Microwaves Have Affected Our Lifestyles

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            Microwaves Have Affected Our Lifestyles

All types of home appliances offer much more convenience for us and noticeably elevate out
living quality. We all are enjoying positive effects they bring to, but few consumers know some of
them also give us the side effect. For instance, everyone is becoming accustomed to use
microwaves to cook food. But I have a question to ask: how many people know about the possible
risk of the microwave oven? I think the number of these people is quite few or they think the
impact is so little that can be overlooked.

Quite a large number of people don't cook the meals on their own and just use microwave oven to
cope with all meals. We suggest those people think twice whether they need to let the machine
cook everything.

After research on microwaves history we found that, people can't accept the new appliance like
many other brand new things. And then, when they got into thousands of houses, they got used to
the new cooking method to heat the food up. In the 1980s and 1990s, more and more people
started to say yes to this appliance. Nowadays, you can find nearly every single home has a
microwave oven and it becomes a fairly important equipment in our kitchen.

Some research has revealed that most US residents use microwaves to make dinners and reheat
leftover. The oven does save time and effort for people and the food can be made in much less
time. Many people may realize how a microwave cooks the food; it releases the microwave energy
to heat the polarized molecules in food. But there are few people realizing the food heating up
operation lead to enormous nutrition loss. Compared to the way we cook food on stoves,
microwaved foods have much less nutrition for us. People can feel the benefits and efficiency it
gives, so they choose to turn a blind eye to what they can't feel.

In the early 1970s, there was a big country realizing the potential problems of the microwaved

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food. The Russia decided to stop their people from using microwaves at that time. In contrast,
using microwaves to reheat food had a upward trend and quite a lot of people over the world are
using it now. People even change their lifestyles due to its convenience and efficiency.

Do you try to microwave food for your child? If you do, please stop it. Microwaved baby food is
bad for your baby's health. Some researches have proven that the microwave usually overheats
baby's milk and when your child drinks it, it can injure his/her mouth. And the overheated milk
bottles have the risk of explosion. In the mean time, when the nutritious milk is microwaved, it
will lose the nutrition content and has little value for baby.. People should avoid heating the milk
by microwave instead of warming it in a hot water, which is a easy method but not a healthy way
for your baby.

The lifestyle of cooking food by microwave ovens can put people at risk of immunity suppression.
Since eating microwaved food damages the blood elements, the immunity of those people
decreases much faster than the normal people. It has a bad effect that bacteria and viruses can
invade our body more easily.

Microwave ovens not only make our life more convenient and easily but more let some of us get
lazier. They don't cook their foods on their stoves and use the equipment to cook everything. They
just place the cart before the horse. The microwave ovens and other home appliances should be the
auxiliary means in our life not the major ones. People should still insist the normal and healthy
lifestyle. Everything has two sides we should take advantage of the good and lower the bad effect.

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