Frank Abagnale Jr by yurtgc548


									Frank Abagnale Jr.
    Matthew Karges
► Father who was a soldier was a soldier at
  the time married a French-woman during
► Parents divorced, lived with Father
► Father brought him to business meetings,
  where he learned a lot
► Left home when he was 16 to make it on
  his own
                      On his own
►   Had low paying part-time
    job, but was unsatisfied
►   Started writing bad checks
    to get what he needed
►   Knew cops would catch
►   Decided to impersonate a
    pilot because people
    respected pilots, and
    would be less suspicious of
    his bad checks
Becoming a Pilot
        ►   Frank pretended to lose his
            “pilot uniform” and received
            another on a fictitious employee
        ►   Obtained a sample of ID similar
            to Pan-Am and added logo from
            model airplane
        ►   Learned pilot info and lingo
            through an interview
        ►   Obtained FAA license by
            obtaining a plaque, downsizing
            it and using it to create a license
        ►   Frank “Williams” was now a
            certified pilot
   ►   Dated stewardesses to know
       inner workings of Pan-Am
   ►   Opened countless bank
       accounts and changed the
       routing number on the check so
       it would take longer to realize
       its bad
   ►   He was unhappy with his fake
   ►   He was apprehended by the
       authorities, yet was let go
       because he was confirmed by
       other pilots he had met
   ►   Decided to lay low
► Faked his way into getting
  a job as a intern
  supervisor for a hospital in
► Used jokes to get around
  his lack of medical
► Let interns do most of
  work so he did not have to
► Did not like being in
  charge of lives, so he
  decided to resign and
  move to Louisiana
   ►   Found a stewardess that he dated
       when he was a pilot
   ►   Convinced her he had a degree in
       law from Harvard
   ►   Was offered job at state district
   ►   Made fake transcripts, and took the
       Louisiana bar exam only three times
       to pass (he simply eliminated what
       he got wrong on the previous test)
   ►   Became a licensed lawyer
   ►   Later he had to leave because of
       pressure from an actual Harvard
   ►   Went back to the airlines for a short
       while until he stopped in Utah
►   Because of natural beauty and lovely women, Frank decided to reside
    in Brigham and teach at the university
►   Set up interview with the dean and used fake credentials to be hired to
    teach summer classes of sociology
►   Was fired end of summer because there was no open position
►   Returned to writing bad checks to support himself in California
               Paper hanging

► Continued   creating fake checks and obtained
  actual Pan-Am payroll checks from one of his
  girlfriends father who worked as a printer
► He had a few close calls with the law but still kept
  at his criminal record
► Settled down in France
► One of his ex-girlfriend
  recognized him from a
  wanted poster and notified
  French police who notified
  the FBI
► Was caught and spent 6
  months in the French
  prison Perpignan
► Escaped and was caught
                                 Perpignan Prison
  again in New York where
  he was tried for his crimes
                     Coming Clean
►   After he served his
    sentence it was difficult for
    him to get a good job
    because he was an ex-
►   Started giving lectures and
    seminars to police and
    bank companies in order
    to prevent counterfeiting
    and con artists
►   Used his knowledge to be
    a consultant and an author
    about his experiences and
    about checkfraud

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