(Proposed) Agenda Kick-off meeting EMVR Project, August 25th, 2006

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					 EMVR                                                            Minutes meeting February 13th -14th 2007
 Meeting 06                                                      Bochum
 Joint project by ebIX and ETSO for the European Energy market   Status: approved

               Minutes EMVR meeting 06, February 13th and 14th, 2007

Date:           Tuesday 13th   and     Wednesday 14th of February 2007
Time:           09.00 – 18:00          09.00 – 16.00                          .
Place:          RWE
                Massenbergstraße 9-13, room 7.16 (on seventh floor).
                44787 Bochum,

Vlatka Cordes, convenor           present
Kees Sparreboom, secretary        present
Peter Bauhofer                    present
Hugh Brunswick                    not present
Adrian Fuchs                      present
Regis Leng                        present
Ulf Møller                        not present
Maurizio Monti                    not present
Lucy Sarkisian                    present
Stefan Seidel                     present
Leslaw Winiarski                  present
Marc de Zwaan                     not present

Annex 1: open actions

1. Opening,
   Vlatka opened the meeting and welcomed everyone in Bochum.

2. Agenda
   The agenda was approved. During the meeting the agenda item quality definitions was added.

3. Minutes previous meeting
   The minutes were approved.

4. Actions
   The action list was updated.

5. Review and continue with Business Requirements Specification for exchange process
   We decided to limit the scope of the BRS to “Exchange of metered data for UCTE Accounting”
   strictly. The patterns/templates that can be derived from the models and more general agreements
   in the group will be described in one (or several) separate document(s).
   Conclusion: Kees will update the BRS for:
    UseCases in terms of UMM (Authorised Role and BusinessPartnerType) and overall
        UseCases will be added in line with the UMM recommendations.
    During the meeting some remarks were added (and highlighted) which will be elaborated as

 EMVR                                                              Minutes meeting February 13th -14th 2007
 Meeting 06                                                        Bochum
 Joint project by ebIX and ETSO for the European Energy market     Status: approved

6. Review and continue with Requirements Specification Mapping using Core Components
   6.1. review step 2 (time series level)
   A discussion arose with respect to the combining of business documents in sets and the
   consequences for the cardinality of time series (1 or 1..*). Conclusions:
    first we specify the data to be exchanged per business document in the UML model;
    then we define and apply the rules for exchange.
   As a consequence the cardinality of a time series in a business document will most often be 1 and
   only exceptionally the business document content will be defined as several time series (a global
   position would be one example). Another consequence is that we will have to add rules for
   combining business documents into sets.

    6.2. start step 3 (header):
        6.2.1. resolve remaining issues:
        function/document status
        object of aggregation; header information regarding aggregations
        role/document type
        business sector
        classification type
        6.2.2. have a look at UN/Cefact Standard Business Document Header recommendation
        6.2.3. develop header based on Core Components

    The header specification was not discussed and no canonical model for the header class from the
    conceptual model was created since it was assumed that according to the minutes latest HG
    meeting (16th of January 2007) this should be discussed in the next Harmonization Group based on
    the proposal for compromise from EMVR (which has been sent by EMVR to ebIX, ETSO and
    EFET for comments).
    (Note: According to the approved minutes of the HG meeting, EMVR is expected to provide the
    input to the HG. So I assume this shall be part of our next agenda.)

    We came to the conclusion that we probably have all CC’s defined for the other BRS Class
    Diagrams. So RSM can be created with available CC’s (maybe an exception for Alternative SOAS
    and SOVA with two volumes).

7. Review our proposed updates for the role model once more;
   We reviewed the proposed update for the role. We added the link between Metered Data
   Responsible and Local Accounting Point similar to the Metering Administrator to indicate that
   there will be one Metered Data Responsible per Accounting Point. The resulting proposal shall be
   drafted (action: Kees) and sent to Harmonization Group for approval and inclusion in the
   harmonised role model (action: Vlatka)

8. Quality definitions
   We discussed the required quality definitions. The conclusions of this discussion:
    in SOMS data quality “temporary” is removed since we only need “estimated” and “does not
    SOVM follows the status of SOMS;
    SOAS and upwards (SOVA etc.) has no status at all.
   Done for SOMS, to be done for the rest (action: Kees)
   (When writing the minutes I came to the conclusion that we forgot to specify the content of the
   attribute quantity in case of quality “does not exist”. This is a known issue that is difficult to solve.

 EMVR                                                            Minutes meeting February 13th -14th 2007
 Meeting 06                                                      Bochum
 Joint project by ebIX and ETSO for the European Energy market   Status: approved

    Making the quantity optional has severe consequences for the CC’s and the ambiguity of the
    models. Adding zeros is in my view not an option (zero means zero and is different from not
    available). Replacing a value in the quantity by a code has severe consequences for the data type.
    We will have to think this over (action: all) and discuss this next meeting.)

9. Confirmation/Anomaly report/Processability Error Report
   9.1. review of present ebIX and ETSO models for acknowledgement and error report
   9.2. develop harmonised proposal
   9.3. fit UCTE requirements into harmonised proposal

    After some discussion we came to the following conclusions:
     We choose the overall structure in line with the ebIX Recommendations for acknowledgement
        and error handling. We therefore distinguish the following steps in the process:
                o acknowledgement of receipt (optional)
                o syntax error report
                o model error report
                o processability error report
                o acknowledgement
                o responding business document (optional, depending on the modelled
                    choreography); this response may either be a confirmation of an anomaly report in
                    the UCTE model.
     We will take from ESS 3.0 paragraph 3.4 ground rules the ones that are relevant for
        acknowledgement/error report
     Kees will create a draft document with harmonised proposal for document flows regarding
        acknowledgement and error report + responding business document (either confirmation of
        anomaly report) (action: Kees);
     This document will distributed before the next meeting (action: Kees)
     We will in our next meeting discuss the draft document
     There after will we discuss the contents of the acknowledgements/error reports in the draft
        document (detailing in error reports and error codes etc.).

10. Definition of terms
    During the meeting we have drafted a list of definitions for the terms used in the model. To these
    terms will have to be added extra information specifying the model elements (description,
    conditions, …). The present draft list is added to BRS as paragraph 5.3.
    First the present draft list will be split into a version for BRS and a version for RSM and each will
    be added to their respective document (action: Kees). Then to these first draft version per
    modelling stage (BRS and RSM) the extra information will be added (action: Kees). The result is
    scheduled for discussion next meeting.

11. Work plan
    Next meeting:
     Review of Harmonised Header proposal resulting from the next Harmonization Group
     Review BRS
     Review RSM
     Review and finalisation of document for Acknowledgement and error report.

 EMVR                                                            Minutes meeting February 13th -14th 2007
 Meeting 06                                                      Bochum
 Joint project by ebIX and ETSO for the European Energy market   Status: approved

12. Any other business
    The lack of further budget for EMVR work was discussed. Vlatka will try to find additional
    funding. (action: Vlatka)
    As a result of the lack of funds the draft BRS (draft since the final UCTE requirements are not yet
    available) shall be finalised asap and will then be sent to UCTE and ETSO, EFET and ebIX and
    additionally to the Harmonization Group.
    Further work on the RSM will have to wait for extra budget.

Meeting 07          16-17 of April                                    Arnhem
Meeting 08          20-21 of May                                      Munich
Meeting 09          18-19 of September                                Laufenburg
End of project end of June, delivery results to UCTE and wait for their final requirements. We do
not expect serious changes to BRS and RSM even if the final UCTE requirements will be different
from the one derived from the UCTE presentation.
Meeting 10          Yet to be decided

Name                       Company      Phone             Mobile          Mail
Vlatka Cordes,             RWE          +49 234 515-      +49 162         vlatka.cordes@rwe.com
convenor                                1638              2519714

Kees Sparreboom,           ebIX                           +31 6           kees.sparreboom@capgemini.com
secretary                                                 22667911

Hugh Brunswick             EFET                                           Hugh@efet.org

Adrian Fuchs               Etrans       +41 585802328     +41             adrian.fuchs@swissgrid.ch
                                        +43               764053179
Peter Bauhofer             A&B          5125708830                        peter.bauhofer@aundb.at
Ulf Møller                 Statnett                                       ulf.moller@statnett.no

Regis Leng                 RTE          +33 1 78 66 55                    regis.leng@rte-france.com
Maurizio Monti             RTE

Stefan Seidel              E.ON         +49 89 1254       +49     172     stefan.seidel@eon-energie.com
                           Energie      3588              8612642

Leslaw Winiarski           PSE          +48 22      693                   leslaw.winiarski@pse-operator.pl

Mark de Zwaan              TenneT       +31 26 373 17     +31         6   m.d.zwaan@tennet.org
                                        73                20598097
                                         +31 26 373       +31         6   l.sarkisian@tennet.org
Lucy Sarkisian             TenneT
                                        1631              13643092

EMVR                                                            Minutes meeting February 13th -14th 2007
Meeting 06                                                      Bochum
Joint project by ebIX and ETSO for the European Energy market   Status: approved

Appendix 1: Open actions
     Action                        Actor          Start date        Planned end date     End date
2    Define Accounting Point       All            Meeting 01        Meeting 07           …………
9    What to do if document        All            Meeting 02        Meeting 03           …………
     is not acknowledged?
13   Review need                   All            Meeting 02        …………                 …………
     Aggregator role                                                (most likely open
                                                                    till end EMVR)
14   Check assumption of one       Vlatka         Meeting 02        …………              …………
     accounting point per
     border crossing with                                           (open till further
     UCTE                                                           notice       from
15   Distribute MagicDraw          Kees           Meeting 02        Meeting 03         …………
     format of model
16   Prepare an overview of        Kees           Meeting 03        Meeting 07
     acknowledgements and
     error reports needed + a
     proposal for harmonised
17   Provide the EFET ECM          Hugh           Meeting 03
     Interface definition
18   Check the resulting           All            Meeting 03        Meeting 04
     proposal regarding
     harmonised header
     information within the
     own organization
     New in meeting 04
22   Find a solution for           Kees           Meeting 04        Meeting 07 (see
     combination of generic                                         also 16)
     acknowledgement and
     error report plus business
     specific processability
     error report
     New in meeting 05
23   Add overall UseCase in        Kees           Meeting 05        Meeting 06
     5.1 of BRS

24   Update Class TimeSeries       Kees           Meeting 05        Meeting 06
     in SOMS
25   If possible prepare           Kees           Meeting 05        Meeting 06
     Mapping requirements
26   Create a list of terms that   Kees           Meeting 05        Meeting 06/07
     need/may need a
27   Replace CDT in                Kees           Meeting 05        Meeting 06
     TimeSeries ABIE by

EMVR                                                            Minutes meeting February 13th -14th 2007
Meeting 06                                                      Bochum
Joint project by ebIX and ETSO for the European Energy market   Status: approved


28   Create Canonical Model       Kees            Meeting 05        Meeting 06
     for SOVM and SOAS
29   Update UseCases in line      Kees            Meeting 06        Meeting 07
     with present example


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