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					Top Four SEO mistakes

Search engine optimization is relatively easy to master if you are ready to do some research and spend some
time studying. If you are still new to SEO, make sure you stay away from these common mistakes.

Do not place your back-links on random sites. Think about quality, not quantity. Some webmasters waste their
time creating hundreds of accounts on message boards or blogs to share comments including a link to their
sites. This only works if you are sharing a link within a community who already trusts you and if you offer
useful information by sharing this link. Spend your time creating a solid reputation for yourself on the
internet and look for sites where your links will be interested and useful to the audience.

Not updating your site regularly will cause it to stagnate. Even if you have a site that is well-optimize, you
need to keep it dynamic by bringing more visitors in. Create new back-links on site your target audience
visits a lot, and post new articles twice a week or more. Use this new content to add links to other updates
and generate some attention on blogs, message boards or social networks. Do your best to write interesting
content and feature strong keywords.

If you do not stay up to date with trends regarding keywords, your site will rank lower in search results.
Keywords with a high search volume now might not be as popular six months from now, or might be used by your
competitors too. You need to keep track of what your target audience is looking for so you can replace your
outdated keywords with newer ones. When you make changes to your keyword strategy, make sure you rewrite the
content of your meta tags, the anchor text of your most important links, and the content of the pages central
to your site.

Instead of creating a complex design for your site or blog, stick to a very basic color pattern and avoid
including images as a part of your design. You should also stay away from Java script elements or Java. Search
engine spiders cannot interpret these elements and a complex design will keep them from navigating your site

Add an XML map of your site to make navigation easier and organize it smartly. Your most important pages
should be easy to find and your menu should be filled with useful keywords. With a simple design, you should
be able to easily bring attention to one or two links central to your marketing campaign, for instance to the
pages where you sell some of your products. Search engine spiders will index these pages if your content is
well-optimized and if human visitors click on these links a lot.

Avoiding these four mistakes should be easy if you take the time to do more research about SEO and to design a
complete strategy. Keep track of your results so you get a better idea of which techniques are efficient than

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