What Does Aphasia Means?

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					What Does Aphasia Means?

Aphasia is a word that is derived from Greek word, which means speechlessness. It occurs
due to sudden injuries to a portion (speech area) of brain. Death of brain cells occurs when
there is lack of blood supply to the language area because of a stroke or injury. Even brain
tumors, headache, and brain infections, also affect the brain.

Types of aphasia are fluent (can speak in meaningless long sentences) and non-fluent (can
speak in short sentences properly with great effort).

Symptoms seen are not only completely due to aphasia, but may also arise due to dysarthria
or apraxia. General signs and symptoms are unable to express language, problem in
reading and writing, verbal output, par aphasia, dysprosody, a grammatism, etc.

There is no specific treatment for this disease. Use of computers is a kind of simple
treatment for improvement.

Family members are fortified to do:

      Simplify language through the usage of uncomplicated and short, sentences.
      Repeating the certain words to clarify the needed meaning.
      Allowing the person to talk as much as possible...
      Include the person in conversations.
      Encouraging communication of any type
      To keep a conversational manner that is natural.
      Asking for and giving the value to the opinion for the person with aphasia
      . Minimize diversions, like a loud TV or radio.
      Correcting the speech of aphasia person to be avoided.
      Apart from home make the person and help the person to involve even in outside
       activities also.

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