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5 good tips for a cheaper holiday


									5 good tips for a cheaper holiday

 It's no secret that it costs to go on vacation, but there are relatively simple methods that reduce the
cost effectively. By following these five tips can save you money on your next vacation!

Budget - Make your travel budget

 Before you travel, you should determine how much you are allowed to use. Be realistic and calculate
what things will cost, set up a budget and stick to it! It can of course be wise to have a buffer, but there
is much money to save by being a little strict with yourself.

Do good research beforehand

Read about the city you are going to. Arriving without prior knowledge of the place often ends with the
expensive and tedious guided tours. If you do a little research, find out instantly what you want to see -
avoid strenuous tours and save money by dropping what does not interest you.

Consider renting a car

 It may sound expensive, but you can actually save a lot of money to rent a car when you travel around a
bit. You do not have taxi costs and have more freedom. Whether it will be profitable, depending on
your journey, but it can certainly be wise to consider a rental car.

Use a discount code when ordering

 If you stay in a hotel, you can save a lot of money to use a discount code when ordering. Normally,
these 10 per cent discount on hotel bookings and this is instantly a little money if there is a longer stay. lets you use discount codes. Find a discount code and get a discount at the hotel
you are staying.

Drop restaurants

 We put back to normal much of the budget on expensive restaurants. By either buying food in the
store and cooking for yourself can reduce the total cost varies considerably. Drop restaurants and
create either lunch or dinner yourself - you'll be surprised how much you save on this. It is also fun and
educational to buy food at local supermarkets.

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