Avenue and 1-25.
           Peter Luce’s 1938 Cadillac
                                             There were seven classics in attendance:

                Shiela and Ken Koppenheffer,         1935 Packard Coupe.
                Jeannie and Ron Damiana,             1934 Packard Convertible Coupe.
                Jonna and Tony Ficco,                1942 Packard Convertible Victoria by Darrin.
                Lorraine and Davis McCann            1935 Auburn Cabriolet.
                Betsy and Lonnie Fallin              1933 Marmon Convertible Coupe.
                Carol and Harvey Delockroy           1941 Cadillac Limousine.
                Peter Luce                           1938 Cadillac Convertible Limousine.
                Stub Cook showed up with his dearly beloved “Smart Car.”
                Don Braden appeared in Fort Morgan in his red PC Cruiser.
                Hildegard. White and Darleen Stinty drove a modem car with vanity plate, “Art-bis”

The route that Shiela and Ken Koppenheffer chose for us in order to avoid traveling on “endless flat and straight Route
76” was a bit twisty and turney, but the route took us through Colorado’s beautiful farm country, lush and green
after all the rain this spring. Fortunately, for those of us driving top-down-convertibles, the weather was absolutely
perfect: warm and no clouds. Shiela had provided everyone with printed driving directions, containing 23 items each
with mileage amounts, and consisting of 7 left turns and 8 right turns. I greatly appreciated that we were traveling in
convoy even though I was last. My concern was probably not warranted as I was carrying all the food and drinks for

We arrived at about 1:30 PM to find that Main Street was impassable as it was being excavated prior to re-paving the
following week. Fortunately, our “hostess” had arranged with the town for us to have our own parking spaces just
across the street from the afternoon’s festivities. To our surprise a semi-trailer arrived and parked on the street next to
the park. It turned out to be a moveable bandstand! Considering the occasion, nothing could be more appropriate.
Sure ‘nuf a few minutes later a band showed up all in uniform. But they ignored the impressive bandstand and set
up their chairs and music stands next to it in the shade of the stately trees, which we had all been enjoying. It turned
out that they were the Platt Valley Band of Fort Morgan, twenty-six strong, all adults except for five high schoolers.
The music was just fine. It turned out they had been scheduled for the previous Saturday, but got rained out, so they
decided to return and play for us.

   6                                                                        The Colorado Classicist
While waiting for the Platt Valley Band to get set up, we were introduced to a new (to us) game of skill. Some called
it “Ladder” and others called it “Cowboy Golf ”. It is played between a pair of pipe ladders of three rungs each, set
on the lawn, about 12 feet apart. Each of the two opponents are given three pairs of soft rubber balls. Each pair of
balls are tied to the opposite end of a one foot long piece of string. The object is for each player to stand beside one
ladder and throw one pair of the rubber balls at a time, to the other ladder such that they will be “caught” on one of
the rungs of the ladder. Obviously, the player who is most successful at getting the balls he throws to get caught on
the opposite ladder wins. Tony Ficco and Ron Damiana, quickly became the experts. They learned that although skill
is important, luck plays a big part.

Around 2:30 or so, eight well-dressed men appeared and started to set up their equipment on the big bandstand.
They were clearly professionals. They played even more of Glenn Miller’s music for us. It was really great! All during
this time many other people were showing up to enjoy the music. Many were residents of the town, but others came
from miles around.

During the course of the afternoon we were offered three other diversions: the town’s museum, the military museum,
and a bus-ride to visit various points of interest around town, like the grave of Glenn Miller’s grand parents. Some of
us visited the town’s museum, which is very nice, but quite small. It depicts much about the history of Fort Morgan.
It also relates the accident in which Glenn Miller died. He was being flown across the English Channel by the Army
in a five seat staff carrier single engine aircraft to a concert performance in France. It was standard procedure that any
bombers returning to England from Germany with bombs still aboard would drop them into the English Channel.
There were some who saw a bomb hit a small plane, which then crashed into the Channel. Obviously, Glenn Miller
and the pilot both died instantly.

The Military Museum was large and very impressive. It contained uniforms of all the wars we fought in. There were
several glass showcases of models of military aircraft that were in the first and, second World Wars as well as the Korean
War, the Viet Nam, and the conflicts in Middle East. There were many framed portraits of past Presidents of the
U.S.A. and they claimed to have at least one signed document by every one of the past Presidents.

About 4:30 PM most of us retreated to our rooms at the Super 8 Motel. At about 6:15 PM we met in the lobby to
drive our cars over to the Steak Out Restaurant, where we would have dinner with music provided by a much bigger
band of about 20 pieces and a singer. This band played music that really was reminiscent of the big bands of the 30’s,
and 40’s. I was told there is only one band in the country, located in Chicago, that is licensed to play from the original
scores that belonged to Glenn Miller’s band. Every one else, including the one this evening, must make small changes
to every one of the scores played by Miller’s band to avoid copyright infringement. Dinner was excellent, the music
was fabulous and many couples danced, some even remembered the old steps. Finally it was time to find our way back
to the Super 8 Motel and bed. Some of us got up early for the drive home and some of us were a bit lazier. Most of
us took I-76 home as it passed only a block from our motel.

      Davis McCann’s 1935 Auburn                Ron Damiana’s 1934 Packard               Lonnie Fallin’s 1933 Marmon

Colorado Region Classic Car Club of America                                                                            7
       Visit to the Rambler Ranch
                                sunday - July 26, 2009
                                      Te x t b y K e n M a t t h e w s
                P h o t o g r a p h s b y To m C a r i s l e a n d K e n M a t t h e w s

It seems to me that the last few Colorado Region events   I, along with Harvey DeLockroy had set up this event to
that have been scheduled for this tour season with a      Elizabeth to visit the Rambler Ranch and to have a bar-
driving portion has benefitted from exceptionally nice    b-que. After a everyone gathered, I passed out the driv-
weather. The club members that attended enjoyed a re-     ing instructions and gave some details for the day. The
ally nice Colorado day with very moderate temperatures    driving route took our caravan of Classics east on Arapa-
and clear blue skies. The majority of the members and     hoe Road to Smokey Hill Road, then south along Inspi-
guests met at the Arapahoe Crossing Shopping Center       ration Drive to Parker. From Parker we worked our way
at 9:00AM on Sunday to kick tires, drink coffee, and      south on Singing Hills Road and then east to Elizabeth.
get instructions on the route that will be followed to    Davis and Lorraine McCann joined the group at this
the Rambler Ranch in Elizabeth. As we were waiting to     point as the residence was just over the hill. While driv-
get started, we were pleasantly surprised with Ron Da-    ing through Elizabeth, John Washburn and his guests
miana’s newest acquisition. Ron had recently acquired     joined the group for the last couple of miles to the ranch.
Tenny Natkin’s cream yellow 1934 Packard Twelve Con-
vertible Victoria. Most of us know this Packard from      We arrived at the ranch at approximately 11:00AM. Af-
the numerous CARavans that Tenny drove the car on.        ter getting all of the cars parked we gathered together

   8                                                                  The Colorado Classicist
in front of the original building that Terry Gayle had
erected several years ago. The area where we gathered
has evolved over the years into a very nice outdoor pic-
nic, dining, and conversation area complete with ta-
bles and chairs, umbrellas for shade, and landscaping to
keep the dust down. Terry Gayle was introduced to the
group and given time to describe to all of us the Rambler
Ranch, the buildings, the collection of cars, and some of
the items that he has collected over the last few years.    Classics on the tour at the Arapahoe Shopping Center

About 15 years ago Terry caught the car collecting bug
when he took three years to restore his father’s 1954 Am-
bassador that had sat in a field for 18 years. After he
finished the restoration and drove the car, he was hooked
and wanted more. Terry has mostly Nash, Rambler
and American Motors Corporation (AMC) cars with a
few brand-X cars to balance the collection, but he fa-
vors Nash and AMC most. The first building was con-           Members checking out Ron Damiana’s new ride
structed and filled with Ramblers, Nashs, several other
orphan cars and a lot of automobile related items. The
Colorado Region had visited Terry’s a couple of years
after he started the collection. Since that visit, Terry
has added onto the original building to cover numerous
cars that were exposed to the elements as the collection
grew. The biggest change to the Rambler Ranch was the
construction of the new building over the last couple
of years to house the growing collection of AMC cars.        Terry Johnson’s Lincoln and Rod Brewer’s Cadillac
The new building currently houses over 200 examples of
the AMC product line, displays, and a lounge that uses
the actual appliances that were created by the car com-
panies. The lounge has several windows that overlook
the boneyard that holds a few hundred cars that are used
for parts and a few may be restored in the future. Terry
indicated to me that the total number of cars on the
Rambler Ranch numbers in the neighborhood of 600.
The Rambler Ranch at present has the largest collection       Patti Matthews, Jonna Ficco, Carol DeLockroy, Kathy
of AMC cars in the world.                                                 Ficco & Shiela Koppenheffer

Colorado Region Classic Car Club of America                                                                   9
This was a very good tour on a very beautiful summer
day that was attended by thirty plus club members and
ten Classics. Thanks to the two tour coordinators Har-
vey DeLockroy and Ken Matthews for setting up this
wonderful event and for preparing an exquisite cuisine
of hamburgers and brats for everyone.

                                                         Our group learning about the Rambler Ranch

        Tony and Jonna Ficco’s 1934 Packard              The rest of our group learning about the ranch

       The group receiving driving instructions                 Great dining area at the ranch

        Terry Gayle and his quick transportation             Kent, Shiela and Harvey getting lunch

  10                                                           The Colorado Classicist
       Good example of a Nash tow truck           A 1954 Packard (nc) in the collection

        Portion of the Brand-X facility              A couple of Metropolitans (nc)

       Nice looking Kaiser-Fraiser (nc)               One of several display areas

When was the last time you saw a Corvair Wagon?         Nash Kelvinator Display

Colorado Region Classic Car Club of America                                               11
              Part of the Nash display                     This is a great billboard advertisement

         Some of the late model Nashs (nc)                     Entrance to the AMC building

Some of the early Nashs (nc) including 1 Classic Nash   Over two hundred AMC cars in this building

             More Nash (nc) examples                           Very nice original AMX (nc)

 12                                                          The Colorado Classicist
   Good example of a Bricklin Automobile (nc)          Lou and Kathy Ficco’s 1936 Packard

          Two very nice AMX’s (nc)               Oleszek’s 1936 Auburn and Goyne’s 1941 Packard

 Appliances manufactured by the car companies         Ron and Jeannie Damiana’s 1934 Packard

  Kent and Shiela Koppenheffer’s 1941 Cadillac         The boneyard at the Rambler Ranch

Colorado Region Classic Car Club of America                                                    13
            1930 l-29 CoRD foRMal sEDaN
                                         Owner Davis McCann
   Story by Davis McCann                    Photos by Davis McCann and Ken M a t t h e w s

First some history:                                          the “L” in L-29 came from but the “29” came from the
                                                             year of introduction. Some have said that the “L” came
The Cord model L-29 was the first production front           from Lycoming, the engine builder for all Auburn and
wheel drive car built in America. The public’s first expe-   Cord automobiles. Lycoming was owned by the Cord
rience with front wheel drive automobiles was the Indy       Corporation, the parent company of Auburn Cord and
cars designed by Harry Miller in the mid 1920’s.             Duesenberg.

In 1926, Auburn Motors bought the rights to the Miller       In March of 1929 the first 4 cars, (one of each body
front wheel drive designs and started development of a       style) were driven from Auburn Indiana to California
front wheel drive automobile. The front wheel drive de-      and back to Auburn without any major problems.
sign offered an opportunity to build a lower profile car
because there was no drive shaft to the rear wheels and      After the successful
therefore the back seating arrangement could be much         trial run to LA and
lower than a rear wheel drive automobile. The roof line      back, the Auburn
of a L-29 Cord sedan is almost 10” lower than other          plant behind the
closed cars of the early 1930’s.                             offices of the Au-
                                                             burn Automobile
The first L-29 prototype was produced in June 1928,          Co., were closed
and it was decided that the project would go forward         and re-tooled for
and offered for sale in early 1929. It is not clear where    production of the

  14                                                                    The Colorado Classicist
                                      L-29 Cord. The as-
                                      sembly and produc-
                                      tion building for
                                      the L-29 Cords is
                                      now the NATMUS
                                      Museum (National
                                      Automobile     and
                                      Truck Museum) in
                                      Auburn Indiana.
                                      The offices and
original showroom for the Auburn Automobile Com-
                                                                     Cord’s front wheel drive detail
pany is now the Auburn, Cord, Dusenberg Museum,
one of the premier Auto Museums in the country, with
original Art-Deco floors, staircase, and lighting.

Between March 1929, and December 1931, the factory
produced 1985 sedans, 617 Broughams, 1168 Phaetons,
and 1173 Cabriolets. They also shipped 62 chassis to
custom body builders and produced 5 “Specials” for a
total of 5010. Probably the most famous of the Specials
is the blue Sakhnoffsky coupe also known as the Hayes

In May 1930, the L-29 Cord Cabriolet was the pace car          The Cord headlight lighted the way at night
for the Indy 500 mile race. This car is on display at the
Indy 500 Museum.

I have been a fan of Cord automobiles from the first
time I saw one at age 10. It was a 1936 Westchester
sedan. I knew then that someday I would have one.
At that time I didn’t know Cord had made an earlier
front wheel drive car. As time went on, I became more
exposed to Sports cars, Antique cars and Classics. I
noticed the L-29 Cord and thought “maybe someday.”
Well “someday” came in February 2009. “Ellie,” that’s
what I call her, came available. I contacted the owner in
Lancaster, PA ., and after several phone calls and a trip       The Cord rear was as detailed as the front
to see her, she was mine.

“Ellie” is a 40,000 original mile car that has been repaint-
                                       ed, and the engine
                                       compartment fresh-
                                       ened up. She left
                                       the factory two tone
                                       blue, was repainted
                                       and detailed in the
                                       late 1980’s. She has
                                       won Senior awards
                                       with the Antique
                                       Automobile Club            The Cord detailing was very intricate

Colorado Region Classic Car Club of America                                                                  15
       Davis McCann’s 1930

16   The Colorado Classicist
L-29 Cord Formal Sedan

  Colorado Region Classic Car Club of America   17
                                                             to the dash and not in the way of a 3rd passenger in
                                                             the front seat.

                                                             According to the ACD club there are less than 200
                                                             L-29 Cords of all body styles known to exist out of the
                                                             5010 produced, there are only 103 listed in the 2010
                                                             ACD Club directory. I think there are only 4 known
                                                             in the State of Colorado.

                                                             That’s my story and I am sticking to it.
               Interior dash of Davis’ Cord                  Davis McCann

of America, Auburn Cord Duesenberg Club, and Pre-
mier with Classic Car Club of America. On labor day
weekend 2009, we attended the ACD festival in Au-
burn IN where she earned the Senior Emeritus award.

The ACD club designated 2009 as the “Year of the
L-29 Cord”. The club asked L-29 owners to display
their cars at the festival in the hope that they would get
29 of the L-29’s to attend, and they did. This is prob-
ably the most L-29 Cords in one spot in the last 75
years. I was also pleased to show the Cord at the 2009            The rear seating area of the Cord is very formal
Morgan Adams show at Centennial Airport. I look
forward to many more outings with “Ellie.”

The engine was almost the same as the Auburn straight
eight, but it was designed for front wheel drive with
the timing cover to the firewall. This posed a problem
for shifting the manual transmission which is ahead
of the engine and bell housing. The shift lever comes
from the transmission over the top of the engine and
through the dash. To shift, the lever is moved to the
right or left and pulled back or pushed forward. This
seems like it would be awkward but is really quite prac-
tical. When the car is in 3rd gear the shift knob is close                The seat was quite comfortable

      Powerful Cord engine to drive the front wheels              Even the Cord dash was very intricately detailed

  18                                                                   The Colorado Classicist
 The four smaller photographs above show the intricate detail that went into the Cord’s construction. The lower photograph
                       was taken at the Auburn Cord Duesnburg meet in Auburn, Indiania last year.

Colorado Region Classic Car Club of America                                                                         19
                              TECH TALK
how I Traded in My 200lb Trailer Jack
         for a Ten pounder
                                               by Robert Reeve
I am sure just about all of us old car guys have experienced a    With my wife as the watcher/signaler, I slowly drove the tow
flat tire or two over the years when trailering their pride and   vehicle ahead (or backed it up, as the case may be). When
joy to and from Car Shows, CARavans and the like.                 the NON-FLAT tire rolled up the ramp and was exactly on

I used to load up my trailer with my big old floor jack, a few
2” x 8” planks for the jack to rest on, wheel chocks and all
the rest.

After throwing my back out dragging & lifting old Mr. Jack
in and out of my trailer, I thought there has to be an easier
and safer way to change a tire rather than jacking up a car
and trailer combination weighing 10,000lbs or more.

Here is what I made up which weighs about ten pounds and
requires zero effort, other than getting the lug nuts off the
trailer wheel. I made my Easy Jack (just my name for it, call
it anything you want) out of a few pieces of 2” x 8” fir plank,
a couple of short pieces of 4” x 4” using BIG wood screws,        top of the flat portion of Easy Jack, my wife gave the sig-
glue, paint and a sturdy drawer pull. An hour later, there        nal to stop. I then applied the park brake and chocked the
                                                                  wheels on the other side of the trailer. The FLAT TIRE was
                                                                  now completely off the ground and ready to be removed and
                                                                  the spare installed (you did remember to check the spare
                                                                  tire’s pressure didn’t you?).
                                                                  The dimensions of the Easy Jack I built are evident in the
                                                                  pictures. The critical dimension is that the overall length
                                                                  should allow Easy Jack to fit between the tires.

was the completed Easy Jack. The E/J should be essentially
a solid piece of wood for strength. An 8” x 8” or a 10” x 10”
solid chunk of timber would be preferable but this worked
great for me. I later attached a handle at one end to make it
easy to carry around.

After experiencing a flat tire on my trailer, I then positioned
Easy Jack with its ramp/incline tightly against and either in     Happy jacking,     Bob Reeve, Sequim, WA
front of behind the NON-FLAT TIRE.

I slightly loosened the flat tire’s wheel nuts before moving
the trailer. Otherwise, the jacked up flat tire will just spin
around when force is applied to the wheel nut wrench.

  20                                                                         The Colorado Classicist
                    TECH TALK
                   automotive sheet Metal Evaluation
                                           by Mark Clayton

As I was traveling around the country evaluating cars       a few month’s, I received an instrument and various
for my customers, I was frustrated with the lack of         probes for my evaluation. I also received a $4,000.00
honesty and knowledge by sellers of their cars. My cus-     bill. The good news is the instrument does exactly what
tomers hire me to access the condition of these cars in     I want. The bad news was the bill. As it turns out, I
all areas. One of the most difficult things to determine    not only can determine the paint thickness, plastic fill
is the condition of the sheet metal. The car usually has    thickness, and in most cases, I can determine the metal
a repaint performed to various degrees of quality, but      thickness underneath it all. I also have probes to de-
in almost all cases, you see paint and you have no way      termine the thickness of engine heads, engine cylinder
of knowing what is underneath it without destroying         walls, and any metal associated with the car.
the top coats.
                                                            This is a great tool for me to help my customers stay
It dawned on me one day to investigate the ultrasound       away from some major pitfalls. I’ve seen way to many
techniques used by the pipeline industry to determine       “cave and pave” cars. Most shops today don’t know
metal thicknesses in their lines. In recent years, echo     how to work metal, they are simply bondo sanders.
to echo technology was perfected so these companies         But with this instrument, I simply touch the probe
could measure metal thickness of their pipes through        lightly against any surface and study the waveform on
the paint. All types of industries use this technology to   the device. Wa la, there it is, the thickness measured in
do non-destructive analysis. Much to my surprise, no        either inches or millimeters.
one had pursued the auto industry with this technol-
ogy. The only instruments used in the automotive af-
termarket was a magnat based technology to determine
paint thickness. The limit of this instrument is 40 mils.

Most new cars have about 6 mils of material on top of
the metal. This includes, sealer, primer and topcoats.
Most restored cars have about 3 times that amount be-
cause the primer phase usually has several applications
so block sanding can be performed. I measured a 1934
Lincoln I am restoring, and it averaged 13 mils before
the top coats. The problem with this instrument it was
very limited in the range it could read. I wanted to
measure the paint and primer, in addition, I wanted
to measure the plastic fillers that lie underneath it. I
wanted to know if it had an inch of filler under that

I got together with a leading ultrasound company to
develop the probes necessary to do this non-destructive
testing. I made gauge blocks of various thicknesses
and materials and sent them off to the engineers. After

Colorado Region Classic Car Club of America                                                                   21
                      adam mystery playhouse
                                              october 23, 2009
                                  TEXT by bill hunter and pat Wagner
                                    photographs by Davis McCann

                                                            Hildegard White and friend Darlene.
Thirty brave CCCA members and guests attended a
blast at Adams Mystery Playhouse on 23 October, ’09.        Pat Wagner and friend Betty. Pat grew up in the theater
The show is a participatory one and did they participate!   building when it was the Day Mortuary owned by her
                                                            father who was a mortician.
The Characters:
                                                            Murder Mystery players:
Bud and Elaine Appel
                                                            Dr. Orlock: was just released from prison, and hosting
Don Braden. Very dapper in straw hat and white/             a welcoming home party at his mortuary, when he
brown shoes.                                                ended up being the murder victim.
Rod Brewer and daughter Christy. Rod arrived in a           Jacquets Bidet: Inspector with “Wheatridge Five O”
pristine 1950 Cadillac hearse, which earned him a           and a heavy French accent.
coveted spot right at the front entrance of the theater.
                                                            Abelinda Dumont-Asta: don’t know her role except to
Ron and Jeannie Damiana. Ron wore a huge polka              look very good.
dot tie that immediately caused him to be referred to
as “Lawyer Ron”.                                            Sebastian Pehdel: Reporter. He preferred his name to
                                                            be pronounced Pidell instead of piddle.
Lonnie and Betsy Fallin. Betsy said she laughed so
hard that tears were streaming down her face.               Mrs. Prattle: cook.
Tony and Jonna Ficco Tony showed up as a biker              Henchman Renfeld: grave digger.
guy wearing a straggly grey beard, biker cap, glasses
and huge, yellow, very stained teeth, which he tried to     Dinner was followed by a conga line of all 120
use on the neck of nearby females. Jonna wore a very        attendees, and another parade of the CCCA folk in
glittery Tee shirt that bore wording that rhymed with       costume that really made a hit with everyone there. All
“witch”.                                                    costumes were very creative, but Tony stole the show
                                                            with his outrageous getup, and would never have been
Bill and Ann Hunter and friends Ron, Darlene and            recognized, had he not spoken. His, and other pictures
Olive.                                                      are with this article.
Shiela and Kent Koppenheffer. Looked as if they were        Following a break after the murder, solving of the
right out of the Forties.                                   mystery began. Each character claimed he/she had not
                                                            committed the crime. As the finale, each table of ten
Peter and Betsy Luce. Peter wore a mardi gras mask          was asked to appoint a captain, give its table a name,
and wife Betsy received a very warm embrace from            and then declare – when interviewed by Inspector
inspector Bidet.                                            Jacquets Bidet of Wheatridge Five O – which of the
                                                            crew had committed the murder.
Roger and Eileen Loecher. Sister Mary Eileen looked
great in her habit, but admitted that she has broken        When it came “Lawyer Ron’s” turn, he outdid
her nunly vows. Not only that, but she sat in the lap       Inspector Bidet when interviewed, summing up with
of biker Ficco and actor “Gravedigger” to have their        the statement that he worked for Frank Azar.
picture taken.
                                                            After much investigation and many accusations, the
Davis and Lorraine McCann. Lorraine was a gorgeous          culprit turned out to be gravedigger Renfeld, because
flapper in her costume, while husband Davis did an          of a tangled love life.
“Elliot Ness” in his natty blue pin striped suit.
                                                            Some of the CCCA folk said it was an event that we
Roger and Linda Rodine. Roger made a very convincing        should do again. We would echo that statement. It
farmer in his getup while Linda came as a pirate.           was a great evening.

  22                                                                  The Colorado Classicist
       Does anyone recognize this person?          “Lawyer Ron” and Jeannie Damiana

   Some of the attendees enjoying the evening.        Davis and Lorraine McCann

          Kent and Shiela Koppenheffer                    Murder Mystery Cast

 One of the guests with Roger and Eileen Loecher   Getting close to solving the murder.

Colorado Region Classic Car Club of America                                               23
                           Jonna Ficco, Corry Doty, Eileen Loecher, and Kathy Kostelecky

             annual Christmas party
                            sunday - december 6, 2009
                  Te x t b y P h i l D o t y a n d P h o t o s b y To m C a r l i s l e

The annual Christmas Party was held this year at Col-        on the Club’s activities and thanked the other Board
umbine Country Club on Sunday, December 6, 2009.             members for their service this past year. Phil Doty,
The party was held in the afternoon, which has proven        the Club Treasurer gave the financial report and stated
to be very popular and less likely to conflict with other    the Club is in great shape financially. He also updated
holiday events.   Approximately 45 members, spous-           the members on some of the activities at the National
es and guests were in attendance. The party started          level, since both Terry Johnson and Phil served on the
with a cocktail hour that was then followed with an          National Board.
outstanding buffet dinner. Vast quantities of turkey,
ham, salmon and all the trimmings, along with liquid         As is the custom, awards were then presented to Club
refreshments, were consumed!                                 members by Roger and Phil. Two members were tied
                                                             for the Sid Buka Award for the most participation in
Roger Loecher, the outgoing Director (and he is outgo-       Club events and the 2009 Awards went to Lonnie Fal-
ing, as well as pretty humorous!), updated the members       lin and Don Braden. Lonnie won the Award last year

  24                                                                   The Colorado Classicist
          Hank and Mary Alice Candler and
           Gloria & Bob Schoeneshoefer                           Lonnie Fallin, Lou Ficco and Ron Damiana

as well. The Member of the Year Award was given to
Shiela Koppenheffer for her service on the Board, par-
ticipation in both planning and attending Club events
and finally, the outstanding job she has performed in
developing our Local Region’s website (www.cccacolo- . If you have not checked it out be sure to do
so, since it is incredible thanks to Shiela’s fine efforts.
The Special Appreciation Awards were then given to
                                                              Roger Loecher, Mark Clayton and Zach Brinkerhoff
Bud Appel, Hildegard White, Stub Cook, Lou Ficco
and Phil Doty for their many contributions to the
Club. Finally, Roger was given the Retiring Director
Plaque for his service as Club Director for the past two

Ron Damiana then took the mike as the new Director
and thanked everyone for their attendance, wishing ev-
eryone a Merry Christmas and promising another great
year for the Colorado Region of the CCCA!                        Carolyn and Frank Keller and Fred Norman

           Kent and Shiela Koppenheffer and
                                                                      Stew Jackson and Steve Anderson
              Roger and Eileen Loecher

Colorado Region Classic Car Club of America                                                              25
   Phil Doty presenting the Treasurer’s Report.        Special Award Recipient Hildegard White with Roger

Bill Edrich receiving his award for Pierce-Arrow oil    Phil Doty receiving his Special Appreciation Award
                from Roger Loecher                                     from Roger Loecher

      Sid Buka Award recipients Don Braden                Phil Doty presenting Member of the Year award
                and Lonnie Fallin                      to Shiela Koppenheffer with Roger in the background

Lou Ficco receiving his Special Appreciation Award         Phil Doty presenting Roger Loecher with the
                    from Roger                                      outgoing Director’s Award

 26                                                             The Colorado Classicist
Roger is presenting Hank Candler with a special cer-    Yulia, Mark and Kimberly Clayton, Gloria
     tificate that can be used for hunting deer            Schoeneshoefer and Eileen Loecher

Hank Candler explaining how he hit a deer with his            Jeannie Damiana, Betsy Fallin
                    Classic                                     and Gloria Schoeneshoefer

Board Members Phil Doty, Fred Norman, and Mark             Bill Edrich displaying a container of
      Clayton receiving Appreciation Award                           Pierce-Arrow Oil

Board Members Ron Damiana, Tom Kostelecky, Shiela      Lonnie Fallin, Tony Ficco, Jill Messinger and
Koppenheffer, and Tony Ficco receiving their awards                    Ron Damiana

Colorado Region Classic Car Club of America                                                        27
                                       Hamel House in Georgetown

                The Great spring Tour
                                sunday - april 17, 2010
                                           Te x t b y P e t e r L u c e
The Spring Tour of 2010 was accomplished close to            of a great variety of products of the early 1900’s (Foods,
the planned schedule times. Thirteen cars signed up          pharmaceuticals, tools, house wares, a telephone switch-
and brought 23 adults and a pair of kids. As usual,          board even a 1921 Model-T Ford). The rest is a collec-
the weather forecasts made several of the owners ner-        tion of ten 1900 era buildings, which were moved from
vous. The concern was NOT the scattered showers, but         their original sites onto the Lakewood Museum property
SNOW that was predicted for the high country. It is          and then renovated and restocked with furniture and
hard enough to get us to turnout in spite of rain, but       typical household items of the period. The museum was
snow makes it almost impossible. However, the weather        laid out very well and provided a lot of fun entertain-
really did cooperate, although we did get a light sprinkle   ment for us, as most of us can remember most (but not
on our way to Georgetown, but that was it...and NO           all) of the 20th Century.
                                                             Our next stop was the Hamel House in “Historic
Our first stop of the three museums was the Lakewood         Georgetown”. Our guide was very knowledgeable and
Heritage 20th Century Museum. It is located on 15 of         told us some of the history of the Hamel family and
the 157 acres of the Helen Bonfils Estate and consists of    then turned us loose to explore the house and grounds
a large very modern main building containing examples        on our own. It seems that Mr. Hamel made a great for-

  28                                                                     The Colorado Classicist
tune in silver mining and many other businesses, so
his house (built in 1867 and renovated in 1879) was
extremely ornate with a lot carved walnut, fancy wall-
                                                            Classic Cars for sale
papers and rugs. Mr. Hamil, his wife and five children
lived in great luxury and even had a Steinway Piano!
The houses on an acre lot in Georgetown consisted of a
coach-house and stables, a STONE paymaster’s office,
a laundry building and an outhouse with a cupola for
ventilation, which was a true SIX holer!

We then had lunch at the Happy Cooker Cafe where
the menu was extensive with much variety and the por-
                                                         CaDIllaCs, 1941, 6019S,V8, 3 speed transmis-
tions were quite large.
                                                         sion, blue exterior, gray interior, engine turns; 1942,
                                                         7519 series, V8, 3 speed transmission, black exterior,
As the Hotel de Paris was just across the street, we
                                                         brown interior, 20,846 original miles, engine runs.
strolled over and had an excellent tour of this unique
                                                         Only surface rust on both cars. Both cars are com-
museum by two guides who were very familiar with the
                                                         plete with extra N.O.S. parts. $12,000.00 for the pair.
subject. The story is about Louis du Puey, a French-
                                                         Could deliver. Contact Harvey Delockroy at 720-685-
man, who tried his hand at many trades, was injured
                                                         0862 home or 303-810-8268 cell.
in a mining accident and had to quit mining. So, in
1875 he became a fancy restauranteur and the owner
of his own elite hotel, quite a remarkable accomplish-               parts for sale
ment. We were told that every item in the hotel, in
the kitchen, in the dining room, and in the bedrooms
                                                         TIRES, 4 B.F. Goodrich white wall tires, 750x17, great
is absolutely original. This means that when the pres-
                                                         tread, less then 3000 miles, $50.00 each. Also bias ply
ent owners acquired it, they did NOT have to gather
                                                         tubes with rubber stems for tires, $10.00 each. Con-
period pieces to furnish it. Their museum was already
                                                         tact Lonnie Fallin at 303=904-8080 or l.fallin@com-

Our trip home was fast and uneventful in beautiful       CADILLAC PARTS, 1937-1948 engine, exhaust
Sunshine!                                                manifolds, 1947 hood ornaments, 1947 trunk em-
                                                         blem, Hydro-Electric pumps, tail light housings, 40,s
                                                         exhaust tips powder coated, 40’s heater parts, 1942-47
                                                         radio grilles, front and rear license plate brackets, 47
                                                         miscellaneous dash instruments, 40’s deck lid supports,
                                                         many more parts. Contact Harvey Delockroy at 720-
                                                         685-0862 home or 303-810-8268 cell.

                                                         Editor’s Note - I am going to try a new feature, advertis-
                                                         ing of members Classics, parts, literature, and services
                                                         for sale. Please feel free to provide me with the infor-
                                                         mation and I place it in the Classicist. Email tormat2@
            Hotel de Paris in Georgetown

Colorado Region Classic Car Club of America                                                                  29
Thank You to Our Sponsors
As always, we appreciate the generous support of our
sponsors! If you are interested in advertising in this
publication please contact Peter Luce at 303-781-1078

     Advertising Rates Per Year
     Business Card Size               $25.00
     Quarter Page                     $50.00
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     For Sale and Wanted ads will be run at
     no charge to club members as long as
     they relate to classic automobiles.

30                                                       The Colorado Classicist
Colorado Region Classic Car Club of America   31
Davis McCann’s 1930 L-29 Cord Formal Sedan

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