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					                              Memorandum of Understanding
                              for the 211 Ohio Collaborative

1.     Collaborative: The undersigned organization ( “member”) hereby agrees to
       associate under the name of “211 Ohio Collaborative” along with other organizations
       who may be members from time to time, for the express purposes as set forth below:

2.     Purpose of Collaborative: The purposes of the 211 Ohio Collaborative are:

       (a)      To work towards 100% statewide 211 coverage including the development of
               a statewide system;

       (b)     To develop 211 models which adhere to the AIRS/UWA National Standards
               for Information and Referral and can be readily adapted at the local level;

       (c)     To disseminate these models for local adaptation, encourage local response,
               provide technical assistance on a regional basis, and support new 211 call
               centers; and

       (d)     To develop and encourage support for a 211 community resource number in
               the State of Ohio at the community, agency, local governmental, and State
               governmental levels.

3.     Membership: Membership in the 211 Ohio Collaborative shall be limited to those
       not-for-profit agencies, organizations, associations and governmental agencies that
       have a significant involvement in the field of Information & Referral.

4.     Contributions: All contributions are non-refundable. Statewide agencies,
       organizations, or associations and governmental agencies shall contribute $500 each.
       All other 211 Ohio Collaborative members shall contribute $500 each.

5.     Working Principles:

       (a)     The 211 Ohio Collaborative will strive to maximize the strengths of each
               organization to accomplish collectively what none can accomplish alone.

       (b)     Each member shall seek to involve others within their organizations to support
               the 211 project, broadening the coalition through letters of support and
               canvassing membership to identify barriers and build support.

       (c)     Each member shall seek to bring resources to the table (financial, human, in
               kind) to support the 211 project and shall be entitled to send one (1)
               representative to each 211 Ohio Collaborative meeting.

       (d)     Each member shall try to ensure timely decision-making to meet 211 Ohio
               Collaborative deadlines.

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       (e)       Each member hereby agrees to air differences within the context of the 211
                 Ohio Collaborative forums and seek to resolve conflicts within the 211 Ohio

       (f)       Each member hereby agrees to comply with the terms and conditions of this
                 Agreement and with the Operating Procedures of the 211 Ohio Collaborative
                 as may be in existence from time to time.

       (g)       Meeting and communication processes will remain open and inclusive,
                 enabling each member to participate fully in the development of a statewide
                 211 network.

6.      Binding Effect: The undersigned hereby agrees to become a member of the 211
Ohio Collaborative under the terms and conditions expressed herein. The undersigned
further acknowledges and agrees: a) that this Agreement may be signed in counterpart by
other member organizations and that all counterparts shall be considered as one agreement
among all members; and b) that its membership in the 211 Ohio Collaborative shall not
become effective until such time as the undersigned has made its initial contribution and has
received a copy of this Memorandum of Understanding signed by a duly authorized
representative of the 211 Ohio Collaborative.

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