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National health insurance companies are insurance companies authorized to do business in all
states of the United States of America, excepting New York. It is basically a Texas-domiciled
insurer that has a California Certificate of Authority number of 4765. The national health insurance
company was founded in 1923 as the William Harvey Life Insurance Company. It was in 1965 that
the company was incorporated as the Trinity National Life and Accident Insurance Company, and
added health insurance to its product line in 1966.

It was in 1975 that the National Health Insurance Company pioneered the first 100% catastrophic
insurance plans. These plans had high deductibles for the self-employed and those having small
businesses. It is the same market focus that has continued today. The name National Health
Insurance Company came into use in 1978, and it was then that the company filed as a legal
reserve company in the state of Texas.

There are many affiliated providers linked with National Health Insurance Company, like Beech
street, Midlands Choice, Interwest, Multiplan, PHCS (Private Health Care System) and Pro-net.
Policyholders of National Health Insurance Companies can approach these affiliate providers for
any health problems they face, which are covered in their health insurance policies. However, as
providers may sometimes withdraw from the National Health Insurance Company network, it is
always better to confirm with the facility or physician of the affiliate if they are still participating in
the network, before getting any medical treatment. If they are not participating, then you will not be
able to make your claims with National Health Insurance Companies.

It should be remembered that the National Health Insurance Companies only provide health
insurance policies to you, and are not responsible for the quality or outcome rendered by
physicians and facility to you. One of the benefits of getting an insurance policy from National
Health Insurance Companies is that insurance claims can be made from one of the many
providers found all over America.

Health Insurance Company provides detailed information on Health Insurance Company, National
Health Insurance Companies, Health Insurance Company Ratings, Individual Health Insurance
Companies and more. Health Insurance Company is affiliated with Affordable Health Insurance.

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