Socratic Seminar Questions by 29TH1a


									Socratic Seminar Questions
Be prepared to discuss any of the following questions that may be asked.
Be prepared to lead a discussion on any one of the questions if called upon.


   1. Teiresias is a blind prophet. How important might the detail of the prophet’s blindness be
      to the story?
   2. What loaded words does Antigone use in the first scene? What does this suggest about
   3. Explain Ismene’s argument. Why doesn’t she feel it is her duty to bury Polyneices?
   4. How does the Parados differ in tone and content from the Prologue?
   5. What does Ismene mean when she says, “We are only women; we can’t fight with men?”
      How does this statement relate to Antigone’s saying her crime is holy?
   6. Explain the oxymoron “Do holy things criminally”
   7. Which side of the war does the Chorus favor?
   8. What do you know about Creon’s character?


   1.   Explain “the storms that threatened to destroy the Ship of State”
   2.   How and why does the end of Creon’s speech differ from the beginning?
   3.   How does the Choragos feel about Creon’s command? Support your answer
   4.   What does Creon’s reaction to the sentry explain about his character?
   5.   On the basis of the Ode1, explain if the Chorus supports Creon.

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