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What Is The Difference Between Health Insurance Companies In California.txt


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Whether you already know it or not California has a lot of options for health insurance. There are
companies that we all heard of and there are some companies that we never heard of. With all the
Health Insurance Companies out there you might be wondering what the differences are and
which one is right for you.

First in state of California the health insurance companies you should be looking at are; Aetna,
Assurant, Blue Cross, Blue Shield, HealthNet, Kaiser, Nationwide, PacifiCare, Celtic and a new
company that is going to be available in state of California is Golden Rule. These are the largest
carriers that are available in the State of California. If you are looking at any other company that
was not mentioned previously, use caution. With all the health insurance premiums going up there
are companies that prey on people with low premiums and coverage that does not cover anything.
They are just out there to make a quick buck buy collection as much premiums as they can before
you cancel your coverage. Stay away from companies that you never heard of, not matter what
they tell you. If you hear something like, "affordable health insurance for self-employed", run.

Second what you have to understand that the actual cost of insurance no matter what company
you go with is about the same. So how do insurance companies have so many different plans with
different premiums? If it is a large insurance company and the company ran efficiently that is how
you get great premium with great coverage. What creates variety of prices for coverage is the
creative aspect of the insurance company designing their plans. The way they do it is by
deductibles, co-pays, co-insurance, drug coverage deductibles, whether the plan covers brand
name drugs or generic drugs only, maternity coverage, maximum out of pocket, deductible and co-
pays for all kind of different services.

The name we all know is Blue Cross Blue Shield. Blue Cross has been around since the recession
of 1929, and it used to cost only 1 cent a day. The times have changes since then, but the Blue
Cross name is still around. Blue Cross has been over the years the most stable largest health
insurance provider in the United States. Their strategy is to keep rates stable and have stable rate
increases. While most other plans might lower their rates to get more people on their coverage
and then keep increasing their rates. There fore as some plans might be more attractive in
premiums at the moment over time eventually they have to catch up with the actual market health
insurance cost. Sometime the company has to charge people more for health insurance in the
future so they can give more affordable rates today. Blue Cross will give the one of the largest
varieties of plans to choose from and you can always downgrade a plan without going through
underwriting is the monthly premiums because to expensive.

The most competitive health insurance coverage you will be able to get in California today is
through Aetna and once Golden Rule plans come out by United Health Care then Golden Rule
plans are going to be the most completive plan. Every time most of the large insurance companies
enter a new state with a new plan they make that plan more competitive just to capture the
percentage of that market eventually the company will have to raise their rates to the market level.
Aetna plans in California are the most competitive. This is where you can get the most coverage
for your money. Keep in mind that the Aetna Individual plans in the state of California do not cover

Assurant Health Plans is provided through Fortis Insurance Company witch is the 26th largest
company in the world and Fortis Insurance Company has been around since 1892. Assurant
Health Plans are the most widely accepted and flexible plans that are available on the market
today. Assurant Health Plans utilizes dozens of provider networks Nationwide to give you the
worlds largest selections of doctors in United States and worldwide. Assurant Health Plans are the
only plans that will cover you world wide as they will cover you in the United States. There is a big
difference when insurance company says that you are covered for emergencies worldwide.
Insurance company can make a final decision on whether that was true emergency or not.
Assurant Health Plans have no such restrictions. Assurant is the only company that will allow you
to move to different state without going through underwriting process all over again. That meant
that with most companies even if it is a same company if you move from one state to another you
have to cancel you policy in the current state and re-apply in the state that you are moving to. The
down side with Assurant in some states is that they are not the most competitive and harder to get
approved for. If you considering HSA plan, Assurant Health is the best options available to
individuals and families.

Blue Shield of California is great coverage especially if it is young family looking for a plan with
maternity coverage and for a family where one of the adults on the plans is significantly younger
than the other. Blue Shield bases their monthly premiums on the youngest primary policy holder.
This can be any adult in the family. Blue Shield plans have low maximum out of pocket and wide
acceptance with doctors. A lot of doctors in state of California prefer Blue Shield plans because
Blue Shield reimburses them faster than most other insurance companies. Keep in mind that in
some states Blue Cross and Blue Shield are the same company in state of California they are two
different insurance companies competing for your business.

HealthNet of California is the insurance company available in western states. HealthNet family
plans are affordable, have some of the lowest maximum out of pocket and designed for healthy
individuals and families. The new line of plans form HealthNet are their popular no deductible PPO
plans. Which are some of the worst plans for families. No deductible plans are not designed for
families since they have extremely high maximum out of pocket witch might be a great fit for single
healthy individuals. HealthNet of California also offers some of the best HMO plans available on
the market.

Health Net's simple design and affordable plans are perfect match for healthy families. The way
their family plans work is that once you meet your deductible HealthNet will pay 100% for all of
your medical expenses after that. The down side is that their family plans do not cover regular sick
doctor visits. The money that you are going to save monthly is going to be way worth no having
doctor visits covered until the deductible is met. All you will get is negotiated rates that HealthNet
has with doctors and hospitals. Your doctor office visits are going to cost you anywhere from $65
to $65 per visit.
Dennis Alexander - leading consultant for employer group and individual/family health plans.
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