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									Suggested Packing Methods for IBM’s E-Waste Mail-Back Program:

Introduction: The following instructions are intended to provide basic guidance to household
consumers for preparing their unwanted IBM brand personal desktop or laptop computers,
monitors, Class B Intellistations, and related accessories for shipment to IBM’s authorized
recyclers using the UPS mail back service. This service is intended for customers who live too far
from one of the participating UPS Store® collection points for convenient drop off.
There is no cost to you for this service.
Note: Steps 2, 3, and 4 (packing, labeling, and scheduling a pickup) are not required if you elect
to take the equipment to a participating UPS Store®. Please note that UPS shipping hubs or
other UPS shipping counters at retail stores such as Staples or Best Buy are not participating in
this program. These retailers are not part of the IBM mail back program but may be operating
their own similar programs for their customers.
Thank you for your cooperation and support of IBM’s electronics recycling program!

Step by Step Detailed Instructions                   Simplified Instructions and Photos
Step 1. Remove personal data
IBM, our carriers and recyclers are not
responsible for personal data left on your
eligible electronic equipment that is returned for
There are many “data wiping” software
programs available to perform this task, many
of which are free downloads off the internet.
If you do not choose to take this step or if the
computer is already broken such that you
cannot perform this task, you may also remove
the hard drive from the computer and keep it.
Note: All hard drives including any remaining
data on them will be destroyed during the final
recycling process as shown at right.

                                                     1. Remove all personal data
                                                     Photo Caption: An IBM Hard Disk Drive after
                                                     undergoing physical data destruction process at
                                                     IBM’s Asset Recovery Center

Step 2: Package the Equipment
All eligible equipment must be packaged and
labeled prior to arranging for the home pickup
mail back service. UPS drivers are not
permitted to pack any equipment for you. If the
packaging is not adequate, UPS may refuse
the package.
IMPORTANT: Do NOT call for home pickup if
any the following are true…
1. CRT Glass monitor screen is shattered. If
   so, contact your local municipal waste
2. There is any visible corrosion or leakage
   from batteries; if so, contact a local
   hazardous waste facility which handles
   used paint and similar materials.
3. Product is not packaged well (if not, read
   on for detailed instructions).
2a. Use the original IBM packaging material
from when you first purchased the equipment if
If the original packaging is not available, start
with a strong corrugated carton that is
approximately 2-3” larger in each direction than
the contents to be packaged in it. Note: This
is less than what would normally be used for a
“good” product intended to be reused but it will
be adequate for our purposes here.
                                                    2a. Use the original packaging if
                                                    available, otherwise start with a
                                                    good strong box.

2b. Wrap CRT monitors (those with glass
screens) in plastic wrap or simply put them into
a large plastic garbage bag to contain glass in
the event of damage during shipment.
This step is optional for accessories, printers,
flat screen monitors, desktop and laptop
For all types of equipment, place at least 2” of
cushioning material into the bottom of the box.
Bubblewrap or a similar resilient or wadded
material is suggested. Loose fill materials such
as “packing peanuts” may be used but are not
Accessories such as cables and power                2b. Place into a poly bag or garbage
adapters may be placed into the same carton.        bag
Do not place more than one CRT monitor in a
single box. Multiple flat screen monitors and
laptops may be placed in one carton.
2c. Place the item(s) into the box and fill any
remaining voids on the sides and top of the
item. The item being packaged should have
approximately equivalent thickness of
cushioning on all sides including the top.
When closing the carton, it should not bulge.

                                                  2c. Cushion all sides including the
2d. Tape the carton shut using the “H” style
sealing method top and bottom as shown (3
strips top and bottom). Use any form of 2” or
wider plastic tape as shown below.

                       << Good Tape
Do NOT use masking tape, blue painters tape,
duct tape or straps to seal the carton.           2d. Triple tape, top and bottom
2e. If the carton was previously used, ensure
that all pre-existing labels are removed,
covered up or crossed out with a marker.

                                                  2e. Cross out or remove old labels
Step 3: Print the UPS Shipping Label
3a. Print the label from the UPS label creation
website (ref: ).
This label can be printed on regular paper, it
does not have to be printed on label stock (but
may be).

                                                    3a. Print the UPS shipping label(s)
3b. Tape the label to the top of the sealed
carton or place it into a transparent sticky back
Note: If you are shipping more than one carton,
each carton must be labeled.

                                                    3b. Affix label(s) to the carton(s)
Step 4: Arrange for Home Pickup:
4a. From the UPS Label Creation Website (ref:
After creating the label, you’ll see the shipping label along with the instructions shown in the
image below. Look for the “click here” link to proceed to the home pickup screen. NOTE: This
must be done from the UPS label creation site, not directly from this image. The first three steps
below apply to consumers taking the equipment to the UPS Store ®. Only the last bullet applies
to consumers that are requesting home pickup service.
4b. Request a Pickup: The tracking number, package count and weight will automatically be
added similar to the image shown below (quantity and weight will vary). When ready, click the
SUBMIT button which will create a screen as shown in step 4c.

4c. Request a Pickup Confirmation: Save the Tracking Number and PRN number in case you
need to cancel the pickup; otherwise, the UPS driver will arrive to take your labeled package!
4d. Be present for the pickup when the UPS
driver arrives the next day.
Ensure that you or someone else 18 or older is
available when the UPS driver arrives to pickup
your package.

                                                   4d. Be there when the UPS Driver
Reference: Examples of Covered Electronic Devices (CED’s) that may be returned to IBM
via this program.
CRT Monitors                                      Flat Panel Monitors

IBM Desktop or Deskside PC’s

Desktop PC

                                                                        Deskside PC
IBM Class B Intellistations         IBM Laptop or Notebook PC’s

                                    Note: This program is for IBM Brand
                                    products with IBM Logo on them.
                                    If you have a Lenovo Brand ThinkPad, refer to
                           for information on their recycling

IBM Accessories
IBM Keyboards or other peripheral   IBM Power Cords or Adapters

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