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									             WEB SITE DESIGN PRESENTATION
                        COMPETITION OVERVIEW
Each Marketing Company is asked to create a Company Web Site. Below are the details of the
competition. Also please review the attached Rubric/Scoring Sheet for the rating of their Web
Design Project


There are two divisions: Intermediate and Advanced. The descriptions of these divisions
are slightly different from previous years.
    The Intermediate Division is defined as companies that use premade templates and
        WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) graphical editors that create the coding for
        the website automatically by generating HTML/markup by use of a visual designer. This
        is a website that does not utilize any advanced coding: i.e., Java, PHP, ASP.NET or
        involve any database driven technology. Use of straight HTML and templates are

      Each team will be asked to present and answer questions about their web site if placing
       in the top 3 of their division after preliminary judging.

      Web sites must be on-line for the day of event judging. If the company site is not
       available through the CCSD network it will not be judged – No Exceptions.

      All teams should be able to answer questions and present their Web Site in the following
       areas: web site design/layout, web site code (if it is in the Advanced Division), overall
       web site content and show evidence of web site ease of use.

      Site presentation and construction following competition rubric will be weighted equally
       in deciding competition scores along with the answering of questions and defense of the

      Electronic equipment will be provided. No outside laptop computers!
The top 3 Company Websites in Intermediate will receive awards.

                            Score Sheet for Competition
                         INTERMEDIATE DIVISION WEBSITE
                                          Unacceptable                  Acceptable     Very Good      Superior
                            Ratings:                     Improvement
                                             1-4           5-8           9 - 12        13 - 16        17 - 20
                                        Design/Layout                                                 SCORE
                                          Not too long in vertical length-Next Page type hyperlinks
                                             Page content organized, consistent & professional
Page Design                                Header, navigation bar, & main content clearly defined
                                            Consideration taken for viewing thru various types of
                                                               screen resolutions
                                            Size of images is proportionate to the other elements
                                           Images do not crowd or take too much attention away
                                                          from important information
Graphical Design                                       Images professional and relevant
                                             Image file sizes do not prohibit pages from loading
                                                            within a reasonable time
                                                  Design elements such as color consistent
                                               Limits use of black and neon background colors
                                                     Fonts legible both in style and color
                                              Proper line and paragraph spacing incorporated
Fonts                                     Consideration taken for fonts that may not be available
                                                                on all computers
                                              Uniformity and consistency conveyed throughout
                                            Content                                                   SCORE
                                          Text on the site well written and presented effectively
Mechanics                                Without major mechanical errors (grammar, punctuation,
                                                                and spelling
                                         Ease of Use                                                  SCORE
                                                      All links within website functional
                                            Additional elements such as fold-out menus and site
                                                    maps implemented for convenience
Navigation                                           Relationship between pages clear
                                             Links appropriate, clearly labeled & have definite
                                                    Well organized and easy to navigate
                                                     Ordering page or order form exists
Ability to Make Online Purchase
                                                  Submission by fax, email or electronically
                               Overall Opinion of the Site                                            SCORE
Element Comments:

Judge’s Signature:                                                                      TOTAL
Judges: Please make comments on Strengths and Weaknesses on the back.                 (Out of 140)

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