Social_Media_Project_Tracking by xuyuzhu


									Date        Name                       Action                                                                    Completed   Notes
                                       Please post and include posting in my higher education linkedin
4/25/2011   POSTING                    groups
                                       These are the financial services companies that I need to be
                                       following. Twitter and Linkedin. Also – do you want to know
4/25/2011   Banking.xlxs               which ones are existing clients?
                                       For twitter and linkedin. Please short link for tracking purposes.
                                       Ok, I won’t say that anymore – just assume I won’t do it
4/25/2011   POSTING                    anymore so we can track via hootsuite

                                       Here is an example of something I want to do below – let me
                                       know your thoughts…scroll thru email… See figure 1 below of
4/26/2011   RSS Feed Example           an RSS feed I want to install within Hootsuite:

                                       A new report - The Impact of Mobile Banking: A Case for
                                       Mobile Marketing. Banks have to make significant investments
                                       to improve or develop their mobile marketing capabilities.
4/26/2011   POSTING                    mID=783 Please post to Lin, Twit, and Lin Group: Finance Club             Done

            all my CEM posts - links
4/26/2011   are broken - can you fix David – all my CEM posts – links are broken – can you fix
                                     nality-Delivers-Billion-Contact-Center-Phone-Calls Fonality Delivers
                                     One Billion Contact Center Phone Calls via Cloud-based Business
4/26/2011   POSTING                  Communications Solutions                                             Done

                                       Still posting typos – can you fix or do you need me
                                       fix to via hootsuite? Should read damaging. Not
                                       Daging. And my blog is now on Vii homepage –
4/27/2011   Typo                       MUST get this fixed, please.
                                       Will go in and fix right now- I was compiling all your
                                       requests and was going to knock them all out tonight- I will
4/27/2011   Re: Typo                   change my priorities and do those right now
                                       HI David – I have Dawn (meet Dawn) working on compiling them all
                                       and keeping track of them in an excel workbook. I will send once
4/27/2011   Re: Typo                   done (-: So don’t recreate unless you want to.
                                       Can you please make sure I am following these companies on twitter
4/28/2011   Following Companies        and linkedin                                                              Done
                                       Just an FYI I am assigning the team to work on your project
            RE: Mary - Your Social     for a couple of hours today to get everything caught up and
            Media Project -            programmed. Right now Olivia is going through each of
            Following Financial        those financial prospects and having you follow each of the
4/29/2011   Companies                  companies on LinkedIn                                                     Done
            Monday Social Media        HI David – Monday, can you please confirm that I am following the below
5/1/2011    Follows                    companies on linkedin and twitter.                                        Done
                                    Mary,Now are now following each of these companies on
                                    LinkedIn I will now go in and ensure you are following them
                                    on Twitter Going forward I will batch all of your requests and
                                    a ssigned them to be executed each Saturday All of the
            Mary - Companies you requests you submitted from last week have now been
            are following on Linked executed
5/1/2011    in and Twitter                                                                                       Done
                                     1.) We have reached out via LinkedIn with a request to the
                                     Key Decision Makers at each of our Active Customers to join
                                     our LinkedIn network. 2) If our Active Customer Deision
                                     Makers have a Twitter Account linked ot their Linked In
                                     profile we clicked thier Twitter link and are now following
                                     thier tweets. Then if you can start helping each week with
                                     the above two steps, that would be fabulous. And if you can
            Re: Mary have 2 hours document within the excel which companies (decision
            dedicated to your social makers) you have reached out to with an invite, that would
5/7/2011    media                    be nice.

                                       Add the decision maker titles and I will have Olivia spends 2
                                       hours this week reaching out to the target decision makers
                                       tat the target accounts. I will wait for the consilidated lists
            Re: Mary have 2 hours and accounts. Another idea - we have an RSS feed that lets
            dedicated to your social us know every Every Contact Center/Customer Service Center
5/7/2011    media                    that is buying, building or expanding thier operations.
                                       If you want a copy of all the call and contact centers being
            Call/Contact Centers       bulit or expanded I already provide them to a company that
            being bought, built or     does staffing for the contact/call center space. I can send a
5/7/2011    expanced                   report to you if you'd like
            Re: Mary have 2 hours
            dedicated to your social
5/7/2011    media                      Love the rss idea! Will send titles on Monday

                                       David - here is an action item - need it to be stated, if
                                       possible, before Saturday. Annual conference in 2 weeks.
                                       There are 100 names - if you can do 20 each day this week
                                       that would be great. Can you send a linkedin invite to each
                                       of the execs on this attached excel. You can list connection
                                       request as "done businees with before - Varolii" Message to
                                       read: Looking forward to meeting you at Varolii interactions
5/9/2011    Week 5.9.11 Project 1      in Vegas! I'd like to add you to my LinkedIn network

            FW: Over 125               A project for this week: David - here is a list of execs we
            Customer Execs to          would like me to be linkedin with…some names we know,
5/9/2011    Convene again - 12/15      some we don't.

            Action Item: Marys      This will be our focus project for this week. I will have
            Project for Week of 5/9 Olivia spend 2 hours reaching out to the target prospects of
5/9/2010    thru 5/13               these accounts through Twitter and LinkedIn.                                 Done
                                       Mary, We did a search of this week's prospects per your
                                       request, if the prosepect is in green there was a LinkedIn
                                       profile and a requet was sent, in yellow an Inmail note was
            RE: Week 5.9.11            sent and in red meant no LinkedIn profile found. Please
5/12/2011   Project 1 * Completed      send a request by eod Sunday for next week's project.
                                       Thank you I see this! I am getting responses! Awesome…
            RE: Week 5.9.11            we will have to do this again for my future conferences..and
5/12/2011   Project 1 * Completed      send a link to my blog and preso

            FW: Queued In:
            Integration of
5/17/2011   Technology and People Anything you can do with this to promote me?
                                  Mary, Yes we can post in groups, put out press releases, and
                                  add it to our weekly newsletter. I see that it requires a sign
                                  up to get more information and hinders so many. Do you
            ACTION ITEM: Mary     want us to own this as this week's project or would you
            Cook's Weekly Social  rather have us reach out to target prospects via LinkedIn to
5/17/2011   media Initiative      join your network. It's up to you.
                                  Yeah, unfortunately not my newsletter, so I can't control the
                                  information request. I don't want to over kill my network so
            RE: ACTION ITEM: Mary tell me what is best manner for posting it. You can own this
            Cook's Weekly Social  as a project for next week - I will be at my conference all
5/17/2011   media Initiative      next week.

            RE: ACTION ITEM: Mary I believe to just add this to the HootSuite updates so it is
            Cook's Weekly Social  dropped as part of the normal rotation is the way to promote
5/17/2011   media Initiative      it.

            RE: ACTION ITEM: Mary
            Cook's Weekly Social
5/17/2011   media Initiative      Then let's do that. What do you need from me?
                                       Ideally to add this to HootSuite we need to have the invite
            RE: ACTION ITEM: Mary loaded onto a server and then have you provide the link to
            Cook's Weekly Social  the invitation. Then it is posted the same as any other
5/19/2011   media Initiative      update, a subject line and a link.

            RE: ACTION ITEM: Mary
            Cook's Weekly Social  Ok - will have to you next week with some new tweets /
5/19/2011   media Initiative      posts to automate
                                       David - it looks like my tweets and posts end tomorrow in
                                       hootsuite - we need to reload the automated lists - can you
                                       reload them accordingly? You will need to fix times on the
                                       original post csv files - I sent them a while ago, but they are
            Pending automated          attached for your use. I will have some new fresh automated
5/20/2011   tweets / posts             messages in a week or so.
                                       Hi David - can youconfirm that you are reprogramming
            RE: Pending automated hootsuite? If you aren't, I need to know asap as I am at our
5/21/2011   tweets / posts        annual conference starting tomorrow.

            Mary- Yes I will
            program your hootsuite
5/21/2011   updates today
                                       Mary, there were about 10 sends that were programmed from
            Mary - Step #1 I        earlier this month that did not go out as there was a timeout
            reporgrammed the bad error. I reprogrammed those to go out over the next two
            sends from earlier this days. Now I will go in and reprogram those updates from
5/21/2011   month                   your lists.

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