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									Ways To Treat Your Acne Naturally at Home.

A lot of people suffer from acne, and it can be a very annoying thing to have to deal with. Not all people who
have acne like to use products that have chemicals on their faces. This can be harsh to their skin. There are
some natural, chemical-free ways you can take care of acne from home and have a more beautiful complexion.

Try some tea tree oil extract on your face on a daily basis as an astringent and antibiotic to get rid of
bacterial residue and build up that can cause acne. Tea tree oil is great for the skin and is very refreshing
when you splash it on your face, perhaps with a bit of witch hazel.

You can slather honey on your face to help lessen some of the redness and inflammation that is associated with
having acne. You can use it on its own or mix it with some cinnamon and milk to boost its effects. It is
likely that you have these products around the house already.

Now we come to witch hazel. Use this on your face with a cotton ball to help clean out any trapped dirt you
have in your pores. Witch hazel helps shrink and contract blood vessels back to their normal size. Witch hazel
has a great effect on bruises and sores as well. It is an all around good thing to have around!

Many people use apple cider vinegar to get rid of their acne or make its effects less obvious. People say that
it works very quickly, and it is also a very cheap alternative to products you have to buy at the store. Apple
cider vinegar is said to shrink pimples on your skin as well. You can buy apple cider vinegar almost anywhere.
Try your local dollar store.

Aloe Vera has a very large amount of vitamins and minerals in it. It also contains amino acids and enzymes
that are very important to the skin. Aloe vera actually has a very close pH balance to our own skin, which is
why it is able to heal and moisturize the skin faster than most remedies. Aloe vera enhances the skin's
fibroblasts. These are special cells in the skin that create collagen and elastin that will heal the skin. You
can buy aloe vera gel at a very low cost, or you can grow it in your home and have your own supply available
at all times by just plucking a leaf off of the plant and breaking it open. It is as easy as that!

If you are one of the many, many people who deal with acne on a daily basis and you want to use natural things
to help you take care of your skin, you have found the right place. This article should have given you a good
idea of what kind of products you can use to naturally take care of your skin and have a great glow all year

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