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									Using 5 Tricks to Boost Your Rankings

When it comes to SEO, it's all about how far you can promote your site within its respective niche. To do
this, some people pay thousands of dollars to outsource the tasks. However, with a few simple tips and tricks,
you can leave your check book at home and do it all yourself.

So, what's the title all about? It's about your HTML -- the title tags that allow you to describe pages and
their content. Use a title to your advantage not only in the HTML, but anywhere on the site that you'll be
giving something a title (a coded tag or a simple page or product title). The idea here is to be as
descriptive as possible without leaving a long piece of content. Short and to the point; that's all you really
need in order to use a title to your advantage. If you can slip a keyword or key phrase in there that plays to
your niche, then that's even better.

For your visitors, images should be clear. For your precaution, images should be free to use. And for your
site rankings, images should have descriptive tags. How do you add a descriptive tag to an image? When you're
leaving the code for the image (<img src="�url"�), you can also leave a description of said image via the
alternative information tag (alt=). Search engines will read this description, so do not neglect the
opportunity to properly tag your images with a description.

The odds of you immediately taking the top spot in any niche are extremely slim. No matter how unique you feel
your idea is, you can probably bet that someone else has a similar idea and has already beaten you to the
punch. That means that you're going to run across quite a few websites in your niche that are doing better
than yours. You can actually use them to your advantage, however. You can link to similar websites within your
niche and borrow some of their steam. To spiders, your sites will appear to be interwoven in some respects,
thus you can be pulled up through the rankings.

A follow-up to tip #3 here, another way linking to other websites works for you is that you can always contact
site owners directly and work out a link exchange. If you post someone's link on your site, they may post your
link on their site. This gives you more links and better overall odds of climbing in the rankings. Just make
sure that you're linking with related websites. Search engines don't take too kindly to out-of-place links on
unrelated websites; i.e. a weight-loss site linking with a political news site.

A lot of newcomers to the SEO game love to pick dozens of keywords, the hope being that they'll be able to
cater to a much larger audience. Unfortunately, you will only waste your efforts if you take this approach.
Instead, you should be focusing in on only a few keywords. You don't want to use the most popular ones either.
Find something that's near the top in your niche but that's still competitive. Focus in on only a few, not a

Following the tips you have just read in this article is a surefire way to improve your search engine
rankings. You have to remember that there's no real quick way to make magic when promoting a website. Stick
with these tips and be vigilant.

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