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Paying tribute


"It's good," he said slowly, and then gently added, "It's a little too good." (I knew immediately what he meant, but waited for his explanation.) "It's important to speak of the whole person, the good and the not-so-good," he offered. "It's important to tell the truth."Finally, we remember the place of funeral services in the Christian church. A Christian's funeral is a worship service. Remembering one person's life occurs within the larger sphere of proclaiming God's expansive eternity. At such times, our primary focus is on God, on the comfort that we receive from God's gifts of love and grace, and on the promise and hope that we share in Christ's resurrection. Paying tribute to the deceased should not take over the tribute we pay to the God who created us, blesses us throughout our lives and sustains us at the point of death.

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