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					                      What Are The Signs Of Menopause

All women in their mid 40s and above the age of 50 experience menopause. The
complete cessation of a woman’s periods is called menopause. This can be natural or
medically induced due to surgery. It can last for a few years. During this time,
there are several hormonal changes in a woman’s body. These changes emerge as the
signs of menopause. There are several signs of menopause like severe mood changes,
bad temper and dejection. Physically too, a woman’s body undergoes several changes.

Women experience a decrease in bone density with the onset of menopause. The
calcium absorption of the body reduces. This results in repeated fractures and
brittle nails that can be a sign of menopause. Women must therefore supplement
their diet with dairy products. They must stop or reduce the intake of tea and

Dry skin is another sign of menopause. It is partly due to aging and exposure to
the sun. A generous use of moisturizers can solve this problem. A woman can
experience sudden hot flushes and break out in sweat. At night, the same hot
flushes can disrupt sleep resulting in restlessness. These flushes are because of
restriction of blood vessels. This can make the menopausal woman feel tired and
sapped of energy all the time.

Urinary incontinence is also a sign of menopause. Because of changes in hormones,
the tissues of the body lose their elasticity causing loss of control over the
bladder. A menopausal woman can experience vaginal dryness and loss of interest in
sexual matters.

After the age of 50, a woman must get a regular check up of her cholesterol levels.
Increased cholesterol level can be a sign of menopause. A woman must exercise
control over her diet and include green vegetables in her diet.

Many signs of menopause like falling hair or stiff joints can be confused with
those of aging. However, it is a result of reduced production of estrogen and
progesterone hormones. One can even have sudden excess hair growth due to over
production of testosterone.

Some women have trouble in remembering things. This loss of memory can be a sign of
menopause. Women become oversensitive and seem to cry at the slightest provocation.
They feel left out and lonely. These changes in mental attitude are due to

Menopause is thus a difficult   time for most women on the other side of fifty. With
a good knowledge of the signs   of menopause, one must handle women with greater
understanding and sensitivity   towards their feelings. Knowledge about the signs of
menopause can also be helpful   in tackling the problems better.

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