From Four To Four Hundred by yurtgc548


									From Four To Four Hundred

         1 Kings 22
A Closer Look At Zedekiah
• He Was An Imaginative
  Prophet v.11 (cf. Deut. 33:17)
• He Was A Team Player v.12
• He Was Aggressive About
  What He Believed v.23,24
    A Look At Micaiah
• He Was A Restrained Man v.9
  cf. v.26
• He Was A Respectful Man To
  God v.14
• He Was A Ready Man For The
  Challenge v.15-28
    Some Lessons To Be Learned
• Some people cannot be satisfied with what
  they have. – Ahab – v.1-3 cf. c.21 with Naboth
• Might Does Not Always Make Right – v.6,11
• Little Is Much When God Is In It – v.17-23
• Stand for what is right even when it is not
  popular v.14
• Just because you heart tells you to do
  something does not make it right. v.11
    Some Lessons To Be Learned
• Proclaiming Things To Be True When They Are
  Not Is Self-Deceiving v.6,12 (These prophets
  repeated themselves to the kings.) – v.13 They
  were unanimous! But wrong!
• Test The Spirits! – v.25-28;
           cf. 1 John 4:1; Deut. 18:20-22
• Always tell the truth, even if blessings are not
  the immediate outcome for doing it! v.26
• You cannot hide from God. v.29-40

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