Beautiful Breast - Dangers of Breast Implants

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					Beautiful Breast - Dangers of Breast Implants

In the last decade, breast implants have soared in popularity. However, there are risks involved. While we
know the short term risks, long term conclusive studies have not been able to be conducted.

Typical surgical risks apply to the procedure such as infection. Additionally, chronic breast pain can occur.
There may be changes in sensitivity and skin death. Studies have shown that more than half of patients with
saline and silicone breast implants have had a complication within the first three years. The complications
can be pain, hardening, infection, and need for additional surgery amongst other things.

Women who have had breast reconstruction have often had to undergo surgery a second time within the first
three years. 46% of women with silicone gel implants and 21% with saline implants went had a re-operation.
6% of silicone patients and 16% of saline patients suffered from breast pain. 25% of silicone patients and
8% of saline patients ended up having the implants removed altogether.

Sometimes women experience loss of nipple sensitivity or have overly sensitive nipples due to the
operation. Dissatisfaction can arise if the breast look or feel unnatural or are not symmetrical. Also, the
"sloshing" sound from saline implants can be bothersome.

Bacteria or mold can grow on saline implants. This is particularly worrisome if the implant breaks releasing
the fluid into the body. Studies have not been conducted to see how this affects women or infants who are

All implants will break eventually. It is not yet known how long the implants currently in use will last. As an
average the implants last 7-12 years but some break much sooner than that.

Some research has shown that implants may lead to auto immune disease. The National Cancer Institute has
found a 21% increase risk of cancer for women with implants for 7 years. The NCI also did another study
that found women with implants for 12 years were more likely to die from lung cancer, brain tumors, and

Women who have any kind of breast surgery are three times as likely to not have an adequate supply of milk
for nursing. Additionally, there are concerns about the safety of the breast milk.

Implants can delay detection of breast cancer. Implants block mammograms from detecting 55% of tumors.
Also, the mammogram can cause the implant to break. This delay of time can cause fatal results. Download
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