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Warangal, the erstwhile capital of the great Kakatiya Kingdom ruled during 12th- 14th
century, is presently an ushering industrial and cultural centre in the state of Andhra
Pradesh in India. The Warangal city is credited as the fifth largest city in the state and has
the historical legacy of being known as Oruguallu or Omtikonda or Ekasilanagaram mainly
due to the existence of a huge hillock seems to be carved out of one stone.
It is assumed that the Prola Raja of great Kakatiya Kingdom built this beautiful town in 12th
century and given the incredible status of the Capital city. The Kakatiyas who ruled more
than 200 years left many grandeur monuments, architectural marvels like Warangal fort, a
Shiva temple known as Swayambhu temple and many such ancient structures. Travel
diaries of great traveler Marco Polo had mentions of this great city.
Warangal is basically consists of an agricultural community, cultivating rice, red chillies,
cotton and tobacco. Warangal is renowned for its granite quarries, exported to many other
Present Warangal attracts many tourists thanks to Warangal's important history, exquisite
monuments, grand temples, superb gardens, beautiful lakes, and sanctuaries with rich fauna
& flora. The Main draw of
tourists in the city include Warangal Fort, the 13th century star shaped Shiva temple,
Bhadrakali temple and the thousand
pillared temple. Wildlife Sanctuaries at Pakhal and Eturnagaram and Pakhal Lake are other
tourist spots which are worth
visiting. Natural beauty with magnificent man made structures leaves Warangal with an
enviable spot in the tourist map of
When To Go
The climate is generally hot and humid. It varies from 20°C to 40°C during summers in March
to May. Winters during
December to February are pleasant with temperature ranges between 13°C and 32°C. The
Southwest monsoons during
June to September are very heavy associated with strong winds. The season is highly humid.
Important festivals here are Id-ul-Fitr during March, Dussera (October-November) and
Deepavali during October. These
are celebrated with much devotion and colorful festivities. Warangal district currently hosts the
Sammakka-Sarakka Jatra or
congregation. It is a biannual fair in which approximately 5 million people participate.
Best time to visit is from October to March.
Travel within city
Warangal is a city located in the state of Andhra Pradesh. Travelling around Warangal can be
quite easy, given the number
of options available for local travel in the region. You can choose between travelling in buses
and auto rickshaws while
travelling within Warangal.
Warangal has a fairly decent government bus service that covers most of the regions in the
city. You can opt for bus travel
within Warangal as this is the cheapest mode of travel in the city. While travelling through bus
in Warangal, it would be
better if you’re familiar with the general layout of the city. This will help you identify the major
stops better and will make
your commute easier. Bus fares in Warangal normally range around Rs 3 to 10.
Auto Rickshaw
You can also opt for auto rickshaws to travel within the city of Warangal. Auto rickshaws in
Warangal do not run on meter
and drivers can charge elevated amounts during night time. It is best to make sure that you
decide on a fixed rate while
boarding an auto. You can also share an auto with another passenger in order to share the
fare. Auto rickshaws will charge
you around Rs 20 to 60, depending on the distance covered. Auto rickshaws are the best
option for night travel within the
city and extra charges are normally present during night time.
Thousand Pillared Temple
Thousand Pillar Temple, a marvel for visitors in the slopes of the Hanumakonda hill on the
highway and close to Warngal, is built in 1163 AD by King Rudra Dev, a Kakatiya dynasty
king. The temple is made out of
intricately carved thousand pillars and is constructed in the shape of a star. Mainly the temple
encloses three shrines
dedicated to Lord Shiva, Lord Vishnu and Surya.
A mandapam with the structure of an amazing 6 foot Nandi is placed at the entrance of the
temple. The temple has
impressively carved doorways, ceilings with rich inscriptions and pillars. Many small lingams
are placed in the premises of
the temple. The background of the Hanumakonda hills is eye catching. This is a worth place
to visit.
Warangal Fort mustsee
Warangal Fort, constructed during the legendary Kaktiya period in the 13th century, is a
wonderful tourist spot. The
grandeur Fort with four mammoth Sanchi style gateways at the entrance is a fine example of
South Indian architecture.
The fort consisting of two walls and the outer wall carries the credit of being the largest of this
type in Indian region. The
Fort is adorned with a temple in its middle and is renowned for its sculptures.
Presently the fort is in ruins and many tourists visit here to have a view of the grand old fort.
The visitors with interest in
architecture, ancient history and ancient sculptures can study lot from this Fort premises.
Bhadrakali Temple popular
Bhadrakali Temple, eighth century old temple built by Kakatiya dynasty, is perfectly placed on
a holy mount nearby
Warangal city. The temple enshrines the Goddess Kali, the mother Goddess in Hindu
mythology, adorned with weapons in
all the eight arms and the statue of the Goddess is in the sitting posture with a crown in her
head. The structure of the
temple is in the amazing architectural style of Chalukya’s.
It is a good religious place to visit and all tourists visit Warangal make it a point to reach this
holy temple in the lap of
mother Goddess to have the blessings.
Eturnagaram Wildlife Sanctuary popular
Eturnagaram Wildlife Sanctuary or Eturnagaram forest wildlife refuge is located nearby
Warangal town and is one of the
grand old sanctuaries in India. The wildlife refuge is dense with deciduous teak woods, and
many wild animals are
conserved here, the animals include tiger, spotted dear, wolf, panther, black buck, chinkara,
giant squirrels, jackals, nilgai,
sloth bear and four horned antelopes. To see wildlife in its natural habitat, visit to this forest
wildlife sanctuary is a must.
Many numbers of tourists are attracted to this sanctuary and the number is growing day by
Kakatiya Musical Garden popular
The Majestic Musical garden in Warangal is located nearby the famous Bhadrakali temple.
The Garden is spread over a
wide area of more than 15 acres. A visually pleasing musical fountain with eye catching
colorful lights is the main attraction
in this garden; the fountain is operated through computer. A mammoth rock and an artificial
waterfall in the rock structure
are placed as the background of Kakatiya Musical Garden.
The Garden offers facilities for boating; the lake for boating was artificially created. Everyday
an amazing show of musical
fountain with dancing lights is arranged at 7pm. This is a wonderful garden to spend the
Kakatiya Rock Garden popular
This is a garden beautifully constructed to attract the tourists and is a relaxing place for local
people and their kids.
Kakatiya rock garden is located near the Fort temple and this beautiful garden encloses many
structures in rocks which are
lively, like the statues of deer, lion, giraffe, sambar, antelopes etc. This is a garden in which
rocks are arranged and
flowered plants are grown in a carefully designed and decorative lawn.
Playing grounds for children are also made operational here. Evenings are crowded here with
local people spending leisure
time and relaxing,
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Padmakshi Temple popular
Padmakshi temple, an ancient temple believed to be built during first quarter of the 12th
century, is a beautiful temple at
Warangal with Goddess Padmakshi as the main deity. A wonderful pillar known as
Annakonda Pillar, a stunning
quadrangular column made with granite black stone, is placed at the entrance of this temple.
The four faces of the pillar are marvelous and impressive. The sculptures and carvings at the
pillar lead the light to the
belief that initially this was a Jain shrine dedicated to Jain Goddess Kdalalaya. The
Padmakshi temple is worth visiting and
the marvelous structure is eye catching. Many visitors visit here to see the exquisite structure.
Pakhal Lake popular
An artificial lake constructed in a small tributary of famous Krishna River at a close by place in
Warangal town, Pakhal
Lake, is assumed to be constructed in 1213 AD by Kakatiya king. The Lake is built amidst
undulated hilly terrains and lush
green dense forests. Panoramic view of the lake and its surroundings is mesmerizing. The
Lake is spreading over a wide
area of nearly 30 sq km and has grown to a superb picnic spot in Warangal.
An added attraction to this calm Lake place is the Pakhal Wildlife Sanctuary, which is worth
visiting and is located around
the lake’s shoreline. Sanctuary encloses many varied kinds of wild animals and birds.
Ramappa Temple popular
Ramappa Temple, constructed in the architectural style of South India during the Kaktiya rule
in the 12th century, is a
grand old temple dedicated to Lord Shiva in Palampet not far way from Warangal. This temple
is revered very much by the
Hindu community and is assumed to be the great contribution of the Kakatiya Kings.
Ramappa Temple, placed in a start shaped platform 6 feet high, has a Shivalingam in the
sanctum with a sikhara at the
mount. A mandapam with a Nandi Idol of 9 foot high, in ruins now, placed at the entrance and
many small shrines are
placed around the main temple. The temple walls are decorated with impressive carvings,
which display epic stories of
Ramayana and Mahabharata. The major festival celebrated here is Shivarathri and which day
devotees throng to this
Siddeshwara Temple popular
Siddheshwara Temple, an ancient temple dedicated to Lord Shiva, is located very close to
in Warangal. The temple architecture is marvelous and is similar to Chalukyan style of
architecture. The
temple as whole is decorated amazingly with intricately carved pillars. This is an important
shivaite temple
in Warangal. Devotees throng to this holy temple during the Maha Shivarathry festival. The
temple has a
majestic look and the surroundings are serene and secluded. The temple offers great peace
of mind to its devotees.
Sri Veeranarayana Temple popular
Sri Veeranarayana Temple, an ancient temple built around 1104 AD, is a highly revered
temple located at Kolanupaka in
Warangal District. The shrine encloses Shri Veeranarayana, an incarnation of Lord Vishnu as
the main deity. The temple
architecture is superb and it resembles the Chalukya style of architecture. This is an important
Vaishnava temple in
Warangal. It is claimed that this was an ancient Jain temple later converted to a Hindu temple.
The intricate carvings on the
walls of the temple are amazing and worth seeing. The temple itself is located in a serene
environment. Many Vishnu
devotees visit this temple on a regular basis
Govindarajula Gutta
This is a marvelous Hindu religious place situated near to Warangal in a hilly region.
Govindarajula Gutta is a beautiful
small village with picturesque surroundings in the backdrop of greenish forests and hilly
terrains have credited with the
home of a a temple for Lord Vishnu. Many devotees visit this temple to offer their prayers and
it is believed that the deity
has superficial powers to bless the believers. A steep stairway leads the visitors to this
temple. One can view the
magnificent panoramic view of the Warangal city from the premises of this temple.
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Pembarti Village
Scholars who studied the culture of old population claim that that generation used copper and
brass wares were used
when iron was not known, A specimen of that old age is seen in a cute village Pembarti
village near Warangal. Pembarti
village is very famous for brassware, many artifacts, metal tools and objects of daily use are
made out of brass here in this
village. The village is the centre of brass work in India; the brasswares are exported to foreign
countries from here. Statues,
castings and carvings are made in this village using the attractive copper alloys like brass and
Tourists visit this village to have a real hard view of making brassware and a visit to this
traditional artisan’s village is very
fascinating. Most of the residents in this village make their profession in the brassware
manufacturing and fashion lights
made out here shines wonderfully.
Rayaparthy Shiva Temple
Rayaparthy Shiva temple, assumed to be built in 18th century, is located in a nearby village in
Warangal. This temple is a
specimen of 18th century architectural style and carvings and inscriptions on the walls of the
temple are superb. The
temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva, the main temple is surrounded by small shrines. The
temple surrounding is picturesque
and natural pristine beauty makes the place attractive
Hyderabad 148 km 3h
Bhadrachalam 211 km 3h, 30m
Vijayawada 237 km 4h
Guntur 278 km 4h, 40m
Srisailam 358 km 6h, 40m
Kurnool 364 km 6h, 30m
Nagpur 455 km 6h
Nellore 463 km 6h, 50m
Visakhapatnam 558 km 9h, 10m
Srikalahasti 561 km 9h, 20m
Simhachalam 566 km 11h, 10m
Tirupati 594 km 9h, 40m
Chennai 693 km 10h, 50m
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