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									||Research||International Toll Free Service (ITFS) for Middle East,
Africa and Asia
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With its roots from 1960s toll-free service in the United States, International Toll Free Service (ITFS)
represents an alternative to collect calling and calling while providing consumer cost savings and
network operator savings through reduction of operator service. ITFS provides access to businesses in
any country at no charge to the caller with a reverse billing model to the merchant.
ITFS provides the opportunity to increase billed international minutes and provides other international
voice products. Almost every telecommunication carrier provides the service within their countries of
operation, facilitating a convenient method for businesses to establish or expand their international
This research provides analysis of the market for ITFS within the Middle East, Africa and Asia. The report
analyzes market dynamics, specific regional issues, and market potential by region/country.


Global brands and advertising agencies
Telecommunications infrastructure vendors
Global telecommunications network operators
Mobile marketing and wireless advertising companies

Table of Contents : International Toll Free Services Overview.. 5
888, 877, 866 and other Numbers. 6
ITFS Applications. 6
Universal International Free-Phone Number (UIFN). 6
Global Business Line (GBL). 7
Extended Call Coverage. 7
Benefits of ITFS. 7
Cycos AG.. 10
Open Interface for Unified Messaging. 10
Redknee. 10
Kabira Technologies. 11
Oksijen Teknoloji11
Toll-Free Numbers for Video and IP Relay Service. 11
ITFS in the Emerging Markets. 12
Global ITFS Providers. 13
The Market in Africa and the Middle East. 15
Market Overview in Africa and the Middle East. 15
Company Strategies. 19
Vimplecom, and Wind emerging. 24
Conclusions. 24
ITFS in Africa and the Middle East. 25
The Market for ITFS in Africa: 2011 - 2016. 28
ITFS in Egypt. 28
Toll Free Service Issues in Egypt and How to overcome it. 30
ITFS in South Africa. 30
ITFS Revenues. 31
ITFS Providers in Africa Analysis. 33
SWOT Analysis for the ITFS providers in Africa. 34 with its SWOT Analysis. 34
DOW Networks SWOT Analysis. 36

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