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					 The Importance of Parents in the Education
 and Formation of Children

Educating children is one of the most complex responsibilities
that a human being can undertake.

We must therefore not leave this task solely to the school.

Among other tasks, parents must take care of, protect and
maintain their children. But most important is the
responsibility of educating them.
The Importance of Parents in the Education
and Formation of Children

  Parents have a profound influence over the manner
  in which each child develops.

  Parents must stimulate their children from birth
  because the first three years of life is when there is
  spectacular brain development.

  The extent to which your child is stimulated will
  greatly determine his or her academic abilities.
Education in the Family

   Education is imparted in several environments such as schools. But
   there also exists a non-scholastic education of vital importance. This
   education is that which is given in the family.

   Many students erroneously believe that their children’s studies are the
   sole responsibility of teachers.

   Because of this believe, some parents demand positive results from
   the school without having collaborated with teachers or their children
   in order to achieve such results.
Education in the Family
 The primary responsibility of educating children belongs to
 the parents, while it corresponds to teachers to support
 and complement this education.

 The school can and must complement the family in its
 educational endeavors, but never substitute it.
Educating by Example

 Parents are the primary role models for their children.

 Parents always want the best upbringing for their children; they
 must therefore be good role models for them.

 Parents must be conscious of the tremendous power that they have
 in forming the attitudes of their children.

 Parents must be very careful with the examples that they provide
 and the messages that they communicate to their children. Be
 aware that children are always alert and observant.
Educating by Example

 The coherence between what parents expect of their children and
 what they expect of themselves gives them prestige and credibility in
 their children’s eyes.

 Parents educate much more by their manner of being and the
 examples they give than with their advice.

 The lack of interest and effort of the parents with respect to their own
 formation tends to create difficulties and shortcomings in their

 Remember that no one gives what he or she doesn’t have; no one can
 teach what he or she does not know or does not possess.
Suggestions for Being a
Formative Parent

 Respond to questions with patience, love and sincerity.

 Take questions and affirmations seriously.

 Provide children with personal space for their own use.

 Give responsibilities appropriate to their age and abilities.

 Teach them that you love them for being themselves, for
 who they are and not for their successes.

 Help them to carry out their own projects and make their
 own decisions.
Behaviors that Promote
Scholastic Development

 The following behaviors of the parents will serve as an
 example for their children so they do well in school.

   Consistency in finishing what they start, even though finishing
   may prove a challenge.

   Effort when attempting to things right despite being difficult.

   Self-discipline to overcome laziness, complete homework and
   meet other commitments satisfactorily.
Suggestions for Being a
Formative Parent
 Take them to visit places of interest.

 Help them to do better in the things they do.

 Determine appropriate and reasonable rules of behavior
 and work to make sure that they are followed.

 Don’t compare them unfavorably with their siblings.

 Provide them with materials and books that are
 appropriate for their intellectual development.

 Motivate them to think for themselves. Help them to
 express themselves well.

 Encourage them to be as independent as possible.

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