Self Esteem Collage Project by Adela Sanders


									Self Esteem Collage Project                            WHO AM I????

DUE: Wednesday, September 2
Counts as a major test grade

This project is to let the class and the teacher know something about you. You will choose
which method you would like to present to the class.

The title of the project should be your whole name. The rubric for grading is on the back of
this sheet.

 It should be done on poster board that is cut out in an unusual or creative shape. It should
be something that will depict something about you. (For example, if you are a tennis player,
you might cut the poster board into a tennis racket shape.) There should be at least 15
pictures (either drawn or cut out of magazines) on the collage. Each picture should represent
something important about you. For instance, if you really like to talk on the phone, then you
should have a phone on the collage some place.

Any words you have on the poster should be descriptive of you and things you like to do.

You will use the computer to design a power point presentation which describes you to the
class. You will need to have at least 5 slides which have lots of detail on them. A black and
white text slide will not gain full credit. Be sure to scan in real pictures of your life to show

Using the poster template above, or using PageMaker, if you have access to it, depict your
life on the front page of the newspaper, using both articles and pictures.

Some of you have access to making videos and if you do, please feel free to use that medium
to show us who you are.

All of these projects will be presented orally to the class on Wednesday, September 2. If you
are not sure if you have saved your presentation to your school folder, please bring it on a
CD or flashdrive so that it can be opened for the class.

Rubric for Project can be found on the back of this page.
At least 15 pictures on collage, 5 slides on power point,
used whole page for and newspaper front page looks like effort was
put into this project                                                      50 points

Followed directions                                                        20 points
     Whole name in presentation
     Descriptive words or pictures*
     Used all space on poster or had lots of info on slides
     Creative shape of poster or background for slides

On time                                                                    10 points

Creative – in general                                                      20 points

GRADE                                                                      _______

*No offensive or inappropriate pictures will be allowed. If there are such things on the
project, it will not be graded until the pictures are removed.

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