Birthday Party Ideas

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					                                         Birthday Party Ideas
                                         So you have the entertainment planned, whether it is a
                                         children’s entertainer or your own entertainment. The
                                         venue has been sorted and the invitations sent out. This
                                         article is going to help you plan kids parties the next stage of
                                         your birthday party and give you ideas on the types of food
                                         that you can offer to your guests.

                                          The first thing to consider is the type of birthday cake you
                                          want to provide, whilst you can purchase readymade ones
from supermarkets or bakeries these can be fairly expensive. That is why many people opt to make
the birthday cake for their child. Don’t worry if it doesn’t look nice, I really doubt the child really
cares. I suggest making a chocolate birthday cake as nearly all children are absolutely in love with
chocolate. You can also buy a basic sponge cake and decorate it with various types of icing.

The next thing you need to do is plan the food that is going to be eaten at the party. Don’t forget to
take into account any needs that the children may have that will be attending the birthday party, so
make sure there are vegetarian options. Again remember they are only children so there is no need
to invest in anything extravagant, a buffet style platter is always the best idea. Here are some ideas
for you to play around with:

    1. If you want to have food as well as entertainment all into one then why don’t you supply or
       make pizzas? All you need is a bit of pizza dough as well as a selection of toppings. Invite the
       children to decorate their pizza and then just cook it in the oven. The children will absolutely
       love eating their creations.
    2. Always make sure that there is a good selection of sandwiches for the children to eat at the
       table. Good idea for kids birthday party are ham sandwiches and cheese sandwiches. Try not
       to aim for anything more adventurous than these as the children will just not eat them.
    3. In addition to the sandwiches you will also need various other savoury items. Make sure
       they are small however and easy for a child to pick up. Some good ideas are sausage rolls
       and mini quiches. Children also absolutely love scotch eggs and mini sausages.
    4. For a vegetarian option set up a selection of dips and some chips that the child will be able
       to dunk into. For a slightly healthier idea why don’t you use vegetable sticks such as carrot
       and cucumber.
    5. You will also need a range of sweet food for desert. Mini Cupcakes and popcorn will not go
       amiss here. For something slightly healthier a good birthday party idea is to include small
       pieces of fruit.
    6. Make sure you have a good selection of drinks on offer from fizzy sodas to squashes and
       fruit juices. Also make sure you have some water handy!

Now that you have a few birthday party ideas for food that you can have at your party you will now
be better equipped and feel much more comfortable when planning your birthday party.

Description: Birthday Party Ideas So you have the entertainment planned, whether it is a venue has been sorted and the invitations sent out.