Chapman Farm Newsletter september by jennyyingdi



                                                                SEPTEMBER 2006

      Chapman Farm
      Playground Equipment
                                                                    Community Events
                                                                          HOA Meetings:
                                                                All meetings at the Clubhouse at 7 PM
                                                                            September 26
                                                                              October 24
                                                                            November 28
                                                                      December - No Meeting
                                                                          Social Events:
                                                                           October 29th
                                                                     Halloween Spooktakular
                                                                         Clubhouse 3:30pm

                                                                        DID YOU KNOW...
                                                                 At the April HOA meeting, approxi-
                                                                 mately eight people (not a typo) de-
                                                                  cided how to spend $80,000 of the
                                                                community budget.....Please join us for
                                                                          the next meeting!

The playground has been a project isting smaller wooden piece of The equipment is made by GAME
that the community has put as a equipment and is designed for -TIME, sold to us by West Recrea-
priority. Last year we replaced younger kids, ages three through tion, and installed by Custom Park
the larger wooden playground five 5. The new piece is made by Services. The total cost, including
equipment with a maintenance t h e s a m e m a n u f a c t u r e r, a n d installation, was $6,985.68. We
free piece designed for kids ages matches, color wise, the larger hope you and the Chapman Farm
six through twelve. This summer piece installed last year. A new families get a chance to enjoy the
we replaced the smaller piece. (see layer of wood chips was installed new equipment for years to come.
above picture) It replaces the ex- for safety reasons.
                        Professional Community Management, Inc. - PROCOM


    Scott Davis - CMCA, AMS	



    1111 Benfield Blvd. Suite 110		



    Millersville, MD 21108

    410-721-0777 ext. 106

    410-721-4854 fax	




    Visit our website for directions:

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                                                                  SEPTEMBER 2006

COSTCO, SAMS CLUB, AND BJ’S all have local include paper goods, beverages, pharmaceuticals,
stores in our area. Are they really saving us money? electronics, and canned goods.

The answer is maybe, but only if you’re a smart         In terms of perishables like meat and vegetables,
shopper. Many consumers pay annual membership           you’re better off taking advantage of in−store sales at
fees to warehouse stores in hopes of saving money       the market. If there’s a great deal on sirloin at the
through buying in bulk and reducing their visits to     store, buy it in bulk and freeze it. And don’t forget,
the grocery store. However, bulk items are not al-      clipping coupons is a big help; but only if you use
ways cheaper; and the need for certain perishables      them for items you’d buy anyway.
will still result in trips to the supermarket.

What’s the solution? Visit warehouse stores with a
shopping list, and do your best to stick to it. Con-
centrate on items which are usually good buys. These

                        ARE UTILITIES COSTING YOU EXTRA?
                                     tions available that are not only Then visit a website such as
                                     easy, but inexpensive as well.     w w w. s a v e o n p h o n e . c o m or
                                                               and see if you
                                     Begin by gradually replacing all can find a better long distance
                                     light bulbs with long−lasting en- rate.
                                     ergy savers. Next, replace all
                                     shower heads with low−flow ver- Lastly, most utility companies of-
                                     sions. Make a concerted effort to fer online audits explaining many
                                     turn off electrical appliances like of the money−saving options avail-
The BG&E rate increases have
                                     lights, TVs, and computers–or able. If your company doesn’t, log
effected all of us. It is important
                                     even just the computer moni- on to for a simi-
that we do everything we can to
                                     tor–when not in use. The idea that lar audit. Believe it or not, making
save money each month.
                                     it uses more energy to turn on an the above changes can save you
                                     appliance is false.                hundreds of dollars each year.
Many of us are spending far more
on our utility bills than we should. Also, you may want to take a good
The good news is there are solu- look at your next telephone bill.

                        MINI VACATIONS, MAXIMUM SAVINGS!
Vacations are an essential part of life. If budget and time constraints are keeping you from getting away, why
not try a mini vacation? They last anywhere from 1 to 3 days and require fewer resources. A one day trip is
limited only by your imagination and can include picnics, hikes, and trips to neighboring cities or attrac-
tions. Entertainment in the form of museums, carnivals, and art fairs usually cost very little and can be fun
for the whole family. Two to three day trips are slightly more involved but offer even greater possibilities. If
you’re spending a night in a hotel, consider ordering an in−room movie. It’s less expensive than taking the
family to the theater, and there’s a range of genres to choose from. During the day, take advantage of things
like complimentary breakfasts and discounts offered by the hotel. Lastly, when choosing your destination,
consider moving in the opposite direction of the crowds. A trip to the mountains in the summer, or the
beaches in the fall or spring, is a good place to begin when looking for a great deal.

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                                                                        SEPTEMBER 2006

    Real Estate has drastically        when selling your home. The              campaigns. Another important
changed in Chapman Farm and            same house in better condition           fact when listing your home with
Crofton over the past year. There      will always sell faster. Location.       an agent is negotiating the
was a time when all a seller had to    A house in a better location in the      commission. In the past a 6%
do was put a sign in their yard and    neighborhood will sell faster.           commission was standard. Due to
the next week their house was          Upgrades and Improvements.               competition and other factors
under contract for asking price or     A home that has upgrades and             commission in Chapman Farm has
more. Those times have changed.        improvements will sell faster than       been closer to 5% than 6% over
There are currently homes listed       one that doesn’t. Price. The most        the past few years.
for sale in Chapman Farm for           important factors that affect your           If you opt to sell your home on
more than 120 days and the             ability to sell your home is price.      your own some agents including
average time on the market is over     The price of the property will           myself will be glad to give you
95 days. This can really cause the     always affect the ability to sell         some material to help you with
sellers some stress if they have       your home. If a home is over             your endeavor.
purchased a new home non               priced it will not sell and if a house
contingent. It is important if you     in underpriced it should sell fast.           Selling your home can be a
are buying a home that you take                                                 very stressful process if you do not
                                            If you opt to use a Realtor to      have professionals helping you
into account the fact that your        list your home, make sure that you
home may be on the market for                                                   w i t h e v e r y s t e p . Ma ke t h e
                                       use one that has all of the tools to     decision that best suits your needs
longer than you thought and you        sell your home. Some of the tools
might not net as much cash out.                                                 and desires.
                                       that we use at Re/Max Prestige are
    There are a few things that        M L S l i s t i n g , Vi s u a l To u r s ,         Call me if you have any Real
will effect your ability to sell your   C o m c a s t T V a d v e r t i s i n g , Estate question. Susan Martyn at
home faster than the average.          brochures, call capture, local 410-974-4733 or on my cell phone
Condition. Property condition          m a g a z i n e a d v e r t i s i n g , o p e n 443-790-7595.
is always a very important factor      houses, and agent to agent email

                  1.5 % Listing Certificate
 List your home or property with Susan Martyn and Re/Max Prestige and get full time, full service
  real estate services while saving thousands. Why pay 2.5% to 3% for the same service? I use all
   of the tools that top Realtors use to sell homes. Call me and let me compete for your listing.

                        Re/Max Prestige and Susan Martyn
                 Office: 410-974-4733 or Cell: 443-790-7595
               Different commission rates, fees, and listing and marketing services may be offered
                 by other Re/Max franchises and Sales Associates serving this market area.

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                                                                SEPTEMBER 2006

    Re-districting is a topic that is in the news in Anne Arundel County this year. The School Board is
thinking about re-districting the current public schools in our area. It is important that you are aware of
this because the school district that our children go to, most importantly affects your children, but also can
have an effect of the value of our homes. We need your help. We are looking for volunteers for a new
Education Committee to attend all School Board, County, and Community Education Forums.

                       Chapman Farm
                  We Need to Voice Our Opinions on

                  Arundel Middle School
                  Crofton Middle School

      HOA Board is seeking to create an Education Committee.
      We need a chair and other volunteers to attend meetings.
               The Severna Park area is being heard!
            Shouldn’t we have a voice in what happens
            to our kids education and our home values!
                 Call Scott at Procom to volunteer.

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                                                  SEPTEMBER 2006

                           TRAFFIC COMMITTEE
In an effort to continue to ensure safety within the Community, the Chapman Farm Traffic
Committee continues to work with the Counties Traffic Engineering Department. The
County Traffic Engineering Department has completed the traffic speed data collection re-
quested by Chapman Farm Traffic Committee. The County collected speed measurements
at five locations using road tubes. The tubes were put in place on April 24, 2006 and picked
up on May 1, 2006. The results are as follows:


        Price Road between Clarks Court and Turneys Court

      50-percentile speed - 28 mph

          85-percentile speed - 34 mph


        Pearl Avenue between Maynard and Price

      50-percentile speed - 28 mph

          85-percentile speed - 30 mph


        Maynard between Pearl and Walden Drive

          50-percentile speed - 24 mph

          85-percentile speed - 28 mph


        Pearl between Shawn and Elton

          50-percentile speed - 27 mph

          85-percentile speed - 30 mph


        Chapman Road between Brite and Sabra

          50-percentile speed - 28 mph

          85-percentile speed - 33 mph

The data reveals that traffic speeds in these areas do not exceed the 50-percentile speeds
above 5 mph of the posted speed limit (25 mph) required to warrant speed humps. The
Traffic Committee will continue to work with the County to ensure the safety of the resi-
dents of the community.

          **Please remember school has started, children will be at the bus stops,
          crossing the streets, and playing in our community more often - Please
             slow down. We would hate to see a tragedy in our Neighborhood**

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                                                                 SEPTEMBER 2006

                                    HOME EQUITY
Over the past few years, homes in Chapman Farm have tremendously increased in value. This increase in
value has given many homeowners opportunities that they never have had in the past. The ability to use the
equity in your home has allowed homeowners to consolidate bills, perform home improvements, and buy
cars. These very important features are all well and good, however the most important thing that is missing
is the ability to be safe if something catastrophic happens to your financial situation and your ability to pay
your bills.  

Many homeowners believe home equity is a convenient nest egg from which they can always access cash
when needed. However, in a time that you really need it, many of you will suddenly realize that, no matter
how much equity you have, it is not as liquid as you thought. Safety is one of the most important reasons
why you should open up an equity loan. 

Please review this real life example. Mr. and Mrs. Jones live in Crofton, he works and she takes care of their
two children.  They have seen their property values more than double in the last 8 years.  They bought
their home for $235,000 in 1998 and it is now worth $650,000. They currently have a mortgage payment of
$1,650 with a balance of $200,000. ($415,000 in home equity) They currently only have a first mortgage on
the property (no equity loans). Mr. Jones has just been notified that his job of 10 years has been eliminated
and has four weeks severance pay. They have about $7,000 in savings and $70,000 in his 401k. This is very
scary considering not only do they have a first mortgage payment, but they also have 2 credit cards and a car
loan. The amount that they have in savings will last them about 3 months. If they would go to a mortgage
company or bank now to try to get an equity loan, they would be turned down due to no job, hence no abil-
ity to pay the monthly payments. This all could have been avoided if they had taken out a home equity line
of credit for $100,000 when things were normal. Thus giving them the ability to pay all the bills for a long
period of time, allowing Mr. Jones to find the job of his choice, and not having to take a job he doesn’t like
out of necessity. Making the wise decision to open a no cost home equity loan, not using it until you have
to, could save you in times of need. 

Managing your equity allows you to be in a position where you can act upon opportunities, rather than be
forced to react to situations. I believe that everyone that has equity in their home should have an equity
line, whether you think you need it our not. It doesn’t cost anything to get and could be a life saver if you
ever need to use it. If you currently have an equity loan now, it is the perfect time to increase your equity
line to be more protected.

Call me, Rick Gloekler of Fairway Mortgage, at 410-721-3300 x11 today or apply online at
and GET PROTECTED! Fairway Mortgage is a Crofton Mortgage Company with great FREE Home Eq-
uity Products.


                    Find out what is going on in our neighborhood!
                      Message boards for community comments!

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                                                               SEPTEMBER 2006

                              SOCIAL COMMITTEE
The Chapman Farm Social Committee has a new chair. Carrie Scheidt has volunteered to head the
committee. Thank you Carrie for volunteering. The Social Committee meeting will be held on Octo-
ber 9, 2006 at 7:00PM at the club house. Any Chapman Farm residents that would like to help out are
welcome. The social committee tried to have a movie night at the end of the summer, but unfortu-
nately the weather did not cooperate with us. The committee will try to do this again at a later date.
Chapman Farm will have its HALLOWEEN SPOOKTAKULAR on Sunday, October 29th. The
fun starts at 3:30PM at the club house parking lot with a short parade followed by a few fun fall crafts at
the club house. If weather prohibits the parade, crafts will still be done at the clubhouse. All are wel-
come to attend.        If any one wants to contact Carrie, she can be reached by email at

                            FENCE REPLACEMENT
The fence replacement project is currently underway. It should be close to completion by the time that
you get this newsletter. Mid Atlantic Deck and Fence, a local company, has been contracted to do the
work. The cost of this project is $74,090. The fence is being replaced due to a maintenance issue. The
Association would have to spend approximately $22,000 every 2-3 years to paint a wood fence. Replac-
ing it with a vinyl fence will require only a power washing every 6-7 years. This project should make the
entrance to our community look much better than it has ever looked.

                             MOSQUITO PROGRAM
The community was monitored for adult mosquitos every Monday after 7:00P.M this summer. It ap-
pears that the Mosquito program is working, due to the lack of complaints about mosquitos at the
board meetings. If this is not correct, please come to the meetings and let your voice be heard so that
we can use other means to help with the problem.

                      HOA COMMITTEE OPENINGS
Is there a specific community concern that you have? There is probably a committee designed to ad-
dress it! Please consider volunteering for one of the many committees currently in need of chairman-
ship and members. Contact any member of the current Chapman Farm HOA Board of Directors to
volunteer for the following committees:


    Architectural Control	




   Neighborhood Watch
















   Education (NEW)
              We are also looking for additional Board Members to fill the vacancies.

                      NEW TODDLER PLAY GROUP
A new Chapman Farm Toddler Play Group is being formed. It will be held on Thursdays from 9:30 -
11:30AM. It will be held at Jen McKee’s home at 2712 Bains Court. Please contact her to let her know
who will be attending. Her information is as follows: Email:, Home phone
410-451-6460 and cell phone 410-353-3350.

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                                                                                SEPTEMBER 2006

                          SUPPORT YOUR NEIGHBORS

    Fairway Mortgage Corporation                                            Diplomat Cleaners
                  Purchases and Refinances                          	       For all of your Dry Cleaning needs.
                    Debt Consolidation                                 FREE Dry Cleaning Pick-up and
                    Home Improvement                                     Delivery in Chapman Farm
                        Equity Loans
                                                                                  Tony Policelli
                      Rick Gloekler
                      410-721-3300 x ll

                 Tastefully Simple                                         Advanced Tele-Com
    The nation’s original home taste-testing company! Tastefully            Business Telephone Systems
    Simple offers over 30 upscale, easy to prepare gourmet
    food for people who like to eat - even if they don’t                         Sales, Service and Repair
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    Taste-testing parties are fun, free, and a wonderful way to                       Voice Over IP
    get together with friends. Career Opportunities.
                                                                                  Voice & Data Cabling
                Sherriel Sullivan 301-261-3315
               Tastefully Simple Independent Consultant                             Ed Twomey

                  Re/Max Prestige                                           Creative Memories
      Chapman Farm Listing Special                                                 Nancy Kobel
                                                                              Independent Consultant
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               Susan Martyn - Realtor

                 If you are interested in advertising in The Chapman Farm Newsletter,
                           please contact any HOA Board Member for information.

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                                                                   SEPTEMBER 2006

                 Chapman Farm Home Owners Association
                       Current Board Members

        Tim Johnson	


  Vice President: 	





     Mark Collins	




    Rick Gloekler	


  Member at Large: 	

 Mike Consalvi	



                                       Chapman Farm Police
                                                   AA Co. Western District
                                                         Sgt. Peterson
                                                        911 Emergency
                                   410-222-6155 - Ask for Sgt. Peterson’s Voicemail
                                                 410-222-8610 - Non-emergency
                             To report vandalism or a crime not currently in progress.


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