Rules Regulations of Canadian Touch Football The game begins by Adela Sanders


									1.   The game begins in centre field by the team winning the toss, with a kick-off.

2.   The receiving team tries to run back the ball. The first down is at the furthest point of return, and the
     team has three downs to get the ball advanced 10 metres.

3.   The defense cannot touch the quarterback unless the have rushed from 5 yards behind the LOS (Line
     of Scrimmage), or the QB (Quarterback) has crossed the LOS, or has not thrown the ball after 6

4.   If the ball is caught by and offensive player-receiver, run until touched with one or two-hand tag.

5.   If a ball is caught, run with, and fumbled, it is anybody’s ball.

6.   If the ball is caught by the opposition (an interception), run until the player is touched. This will be a
     first down for the intercepting team at the furthest point of return.

7.   If the receiving team attempts to catch and fumbles the ball, it is an incomplete pass, and the ball is
     back to the line of scrimmage and the next down.

8.   If the offensive player catches the ball and runs without being touched, she can make a LATERAL
     UNDERHAND pass to the side or bank, not forward or a 15-yard penalty will be called.

9.   Scoring: Touchdown       – 6 points (over end line)
              Convert         – 1 point (between posts)

10. Officially, seven players per team are allowed on the field.


                                                                                         Q         Quarterback

                                                                                         C         Centre


                                          Q                                                        Rusher

                                                                                                   Line of Scrimmage
The Square-Out Pattern                                    foot fake to the opposite side before making a move
This pattern is run usually at a depth of 10-15 yards.    for the post.
The idea is to drive the defender backwards by
accelerating from the line of scrimmage, and then
breaking to the outside at a 90۫ angle.

                                                                     Q                      O
                                                          The passer should put an arc on the ball so that the
                                                          receiver executes an over the shoulder catch.
 Q                O
                                                          Curl Pattern
                                                          The curl pattern is similar to the hook, except that the
The receiver may wish to give a head and foot fake to     target area is away from the initial path of the
the inside and then cut outside. Once the cut is made,    receiver.
the receiver should look for the ball.

The Square in Pattern
This pattern is simply the opposite of the out pattern.

                                                                       Q                    O
                                                          Flag Pattern
                                                          The flag pattern is the               opposite deep
    Q               O                                     pattern to the post. The receiver’s goal is now to cut
                                                          on an angle that will send him line with the

Hook Pattern
The hook pattern starts the same as an IN or OUT
pattern as the receiver accelerates downfield and
drives the defender deep. At a depth of 15-20 yards,
the receiver plans the outside foot and comes back
                                                                Q                           O
along the same path towards the passer.
                                                          Again, the passer should put arc on the ball for an
                                                          over the should catch

                                                          Fly Pattern
                                                          The fly pattern is simply face to the goal line. The
                                                          receiver may wish to start the pattern at about ¾
    Q                 O                                   speed for the first 10 yds and then suddenly
                                                          accelerate downfield and expect a lofted pass
It is important that the receiver continues to come
back for the ball to keep away form the defender.

Post Pattern
This post pattern is a deeper route an is designed for
the long pass. The receiver initially runs straight for
10-15 yards and then must cut for the post (middle of
the field). The receiver may wish to give a head and

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