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					   Essential oils are being recognized as
    something really helpful and Bio oil is
    something that can be considered really
    essential and others even claim it to be a
    sort of miracle oil. The oil can work
    wonders on wrinkles and little scars. There
    were even testimonials that the oil can
    improve the appearance of stretch marks
    although they are relatively few. Users of
    Bio Oil are more than satisfied with the
    product and would even recommend others
    to try it too.
   Bio Oil was proven effective for making fine lines
    and spots less visible to almost nothing especially if
    the scar is recent. Users of said oil were simply
    amazed on how the oil can work wonders especially
    in eliminating some fine lines and blemishes on the
    face. There is no fountain of youth but you can look
    younger by eliminating those fine lines ad wrinkles.
    The oil might not be able prevent the appearance of
    those lines for they are but natural occurrence but it
    can make it less visible. Coupled with a healthy diet
    and life style, then you will seem to have discovered
    a different fountain of youth of your own.
   Like most products, Bio Oil has some pros and
    cons. Unlike most oils, Bio Oil has that nice
    pleasant smell that will not irritate your nose. After
    you have slept with the oil on your skin, you ill notice
    that the skin is soft and supple when you wake up
    the following day and it is highly recommended for
    dry skin. As stated, it can effectively reduce fine
    lines and spots. The scar where the oil was applied
    on has able to reduce the reddish appearance and
    the skin tone lightened. The oil has also able to
    decrease the appearance of the scar. One user
    even stated that it made her skin smooth as silk.
   There are also some unfavorable results
    that others have with Bio Oil. Some
    find their skin to be oily and greasy for
    few minutes after putting on the oil
    because the skin can’t absorb the oil
    very well. Some have increased skin
    breakouts. Although appearance of the
    scars were decreased but the redness
    stayed the same for some who have
    tried the oil. Some find the scent to be
    too strong for oil.
   Reviews are available for your careful
    consideration whether to try Bio Oil or
    not. It may not yield the same result as
    the others but you would be able to
    weight things. There might be some
    testimonials that have the same skin
    conditions as yours and you would be
    able to draw the end result somehow
    when you apply on the oil. It is also
    wise to seek the doctor’s advice
    because there are people with strong
    allergic reactions.
  One of the possible reasons why Bio Oil
   does not work on some people is due to
   allergy which may not manifest much on
   the skin in a form of rashes. If you have
   certain allergy to oil and alcohol then it is
   really wise to seek the advice of the
   medical authority before trying any

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