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					What Are Search Engine Spiders?

If you are not familiar with Search Engine Optimization yet, you need to start learning about the basics,
starting with search engine spiders. This article will teach you everything you need to know about these
programs used by search engines and how to get them to index your pages.

Search engines use robots known as spiders to visit sites and analyze them. Search engine spiders are
programmed to look for certain features, including keywords, and to follow links from one page to the other.
Your goal is to develop a good Search Engine Optimization strategy so that search engine spiders consider your
site as relevant to your target keywords. Once your site has been judged as relevant, it will appear in search
results for these keywords. Your site will rank higher as you get more visitors and more visits from search
engine spiders.

There are a few different things you can do to optimize your site for search engine spiders. Start by
selecting strong keywords and placing throughout your content. Your keywords should appear in your articles,
your titles, your links and URLs, as well as the meta tags of your pages. You can add keywords to the meta
tags by creating a tag for description in your header and one for keywords. Place a series of strong keywords
in your keyword meta tag and write a short helpful description filled with strong keywords in your meta
description tag. This description will appear under your URL in search results.

You can also help search engine spiders navigate your site and index more than one page by creating a site
that is well-organized. Link your pages to each other with a menu and throughout your content. You also need
to create an XML map of your site. There are different plugins you can use to create an XML map, for instance
WordPress. Upload your XML map on your server. Make sure you update your map when you make changes to your
site. Your site should be easy to navigate for visitors and search engine spiders; create a menu and make your
most important links visible.

You can get search engine spiders to visit your site by registering it with major search engines. Search
engine spiders will also find your site if you have a good number of back-links. You can get back-links by
getting your content featured on other sites or blogs, posting links on social networks and message boards or
in comments on blog posts. You can also exchange links with other webmasters or bloggers. Make sure these
links are posted on pages that get a lot of traffic and that are related to your topic. Optimize these links
with strong keywords in your anchor text. Focus on getting links your potential customers will see instead of
posting links to your site out of context; search engine spiders will consider unrelated links as a form of

You now have a better idea of how search engine spiders function. You can use different plugins to keep track
of how many search engine spiders visit your pages, but remember to focus on your audience too.

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