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					In this update:
* Hours for Syracuse Obama Office
* Office Needs
* Next meeting/Debate watch party
* Canvassing, voter registration, phone bank and visibility events
* Students for Obama
* Other local races of importance
* Lawyers needed for election protection
* Poll Watchers needed
* Information on Issues
* Some nice print-at-home Obama posters
* Verify your polling place
* Information and deadlines for Absentee Ballot Applications
* Upcoming Presidential debate schedule

Office Hours
537 James St
Syracuse, NY 13203
315-796-2262 or (315) SY-OBAMA

Office hours are 11-4 on weekends and 11-7pm on weekdays. Please stop by, say hello, and pick up your
Obama/Biden lawn sign!

Office Needs
For those looking to help with office needs, here is our wish list to keep the office nicely stocked. Thank you
to those of you who have helped already!

Copy machine(s)
Staples gift cards
Sponsors for $120 Banners for visibility.
Volunteers willing to commit to regular shifts staffing the office

Anyone willing to lend/donate/volunteer for any of these items, please contact us at 315-SY-OBAMA or and we will get you the appropriate in-kind donation form, volunteer
details, etc. (Please be advised that we cannot accept donations from Corporations, foreign nationals or
PACs.) Thank you!

Thank you to all of you who have already volunteered, donated and/or helped out in other ways!

Next Meeting/Debate Watching Party

Meeting Tuesday, October 7 at 7:30 PM
Debate Watch Party immediately following
Please join us for a campaign update and a chance to watch the debate afterwards. Update from group
leaders on local activities, and upcoming volunteer opportunities.
Canvassing, voter registration, Phone bank and visibility events
Thank you to everyone who participated in one of our canvassing or voter registration drives this week.
Obama volunteers are getting rave reviews for our dedication – thank you to everyone who called, knocked,
registered, or otherwise helped the cause this week! We have only 30 days to go, and only 5 days until New
York’s voter registration deadline!

Voter Registration in Syracuse Public Housing (Canvass)
Thursday, October 9: Shift 1: 12:00 PM to 2:00 PM; Shift 2: 4:00 PM to 6:00 PM
We will convene at Syracuse for Obama Headquarters for a brief training before heading out in pairs to
register voters and canvass Syracuse Public Housing.

Voter Registration in Syracuse Public Housing (Canvass)
Friday, October 9, 9:30 AM to 2:00 PM
We will convene at Syracuse for Obama Headquarters for a brief training before heading out in pairs to
register voters and canvass Syracuse Public Housing.

Westcott Street Knock and Lit Drop
Saturday, October 11th at 12:00 PM
In coordination with the 17 Ward Democratic Committee we will be knocking on doors and leaving literature
for the entire slate of Democratic candidates in Syracuse.
Meeting Place: Corner of Westcott St. and Broad St. (Syracuse, NY 13210)

Visibility at Lafayette Apple Festival
Saturday, October 11 - 4 shifts
Shifts begin at at 12:00 PM, 1:00 PM, 2:00 PM, 3:00 PM
Join us at the corner of Rts 11 and 20 to hold Obama signs before heading into the festival to enjoy the
apple harvest with out buttons and T-shirts on. It's a great place to get out and be seen and have some fun.

Bradford Hills Knock and Lit Drop
Saturday, October 18th at 12:00 PM
In coordination with the 17 Ward Democratic Committee we will be knocking on doors and leaving literature
for the entire slate of Democratic candidates in Syracuse.
Meeting Place: Corner of Meadowbrook & Bradford Pkw (Syracuse, NY 13224)

Obama Fest
Saturday, November 1 at 7:00 PM
This event will be held at the Dewitt Shire Tavern (located at 3010 Erie Blvd East near LeMoyne College) in
order get college students excited and ready to vote right before for the election, just 3 days later. Live music
& speakers. Must be at least 21 to enter.

Training for Election Day Poll Watchers
Sunday evening, November 2 . Details TBD.

Prefer to make calls from home?
The “neighbor to neighbor” online calling tool is back, and allows you to call voters in battleground states.
Training video and instructions are supplied:
Students for Obama
If you or anyone you know is a student who would like to get more involved, please direct them to the
following people as appropriate:

Student Outreach Coordinator:
Angela DeSantis –

Syracuse University:
Michael Short – director Syracuse University Students for Obama:

LeMoyne College:
Ryan McMillan - director LeMoyne College Students for Obama:,

Supporting down ticket races
One of the most important things we can do for Senator Obama here in New York is to help him sweep into
office a Congress he can work with to achieve his agenda of positive change. In addition to that, we have
an opportunity to support a number of good candidates for local office who will be instrumental in bringing
that change to our local area. Anyone wishing to help with this broader effort, please contact us at and we can point you to areas where this help might be most needed.
Please put in the subject line: “Supporting Democratic Candidates.”

To get you started, here are some links to some local Democratic candidates who could use your help right
Congress: Dan Maffei:
New York State Assembly: Al Stirpe:
Surrogate Court Judge: Steve Paquette: (Call 315-701-6422 to volunteer)
State Senate: Dave Valesky:

Lawyers needed for election protection
If you, or someone you know has legal expertise and would be willing to help us with voter protection on
election day, please contact us at and put “Election Protection” in the
subject line of your message. Willingness to help with this in Northeast Pennsylvania would also be greatly
appreciated by the national campaign. You can help even if you are retired or are still a law student.

Please make sure you also sign up with the New York Democratic Lawyers Council. This is the
organization that will be coordinating voter protection throughout the state of NY. Anyone who is willing to
commit the four days leading up to election day to work in a battleground state, please indicate that on the
form and they will get you the training you need (specific to the state you will be in).
Poll Watchers needed

If you, or someone you know would be willing to help us monitor polling places and provide assistance to
voters, who may not know their correct polling place, please contact us at and put “Poll Watcher” in the subject line of your message.

Information on Issues
One of the questions we are getting asked frequently, is “how can I learn more about Senator Obama’s
position on various issues?” Here are some links that might be helpful.

Issue papers on a wide variety of topics:

“Blueprint for Change”:
This is a single 33 page document that gives details on Senator Obama’s plan for taking on a wide variety
issues facing the country today.

“Fight the Smears”:
Whether someone has forwarded you an email alleging something untrue about Senator Obama, or you
would like to refute an attack ad you may have seen, this area of the website provides good information for
responding and setting the record straight:

Print Materials
Nice posters for printing at home, offered free from "Change the Thought" online:

Verify your Polling Place

If you live in Onondaga County, you can verify your voter registration information online:

Elsewhere in New York, you can verify your registration here:

Please use this tool to verify your registration and polling place. If you have registered, or changed your
registration in the last six weeks, the change may not be in the system yet, so don’t panic! Also, if you have
recently changed you party affiliation, please note that party changes are only updated once per year
(immediately after the general election.) The voter registration deadline in New York State is October 10 ,
so please do make sure that you are registered, and that you know your polling place.

We will have people on hand to help those who are not sure, but it takes stress off the system to have as
many people verify ahead of time as possible.
Absentee Ballots
                                                                            th                               rd
The last day to request an absentee ballot in New York State is October 28 (postmarked), or November 3
(in person.) New military voters need to postmark their applications four days earlier (October 24 ).
You may qualify for an absentee ballot if you will be out of the county on election day, if you are sick or
otherwise home- or hospital-bound, or in jail awaiting Grand Jury action or in prison for a non-felony offense.
Please read this page, for more detailed information, and for an application for an absentee ballot:
If you apply to vote absentee, a ballot will be mailed to you approximately three weeks before the election.

Not in Onondaga County?

Please use this page to find your local board of elections, which should have information verifying your
registration and polling place in your home county:

Statewide voter registration lookup:

Upcoming Presidential Debate Schedule
Second presidential debate: 9 p.m. EDT, Tuesday, Oct. 7, Belmont University, Nashville, Tenn.; Subject,
Issues raised by audience members and submitted by Internet participants, in town-hall format; Moderator:
NBC's Tom Brokaw.

Third presidential debate: 9 p.m. EDT, Wednesday, Oct. 15., Hofstra University, Hempstead, N.Y.;
Subject, Domestic policy; Moderator, CBS' Bob Scheiffer.

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