Frank Stockton

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					Frank Stockton
  When and where did he live?
• 1834-1902
• Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
                Family Life
• Physique
  – frail
  – one leg was shorter than the other
  – Instead of sports, he excelled in imagination
• Told stories to his siblings
• Won short story contests in High School
• Father (a Methodist preacher) discouraged
  him from writing
• After graduating high school, worked as a
  wood engraver for 14 years
  – Made enough to barely feed his family
• Married his wife, Mary Anne, in 1860
• Was “discovered” after his first fairy tale
  “Ting-a-ling” was published in 1867
            Writing Career
• 1868 wrote for Hearth and Home
  magazine for adolescents
• 1874 became assistant editor for St.
  Nicholas Magazine for children
• 1878 poor eyesight forced him to resign
  – His wife and secretary helped him write down
    his stories after that
• 1899-1904 wrote 23 volumes for children
  and adults
            Writing Style
• Excelled in “whimsical fancy”
• Most known for his humor
• He observed, “The discovery that
  humorous compositions could be used in
  journals other than those termed comic
  marked a new era in my life.”
      The Lady or the Tiger?
• Most well-known piece
• Studied in high school and college
  classrooms throughout the West
• originally appeared in Century’s Magazine
  November, 1882
 The Discourager of Hesitancy
• Sequel to “The Lady or the Tiger?”

• NOTE: I will post this short story on my
  website for you to download and read.
  This is not required, but it is very
  interesting reading for those of you who
  enjoyed “The Lady or the Tiger?”
  Which came out of the door?
• What did Frank Stockton himself say came
  out of the door?
                The Lady?
                The Tiger?
• First, you decide… then I’ll tell you what
  he said! 

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