Name Final Review Sheet Part II 4.01, 4.02, 5.01, by Adela Sanders


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Final Review Sheet Part II: 4.01, 4.02, 5.01, 5.02, 6.01, 6.02
Directions: Circle the correct answer for each of the following questions.

1) Fred wishes to compute his grades for Civics. Which application program would be most efficient?
   a) Word processing
   b) Spreadsheet
   c) Desktop publishing
   d) Database

2) Which cell uses absolute cell references?
   a) =A2+$B$5
   b) =A2+B5

3) The contents of A4 is a label.

   a) True
   b) False

4) Sally is interested in creating several spreadsheets for her Chemistry class. Each spreadsheet can be saved
   under the same ____________________.
   a) Worksheet
   b) Workbook

5) A graph is used in a chart.
   a) True
   b) False
6) Which function should be used to determine the number of different fruits in the spreadsheet?

   a)   Count
   b)   Min
   c)   Sum
   d)   Max

7) The NOW & Days360 functions are considered which type of function?
   a) SUM
   b) AVG
   c) DATE
   d) MAX

8) The symbols, +,*,/, and - are known as ________________?
   a) Signs
   b) Mathematical operators
   c) Functions

9) Which type of cell data is preceded by an "equal" sign?
   a) Label
   b) Value
   c) Formula

10) To change the order of operations, simply place ______________ around the part of the formula to be
    calculated first.
    a) Commas
    b) Brackets
    c) Periods
    d) Parenthesis

11) In the formula, =SUM(B4:B20), the word SUM is known as the __________________.
    a) Function
    b) Range
    c) Argument
    d) Expression
12) In the formula, =SUM(B4:B20), the colon represents the word, "__________."
    a) Through
    b) Else
    c) Subtract
    d) Add

13) Which type of cell data is right aligned by default?
    a) Formula
    b) Value
    c) Label

14) Which symbols indicate that a column is too small for the data?
    a) ***
    b) %%%
    c) ###
    d) @@@

15) The most efficient way to insert a row is to:
    a) right click the row UNDER the location of the new row and choose "Delete"
    b) right click the row ABOVE the location of the new row and choose "Insert"
    c) right click the row UNDER the location of the new row and choose "Insert"
    d) right click the row ABOVE the location of the new row and choose "Delete"

16) A cell reference/address always states the ___________first and then the ____________ number.
    a) Equal sign, cell
    b) Column, row
    c) Row, column
    d) Equal sign, row

17) Which formula would be used to calculate total price?

   a)   b4*c4
   b)   =b4+c4
   c)   =no. of boxes * price per box
   d)   =b4*c4
18) Jennifer is keeping a spreadsheet with assignment dates for her school projects and due dates. Which
    function would she use to calculate the number of days that she has to complete the assignment?
    a) =DATE
    b) =NOW()
    c) =Days360
    d) =DAYS

19) Which LOOKUP function would be used when there are more than 2 columns in the array. The function
    searches for matches according to a column number.
    a) =LookUp
    b) =VlookUp
    c) =IF
    d) =NOW()

20) Which function is used to compare a cell value to an array of cells and return a value that matches the
    location of the value in the array. This function is excellent when trying to locate a specific value.
    a) =LookUp
    b) =VlookUp
    c) =IF
    d) =NOW()

21) _________________ are used to add clarification to the data categories.

   a) Plot area
   b) Legend
   c) Tick marks

22) GE Global Company wants to create a chart to show if caffeine has an effect on worker productivity during
    3rd shift. (This type of chart is used to indicate a correlation between two or more sets of data.) Which chart
    type should GE choose?
    a) Line
    b) XY Scatter
    c) Pie
    d) Stacked Bar
23) A/an _______________ chart is one that will change to reflect changes made to the spreadsheet
    it represents.
    a) Embedded
    b) Separate
    c) Linked

24) The _____________ is a feature of a chart used to plot data.
    a) Plot Area
    b) Data Marker
    c) Data Series
    d) Graph

25) Mrs. Royster wants to compare the attendance rate of her 1st and 2nd period students. What type of chart
    should Mrs. Royster use?
    a) Column
    b) Pie
    c) Line
    d) Stacked Bar

26) The left vertical side (it contains the numerical data) of a chart is called the ________________.
    a) X-axis
    b) Y-axis
    c) Data marker

27) What is the title you assign each field?
    a) Entry
    b) Field name
    c) Field property
    d) Field

28) __________________ are the building blocks of all databases. They are used to group and organize the
    information within a database; These are also arranged in columns and rows
    a) Entries
    b) Records
    c) Tables
    d) Fields

29) _________________ allow for information to be arranged in a specific order such as alphabetical,
    chronological, ascending, or descending.
    a) Filters
    b) Primary Key
    c) Field
    d) Sort

30) The most common database relationship is ___.
    a) one-to-many
    b) many-to-one
    c) many-to-many
    d) one-to-one
31) By default, the __________ field is set as the primary key.
    a) Memo
    b) Auto number
    c) ID number
    d) Number

32) The data type used for long entries containing both text and numbers is ________.
    a) Input mask
    b) Text
    c) Memo
    d) Lookup wizard

33) A method of viewing or inputting data that contains information about more than one record at a time; table
    with rows (records) and columns (fields); also known as list view.
    a) Datasheet view
    b) Database
    c) File
    d) Date data

34) Examples of databases and database uses in business and society include all of the following EXCEPT:
    a) Online card catalog
    b) Recipe files
    c) Ebay
    d) A phone book

35) This data type allows the user to select preset values from a drop down list.
    a) Caption
    b) Lookup wizard
    c) Primary key field
    d) Input mask

36) Classify the two types of database views.
    a) Field and record
    b) Row and column
    c) Query and report
    d) Datasheet and Design View

37) What is the first step in designing a database?
    a) Determine the fields
    b) Determine the field size
    c) Determine the filed type
    d) Plan and design the database

38) John wants to extract information from one or more tables in his East Duplin High School FBLA database.
    He needs to find all the students that are members of FBLA and are going to the regional competition in
    January. What database object should John use?
    a) Query
    b) Report
    c) Subform
    d) Form
39) Queries are:
    a) Reusable
    b) Not reusable
    c) Similar to forms

40) The purpose of adding _______________ to a form is to identify fields or add captions or prompts.
    a) Subforms
    b) Descriptive text
    c) Graphic elements
    d) Controls

41) You should make every attempt to adjust the line spacing to have consistent and adequate amounts of white
    space between each line of text. This will help keep readers from falling asleep.
    a) True
    b) False

42) Which view allows you to rehearse a presentation?
    a) Slide sorter view
    b) Speaker notes view
    c) Outline view
    d) Slide show view

43) All of the following are considered Appropriate Content for Presentation Software EXCEPT:
    a) To persuade students at Alleghany High School to participate in the "Pennies-for-Patients" campaign in
        order to meet our goal of $1,000 this year!
    b) When you want to relay a story that was handed down to you by your uncle's brother's sister's cousin's
        best friend about the history of how Alleghany High School came to be before the first building burned
        down right after the flood took over the second one and about the one we now come to school in
    c) To prepare the words of Alleghany High Schools "Fight" song in order for it to be broadcast over the
        new, drop down screen which will be installed at the football stadium in time for this
        year's Homecoming
    d) To present your class project on your visit to Washington, D.C. and your visit to the Holocaust museum

44) When adding and formatting graphics to your presentation, keep all of the following in mind EXCEPT:
    a) If you fail to complete the required research, insert many graphics and this will throw off your teacher.
       She will be so impressed with your graphics, she won't notice you didn't complete your work!
    b) Make sure your graphics are aligned to the slide content
    c) Remember graphic images are used to enhance communication and should be relevant to the content of
       the slide
    d) You should be consistent in the type of graphic you choose throughout the presentation

45) All of the following are sources of video or audio files EXCEPT:
    a) Jump, thumb, or flash drives
    b) Radio
    c) CD
    d) Embedded or linked
46) The Slide Sorter view will allow you to do which of the following?
    a) Save your presentation file
    b) Change the order of the slides
    c) Insert a chart or graph
    d) Insert pictures

47) All of the following are characteristics of Inappropriate Content for Presentation Software EXCEPT:
    a) Educational material such as public information, health issues, or broadcasts
    b) Items presented from an original speech, historical declaration, or a memoir and should be preserved in
        same manner
    c) Trivial content or information does not have a clear purpose
    d) Content is so dissected from its original form when translated into presentation that its meaning has
        been lost

48) A preformatted slide design that contains colors and graphics is called:
    a) Slide Layout
    b) Design Template
    c) Placeholder
    d) Presentation

49) A presentation template ensures which of the following?
    a) The presentation will be effective for the targeted audience.
    b) Each slide will have a consistent background.
    c) The presentation will contain charts and graphs.
    d) The size of the presentation file will be limited in order to fit on an alternative storage device.

50) Which view provides additional space for the speaker to share notes and comments?
    a) Slide sorter view
    b) Speaker notes view
    c) Outline view
    d) Slide show view

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