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									Only put answers on the GREEN cells
Put here the amount you need every month when you retire:      Php 15,000

Put here the number of years from now before you retire:                 10

Based on your answers above, below are the information you need about your retirement:

Amount you need per month when you reach retirement age:        Php24,433
Amount of money you need to have in a 3% savings account:    Php9,773,368
Money you need to save monthly in a 3% savings account:        Php 81,445
REEN cells
                    (per month)

                    (years from now)

u need about your retirement:

                    (this is the inflation-adjusted amount)
                    (this is the money you need to have - saved in a bank)
                    (this is the money you need to save NOW every month to be able to retire)
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