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									                                                                  Terms and Conditions of Business.

Terms and conditions of business: A signed acceptance of these terms, conditions and fees must be received by Birmingham Nannies before any further services
can be provided.

These, terms, conditions and fees of business are between Birmingham Nannies and the client. Birmingham Nannies is the agency. Client refers to the person to
whom the childcare professional is referred. Childcare professional means: Nanny either part time/fulltime

Client’s responsibilities

1) The client agrees to pay the fees as illustrated below, these are payable by the client to Birmingham Nannies in respect of being introduced to and hiring a
childcare professional.

2) Birmingham Nannies is an introductory agency only and does not employ any child care professionals. The client has the responsibility of the payment of
remuneration, deduction and payment of all statutory contributions in respect of earnings related insurance and the administration of PAYE applicable to the
childcare professional as required by law.

3) The client should reimburse the childcare professional any reasonable expenses for travel to interview. This is between client and childcare professional and not
the responsibility of the agency.

4) Contracts of employment between the client and the childcare professional are the clients responsibility however, Birmingham Nannies do have a contract
template that can be used at no extra cost although the agency except no responsibility or liability for this contract.

5) Whilst every effort is made by Birmingham Nannies to provide candidates to the client with reasonable standards of skill, experience and integrity, it is the
client’s responsibility to satisfy itself to the following matters. We strongly advise all families and potential families (clients) that public liability insurance is
required by any individual nanny that they employ, and that they need to have employers liability insurance in force for any nannies that they employ and that the
client is responsible for this.

6) Birmingham Nannies has the right to refuse to represent a client or a candidate, without giving an explanation.

7) Our liability

Birmingham Nannies shall have no liability to the client (other than liability arising from Birmingham Nannies negligence) for any loss or damage of any nature
arising from any breach or any express or implied warranty or condition of this agreement or any negligence breach or statutory or other duty on the part of
Birmingham Nannies or in any other way out of or in connection with the performance or purported performance of or any failure to perform this agreement
except in accordance with this condition.

In no circumstances shall the liability of Birmingham Nannies to the client under this condition exceed £100,000.

Birmingham Nannies accepts no responsibility or liability for the acts or omissions of a candidate (employee) or any loss, damage and expense caused to the client
by breach of the employment contract between the candidate (employee) and the client. This includes any fraudulent act or omission of information during
recruitment or subsequent to the recruitment process.

Birmingham Nannies shall not be liable to the client for any loss whatsoever suffered by the client as a result of the childcare professional failing to present him or
herself for work at any time.

8) Confidentiality

Birmingham Nannies and the client agree that they will not divulge or disclose to any persons, firm or organisation, any personal confidential, commercial, or
confidential technical information relating to the business, finances or affairs of the other. The restriction extends after the completion of business for any reason
without time limit but does not apply to information which is or comes from the public domain otherwise than through your unauthorised disclosure. All
introductions are confidential and clients MUST NOT pass on any information about the nannies or other childcare professionals introduced by Birmingham
Nannies to other parties. Any employment offers brought about by such breaches will incur the same fees as stated.

9) Fees
 Fees are to be paid in full by the end of the employees first week of work. Payment must be received within 7 days from the invoice date in order to qualify for the
6 week probationary replacement/pro rata refund guarantee. Late payments will incur a 10% surcharge per 14 day period. All unpaid fees will be recovered by the
agency by taking the appropriate legal action.

All introductions are confidential and clients MUST NOT pass on any information about the nannies or other childcare professionals introduced by Birmingham
Nannies to other parties. Any employment offers brought about by such breaches will incur the same fees as stated.

Payment methods are subject to agreement between Client and Birmingham Nannies.

10) Scale of fees

Permanent nanny Full time 30 hours per week plus £800 live in or out

Permanent nanny Part time anything between 21 and 29 hours per week £550 live in or out

Permanent nanny part time 20 hours and under per week £400 live in or out

Emergency nanny £60 Administration fee

Temporary nanny 2 x nanny’s weekly salary

Nanny share, If two Clients register with the Agency together in search of a nanny to share then 50% of the relevant Agency fee will be payable by each Client. If
the two Clients approach the Agency separately, each will be charged the full Agency fee. If one of the Clients has a nanny already and is seeking a share, then
they will be charged 40% of the Agency fee if such a family is found, and that family will be charged the full Agency fee. If the Agency facilitates the introduction
of two Clients seeking a nanny share who then employ a nanny not introduced by the Agency then 25% of the Agency fee will be charged to each Client.

Mothers help (not sole charge) £300

Employing a nanny introduced by the agency Birmingham Nannies at a later date (within 12 months) will incur the same costs as above and the same terms will

Birmingham Nannies attendance at interviews, between the client and the childcare professional,

If you would like a member of Birmingham Nannies staff to also attend the interview between you and the childcare professional, this will be charged at £10.00
per hour plus travel expenses.

At present these charges are not subject to VAT

11) Refunds and replacements

If an offer of employment has been offered to the candidate and accepted and the client withdraws the offer, the client will be liable for 50% of the placement fee.

When you appoint an applicant introduced by Birmingham Nannies there is a 6 week probationary period. If the placement becomes unsatisfactory within this time
a suitable replacement will be offered if available. If this is not possible then refunds are available on a pro rata basis up to 14 days 75%, 15 days to 28 days 50%,
29 days to 42 days 25%, of fees if paid on time (see above) However, this agreement will be void if

1)           Fees are not paid within 7 days of the applicant’s start date.

2)           Birmingham Nannies was not informed in writing within 7 days of the applicant leaving.

3)           Applicant leaves due to working conditions being different from those agreed.

4)           Mistreatment of the applicant.

5)           Applicant leaves after 42 days.

6)           If client terminates the employment offer when there has been no breach of contract by the nanny.

Thank You

A big thank you from Birmingham Nannies.

Declaration: Please read carefully the two enclosed copies of the terms, conditions and fees. Then sign both copies and return the agency copy to: Melissa Askew
@ Birmingham Nannies, 1790 Coventry Road, Yardley, Birmingham, B26 1PB. In the case of nanny share both families need to sign the declaration.

We/I have read the terms, conditions and fees of the agency Birmingham Nannies and agree to them and agree to abide by them.

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