Lesson 4 OS maps and grid refs by a35415


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 Geographical Skills                                                          OS Maps
 Thinking through Geography

 Four Figure Grid References
 Activity 1
 Using your OS map find the parks located in the following grid squares:

 A. 0728              B. 1231                C. 0528                D. 0527              E. 0430

 Activity 2
 Identify the trunk or main road running through each of the following grid squares:
 Activity 3
 What is the main land use in the following grid squares? Choose from the list below:

 Residential (housing) / Industry (factories) / forestry

 A. 9628              B. 1130                C. 1628                D. 1330              E. 0931

 Activity 4
 Give the four figure grid references for the following places in Hull:

 A. The Deep    B. The Super     C. Paragon Station     D. P&O Ferries     E. Humber Bridge   F. Your school
                   Stadium          (railway station)      terminal           Country Park

 Map Symbols
 Activity 1
 Copy and complete the table below.
 Grid Square            Feature                            Symbol (draw)            Number in grid square
 1129                   School
 1229                   Church with a tower
 0928                   Museum
 1625                   Picnic Site
 1532                   Public telephone

 Activity 1
 Draw a compass rose to show the eight main directions on a compass
 Activity 2
 Copy and complete the table below
 From                            To                              Direction
 0830                            1430
 1031                            0731
 1028                            0929
 0528                            0627

 Scale – How big is my place?
 Activity 1
 Locate the primary schools in the area that others in your class have come from. Then measure the
 straight line distances from the primary schools you have all come from to your secondary school.
 Activity 2
 Measure the distance you would walk from the primary schools to your secondary school.

 Six Figure Grid References
 Identify the location of a range of landmarks in Hull by their six figure grid references.

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