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                                                              STAAR BOOTH 149
                                                          ASCRS 2012 – Speaker Program

                                         Saturday, April 21                                       Sunday, April 22
            10:00 to 10:20a                                                            10:00 to 10:20a
            Anthony Sensoli, MD                                                        Richard Erdey, MD
            My Experience With The nanoFLEX                                            Toric IOL Alignment Using An
                                                                                       Intraoperative Keratometer
            10:20 to 10:40a                                                            10:20 to 10:40a
            Greg Parkhurst, MD                                                         Rob Rivera, MD
            Night Time Vision With Low-Diopter ICL                                     Phakic IOL Surgery In A LASIK World:
                                                                                       Introducing ICLs To My New Practice
            10:40 to 11:00a                                                            10:40 to 11:00a
            Bill Wiley, MD                                                             Karl Stonecipher, MD
            On The Mark With The STAAR Toric IOL                                       STAAR ICL Outcomes And Update
            11:00 to 11:20a                                                            11:00 to 11:20a
            Juan Battle, MD                                                            Helen Wu, MD
            New Horizons In ICL Surgery                                                Alternatives To Lasik – PRK And Phakic IOLs

            11:20 to 11:40a                                                            11:20 to 11:40a
            Paul Harton, MD                                                            Paul Harton, MD
            ICL PIs Techniques – A New Perspective                                     ICL PIs Techniques – A New Perspective
            11:40 to 12:00p                                                            11:40 to 12:00p
            Alan Carlson, MD                                                           Alan Carlson, MD
            Premium IOL Selection – It’s Not About Me                                  Premium IOL Selection – It’s Not About Me

            1:00 to 1:20p                                                              1:00 to 1:20p
            Mohamed Shafik, MD                                                         Jaime Aramberri, MD
            Toric ICL Implantation After CXL To                                        ICL Sizing
            Correct Ametropia In Keratoconic Eyes
            1:20 to 1:40p                                                              1:20 to 1:40p
            Colby Stewart, MD                                                          Paul Dougherty, MD
            Efficient Cataract Surgery Using The                                       Safety And Efficacy Of Visian ICL In Young
            nanoFLEX Collamer IOL                                                      Low And Moderate Myopes

            1:40 to 2:00p
            Scott Barnes, MD
            Visian ICL – On Axis

                                                                    Stability meets flexibility.

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