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									                        Астана қаласы
                       № 57 орта мектеп

Тақырыбы: School canteen (Мектеп асханасы)

Пән мұғалімі: Сағатаева Ж.А.

                               2009 ж.
Date: 11.12.09.
Form: 7
The theme: School canteen
Aims:        To give more information about school canteen
             To enlarge pupils vocabulary
             To teach them to keep the culture in the canteen.
Type:        Conclusion
Method: Практикалық (Practical)
The visual
aids:        Phonetic drill, posters, new words, active-board.
Procedure of the lesson:
I.      Organization moment:
     - Good afternoon girls and boys?
     - How are you?
     - Who is on duty?
     - What is the date today?
     - What day is it today?
     - What is the weather like today?
     - Who is absent?
     - Thanks! Take your sit!
II. Warm-up:
Look at the black-board, you can see phonetic drill. I will read and you must
repeat after me!
Breakfast in the morning.
Dinner in the day.
Tea comes after dinner.
Then comes time to play.
Supper in the evening.
When the sky is red.
Then the days over
And we go to bed!
III. Checking the home task:
Now, let’s check your home task. In order to do it, let‘s play the game which
is called “Flies’’.
One player has to come to the black-board. Other pupils must say one word in
native language, which was learnt last lesson, after it player has to find
English variant and kill fly with this word!
For example: қасық “spoon” e.t.c.
IV. Explaining the them:
The topic of our lesson was School canteen. Today we must conclude this
To do vocabulary work:
Who is the?
-She is cook [kuk] -аспазшы.
What is it?
-It is a tableware [ ‘teiblweә] -ыдыс-аяқ.
What is that?
-That is menu [‘m e n j u ]- ас мәзірі.
What is this?
-This is canteen‘s rule [ru:l]-ереже.
Open your books, on page 72. Last grammar theme of our lesson was
“Passive voice”. Let’s remember it’s structure!
                to be + Passive participle
For example: The exercise will be done tomorrow
The exercise is going to be done tomorrow
The exercise can be done tomorrow
The exercise must be done tomorrow
- Do ex. 5 h. 72
- Now let’s write canteen’s rule!
Put the word instead of picture:

1. Sit rightly on the         . (chair)

2. Don’t speak, when you                  . (eat)

3. Wash your              , (hands) before eating.

4. Give back                  (tableware) after eating.
5. Don’t forget to say “Thank” to              (cook)!

V. Giving the home task:
Ex. 6,8 p. 72-73

VI. Conclusion:
Now, I‘ll give you marks in form of picture.
For the “excellent” –is cake, for the “good” –is hamburger, for the “satisfied”
– is roll.
So, your marks are . . .
Enjoy your meal!
Our lesson is over!
Thank you for your attention!
Good bye!

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