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Survival guide for Tourists Visiting a popular Travel Destination like the Big Apple on a Modest Budget


									     Survival guide for Tourists Visiting a popular Travel Destination like the
                          Big Apple on a modest budget

New York, affectionately known as the ‘Big Apple’ is a place full of surprises for visitors that
flock to it from around the world. The city is divided into five sections called boroughs and each
one of them tries to out-do the others with their globally recognizable landmarks and must-see
visitor attractions. New York City ranks high as a popular travel destination and has earned
quite a reputation for being one of the most expensive cities in the world. However, if one is
enterprising enough, it is not all that difficult to reduce the heavy drain on the travel budget
even when taking in on the breathtaking sights and sounds of this wonderful city.

One of the best ways to stretch those greenbacks is by looking for accommodation that’s
modestly priced and doesn’t charge top dollar for the amenities provided. Now, some might
cringe at the thought of accommodation that’s priced lower than usual, but it need not be all
that drab. New York City does have this amazing capacity to care of even those who are on a
not-so-lavish budget. Here’s an information guide that brings to you a slice of New York’s
eclectic budget hotels which serve to reinforce the belief that cheap prices need not mean
cheap experiences.

First up on the list is an Old World boutique experience that’s close to the iconic Central Park.
Located in the Upper West Side, Park 79 offers a signature blend of calm and style that appeal
equally to both, the leisure as well as the business traveler. Savvy corporate travelers looking to
unwind after a hectic day in the office can do so at the quaint restaurants located in the vicinity.
Leisure travelers on the other hand can soak in academia, with a tour of the many universities
and business schools in the vicinity.

In the early thirties, through to the forties, Gershwin-area was considered to be the Tin Pan
Alley caught in the throes of a revolution. Back then, the artists of yore were churning out
groovy pop tunes, one after the other, all through the thirties and forties. A hundred years
later, it may have been transformed into the swank Gershwin Hotel but it has stayed true to its
roots. Travelers today are welcomed with creations by artists of a different kind. Art attacks
take on an entirely new meaning when you have the likes of Andy Warhol, Stefan Lindfors and
Banks Clayton looking down at you. From old timers like Billy Name to new-eggs like Michael
Lin, everyone gets their own pride and place at the Gershwin Hotel. One will find them under
pillows or behind the shower-curtain, plotting their next move to dazzle your senses.

Fleeing from the art attacks, one can land up in what was formerly a quiet enclave of historic
row houses. Today, the North Chelsea District in Manhattan has shed its demure image and
traded it for something with a bit more oomph! The district is a melting pot for shoppers, with
those looking for cheap bargains mingling happily with shoppers that frequent those up market
boutiques who’ve gotten themselves high on funk!
Whatever the flavor, one is sure to find something that suits their palate. All the major
attractions in the vicinity from the Madison Square Garden to the 9/11 Memorial, they are all
within two to three stops from here. This is the prime reason why the Chelsea Star makes
perfect sense for families looking to soak in their share of New York.

Another great place for the family is the Condor Hotel. The rooms offer the perfect setting for
relaxation and rejuvenation, being just right for unwinding after a long day in the city. Its
signature PlushDream Bed is touted as the best sleep experience in that part of town. From
individual climate controls to showerheads that massage and an exclusive pillow menu that’s
said to be the stuff that dreams are made of.

For travelers who wish to engage in rather youthful pursuits, the Pod offers the hip New York
experience at a wallet-friendly price. It features cleverly packaged ‘rooms’ that are among the
most cleverly kitted out in town. Their Bunk Pod is fitted out with two bunk beds with each
having their own personal mini-television, reading light, dimmer settings and free Wi-Fi.
Residents share the community bathrooms that have lavish amenities, including interiors
treated with granite and marble, designer sinks, etc.

Most hotels offer their best rates at the beginning of the booking season, so the secret to
getting a great price is to book early. Keep a lookout for deals that are announced at regular
intervals. One can find almost all the information they need to book their vacation online, so
the key is to keep a lookout for any special offerings.

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