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    PRS TRENDS Q4 2011


      It has been a busy start to the year with landlords reporting
      increasing tenant demand and intermediaries seeing a rise in
      buy-to-let mortgage applications. Data published by the Council
      of Mortgage Lenders (CML) also revealed that the final quarter of
      2011 saw a 40% increase in the value of buy-to-let lending, a sure
      sign that we are well on the way to recovery.
      In this edition you will find a mix of industry news, key facts from our
      research reports, the latest yield figures and an exclusive reader competition.
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A report published by estate agents Savills, shows that rents will continue to rise as competition for rented homes
increases. Forecasts suggest rents are set to rise by 20.5% by the end of 2016. This growth is more than three
times the growth predicted for house prices, which sits at just 6% over the same time period.
The report also forecasts a rise in the number of privately rented homes saying they will account for one in five
households by 2016. With demand for rented properties showing no sign of slowing down in the next five years, it
is unlikely that there will be sufficient supply to meet this level of demand.
Julian Rance, Sales Director, said: “It is not surprising rents are forecast to rise in the next five years as tenant
demand is increasing at a rate never experienced before in the PRS. In order to help meet this demand lenders
need to make it as easy as possible for landlords to access a variety of mortgage finance options that suit their
individual needs.”

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66% of landlords think arrears levels will remain stable in 2012

37% of landlords                Q3
saw an increase in
rental income in Q4             Q4
                               Landlords’ porfolios increased from 12.7
                               properties in Q3, to 14.3 properties in Q4

                                                                                                                                     FEATURE EAST MIDLANDS TOPS THE YIELDS TABLE
                                              average gearing

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                               2.9 weeks
                               average void period for Q4
                                                                            PRS TRENDS Q4 2011

50% of landlords said tenant
demand was either ‘growing
or booming’
                            ENERGY BILL IS PASSED
                            From 2016 landlords will not be allowed to refuse
                            reasonable requests from tenants for energy efficiency
                            improvements, and from 2018 it will be illegal to market or
                            let properties with an energy efficiency rating of F and G.
                            Under the new Energy Bill, the Government has also announced a target of all properties
                            being rated A by 2030. By setting a 2018 deadline, the Government has given a degree
                            of regulatory certainty to the sector and enough time for landlords to make improvements
                            during periods when the property is unoccupied.
                            Landlords will be able to apply for a loan through the Green Deal which will then be
                            repaid as a levy on utility bills – which are usually paid by the tenant. It is anticipated by
                            the Government that the new changes will improve efficiency across the PRS, reduce
                            landlords’ maintenance costs and improve the quality of properties for tenants.
                            Despite initially being met with a level of caution across the industry, figures released in
                            2011 by the NLA revealed that two thirds of landlords would consider taking advantage
                            of the Green Deal to improve properties in their portfolios.
                            However, landlords who fail to act upon a reasonable request by a tenant for efficiency
                            improvements after 2016 can be ordered to do so by local authorities and could face a
                            potential fine.
                            The Department for Energy and Climate Change is also looking to present secondary
                            legislation before Parliament, which will be followed by industry guidance being prepared
                            in early spring. The first Green Deals are due to appear in the early autumn.

                            For more information on the Energy Bill visit

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The non-payment of water bills has been hitting the headlines, with a reported £1.6 billion in unpaid water charges
in the UK. Currently, the occupier of the property is liable to pay the water bill, however, the majority of water
debtors are tenants in rented properties.
The story is causing some debate amongst landlords as new leglislation was passed in 2010 meaning that
landlords in England may be required to pay for water charges unless they can prove someone else is liable.
However, landlords are not duty bound to provide water companies with tenant’s details, and many are concerned
with breaching the Data Protection Act.
If a tenant is experiencing financial difficulty which is contributing to water bill arrears, they should talk to their
landlord and seek independent advice from a service such as Citizen’s Advice.

   The NLA is currently responding to this issue on behalf of its members,
   visit their website for more details
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    As unemployment levels remain high across the UK, landlords continue to be
    affected by tenants who lose their jobs.
    It can however, make more business sense to find a way to keep an existing tenant in the property, and avoid extra costs
    of advertising and prolonged void periods.
    Landlords are also advised to keep in regular contact with their tenants to ensure that if there is a problem it can be
    highlighted early and measures put in place to protect both the tenant and the landlord.
    Tenants who lose their jobs and are experiencing financial hardship may be eligible to claim Local Housing Allowance
    to cover their rent. Landlords can advise their tenants to contact their Local Housing Authority to find out whether they
    are eligible to claim support.

      For more information visit:

      Local Housing Authority                                                 
      Citizen’s Advice                                         
      National Landlords Association                                   

Rental arrears in the buy-to-let market have remained stable in recent months, even
declining slightly in 2011 compared with the owner-occupied market. But what
should you do if you are worried about a tenant falling into arrears? Take a look at
our top tips on how to help minimise the risk.
1    Professional tenant referencing – get to know a tenant before you let the property to them

2    Have a good rental guarantee in place

3    Good quality tenant and property management - happy tenants tend not to go into arrears!

4    Be sympathetic to tenants with temporary payment issues, helping them find a solution helps everyone involved

5    Understand and know how to access housing benefit for tenants in difficulty

6    Make realistic provision for voids and rental arrears when considering mortgage affordability

7    Most importantly, keep the lines of communication open! Talk to your tenants, identifying a potential issue sooner rather
     than later can save everyone time and money

Q4 survey of ARLA members revealed 39% of tenants were in some level of rental arrears in 2011
Independent research commissioned by Paragon Mortgages, revealed that rental
property in the East Midlands generated an average yield of 6.4% during quarter four
2011. The region has taken first place from their West Midlands neighbours - which
dropped to eighth place in the yield league table.
The South East (excluding London) came in second place
with a yield of 6.1%, followed by the South West with a yield
of 6.0%. The high yields generated in the South reflect the
strong level of demand for rental property in these areas.
Paragon Mortgages worked with independent researchers
BDRC Continental in conjunction with the NLA, to survey
more than 500 landlords during the last quarter of 2011.
Paragon customers who took part in the survey reported an
average yield of 6.9% for Q4 - higher than the market average
of 5.9%.
The survey also revealed that the highest yielding property
type is a detached house, generating an average yield of
6.6%. This was followed by a terraced house and HMOs
(House in Multiple Occupation) which generated yields of
6.1% and 6.0% respectively.
John Heron, Director of Mortgages, said: “It is interesting to
see the shift in the regions taking the top spots in the yield
“As we progress further into 2012, I suspect we will continue
to see changes in yield patterns and how different regions
fair against each other. With demand still at a peak I believe
landlords will continue to achieve healthy yields in the coming


                                                                                                             FEATURE EAST MIDLANDS TOPS THE YIELDS TABLE
  1      East Midlands                               6.4%                      12
  2      South East (excluding London)               6.1%
  3      South West                                  6.0%
  4      London (outer)                              5.9%
  5      North West                                  5.9%
  6      Wales                                       5.8%
                                                                                    8                    7
  7      East of England                             5.7%
                                                                       6                         9
  8      West Midlands                               5.7%
  9      London (central)                            5.6%
  10     North East                                  5.2%                      3
  11     Scotland                                    5.2%
  12     Yorkshire and Humber                        5.2%

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