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					You Can Write A Better Title Than This If You Want Search Engine Attention

If you have already gotten serious about running a website, you likely know about the importance of search
engine optimization, or SEO. One potentially-fertile field for doing a little optimizing is in the titles of
the web pages, articles, and blog posts that you put on your site.

It is possible to overstate the importance of a webpage title but not by very much. The title is one of the
most fundamental marketing tools you can use to entice someone to look at a particular web page, blog post, or
article. The title is crucial from an SEO standpoint, too, because search-relevant keywords that appear in
titles are heavily favored in the search engine rankings.

Length is an important factor to consider when you are coming up with a title. The title of this article, for
example, is probably a little too long. This is because it's all too easy for titles to get truncated when
they are being linked to. You should think of titles in terms of character length. (This article's too-long
title is 74 characters.) 75 characters should be an upper limit for your titles, and the best titles would be
50 characters or less.

As previously stated, a keyword gains a lot of heft when it appears in the title of an article or page. Your
SEO efforts have probably focused on more than one keyword, and you may be tempted to include several of them
in a single title. This is a very risky proposition, though. Remember that titles need to entice real visitors
even more than they need to impress search engines. It's very hard to cram multiple keywords into a single
title and still come up with a compelling, sensible phrase. You will probably want to stick with one keyword
per title.

Do not worry about having any shortage of titling work to do, though. Every single page on your website has a
title, and if you are up to the challenge, every single one can be tweaked for better search engine
performance. You do not have to drive yourself crazy making every single title amazingly enticing. For
ordinary pages inside your website, it is enough to produce a title that is reasonably accurate at describing
the page's contents. Concentrate your greatest title-writing efforts on the pages where new visitors are most
likely to arrive from search engines or off-site links.

Although it has been alluded to above, it is worth stating outright: the human reader should always come first
with your titles. You can do some pretty impressive things to your titles to improve their search engine
rank-boosting powers, but they are not worth the results if the titles in question prove confusing or
nonsensical for your actual visitors. Always make clarity for the human reader your first priority.

After reading over these suggestions, you hopefully have a clearer idea of how to write great titles to draw
attention from both website visitors and search engine spiders. If you invest a little effort in the titles
you create, you can impress both audiences and boost the amount of traffic that your site gets.

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