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									                                                                                     2012 OUSD Teacher Conference Workshops - Schedule-at-a-glance

1. Read workshop descriptions and presenter information thoroughly before choosing Session A, B, and C workshop choices. TOTAL OF 3 WORKSHOPS; One workshop per session.
2. Complete atttached registration form and submit via EMAIL to Jack.Lowe@ousd.k12.ca.us or FAX to 510-452-2077 or MAIL to MDunlap, McClymonds, 2607 Myrtle St, Oakland, CA 94607

Workshop Titles                                                                         Presenters                                                 Grade Levels     Content             PD course #   Room # at Oakland Tech
MORNING SESSION 8:30 - 9:00 AM - Auditorium - Tony Smith, Betty Olson Jones, Dave Orphal, Student performance
                                                                                                        Session A Workshops 9:15 - 10:45 AM
Designing a Differentiated Reader’s Workshop Based on Social Studies Standards          Dale Rogers-Eilers & Anne Banks Perrone                    2nd-5th          ELA/Socia Studies       PD4882                       205
Developing Academic English through Science                                             Brenda Tuohy & Elizabeth Woodward                          K-5              SCIENCE/ELA             PD4883                       202
Using PowerPoint to Build Early Decoding and Reading Fluency Skills                     Sonia Thacher                                              K-2/K-5 SPED     ELA/SPED                PD4884                       206
Math Circles as Equitable Engagement in Rich Mathematics                                Sage Moore                                                 3rd-8th          MATH                    PD4885                       210
Fostering Social/Emotional Literacy* (SEL) in the Classroom - Journal Learning          Marijke Conklin & Arlene Shmaeff                           K-5              SEL*/ Literacy          PD4886                       204
The Undervalued Discipline: Emotional Intelligence                                      Dewaina Hardee                                             K-12             SEL                     PD4887                       217
National Board Certification - The Mitchell 20                                           Dave Orphal                                                K-12             NBC                     PD4888                       201
Fueling Learning through Student Websites and Blogs!                                    Laurie Harmon & Leah Jensen                                3rd -12th        TECH                    PD4889                    Library
One Click Away: Using Clickers as Formative Assessment                                  Chuck Synder & Aimee Duquette                              3rd-12th         TECH                    PD4890                       203
                                                                                                        Session B Workshops 11:00 - 12:30 PM
Art, Literacy, and Visual Learning                                                      Pablo Melendi-Vazquez, Maria de la Fuente-Moreno, Nuria Martinez
                                                                                                                                                     K-2/K-5 SPED   ELL/ELA                 PD4891                       216
Totally Curricular Paper Crafts, Dude                                                   Abigail Paske                                              3rd-8th          MATH/ART                PD4892                       221
Intelligence: Student Self-Perception                                                   Helen Behr                                                 K-12             SEL                     PD4893                       222
Using Technology to Increase Student Engagement                                         Rori Abernathy & Ann Kruze                                 K-12             SEL                     PD4894                    Library
The Opposite of Yelling - Classroom Management Strategies                               Corigan Malloy                                             K-5th            SEL                     PD4895                       218
Academic Literacy Skill through Expository Text - Keep it or Junk it!                   Jennifer Brouhard & Stan Pesick                            3rd-8th          Social Studies          PD4896                       220
Teacher Inquiry as Best Practice - Mills Scholars Panel                                 Mills Scholars - PANEL                                     K-12             Teacher Inquiry         PD4897                       223
Writing with Wikis - Using Technology to Support Writing                                David Braden & Ashley Bills                                3rd - 5th        TECH                    PD4898                       219
LUNCH SERVED 12:30 - 1:30 PM - Cafeteria and Courtyard
                                                                                                        Session C Workshops 1:30 - 3:00 PM
Engage, Encourage, Empower -- Students and Families in OUSD                             Brenden Anderson                                           K-12             District                PD4899                       210
Effective Teaching Task Force/Peer Assistance & Review (PAR)                            Nova Katz, Lisa Spielman, and Sue Scott                    K-12             District                PD4900                       206
Cultural Mosaic and the Melting Pot - Ethnic Studies Task Force                         Eleanore Stovall                                           K-5              District                PD4901                       202
Teaching Effectiveness Pilot                                                            Aaron Townsend and PANEL                                   K-12             District                PD4902                    Library
Coaching and Teacher Leadership                                                         Young Whan Choi & Kimberly Young                           K-12             District                PD4903                       205
Social -Emotional Learning in the K-5 Context                                           Fay Ferency, Susan Killbrew, and Janise Erikson            K-5              District                PD4904                       211
OUSD Leadership Panel                                                                   Anne Prozan and PANEL                                      K-12             District                PD4905                 Auditorium
Combining Social-Emotional Intelligence with Strength Based Practices - Responding to ATOD
                                                                                         Robert Dousa                                              K-12             District                PD4906                       201
Recruitment, Retention, and Working Conditions in OUSD - Focus Group                    Jeff Dillon                                                K-12             District                PD4907                       217
AFTERNOON SESSION 3:00-4:00 PM - Auditorium
                                                          If you have questions regarding the teacher conference contact Margaret.Dunlap@ousd.k12.ca.us or call 510-273-2322
               Email registration forms to Jack.Lowe@ousd.k12.ca or Fax to 510-452-2077 or Mail to MDunlap, McClymonds 2607 Myrtle Street Oakland, CA 94607

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