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					Tips And Tricks To Use SEO On Your Site

Anyone that uses the internet to advertise their business and its products should learn to use search engine
optimization. SEO pretty much is the art of getting your website ranked higher in search results using various
techniques. Use this guide to help you get started so you can get more traffic on your website.

Look at where you website is in search engine results right now. If it's ranked low, or isn't ranked at all
then you really need help with SEO. If it is ranked high, then you still are going to need help. This is
because things change quickly online and even if you're number one today you could lose your place tomorrow.

Be sure that you're placing your keywords as strategically as possible. Don't just throw them in whenever you
can. Search engine crawlers generally will throw up a red flag if you stuff too many keywords onto a page. You
also need to be sure that you're including keywords in areas on your site like image tags and page titles.
Just don't overdo it and you should be fine. Find out what the proper keyword density is for the search engine
of your choice and work from there.

Be sure that any old or archived pages are updated to point back to your new ones. If the search engine is
regularly crawling your old pages but they lead to an old site or to nowhere then not only will the crawler
not rank your new content, people won't be able to find it either. If you update your navigation bar or
something like that you should really think about putting this onto your old pages. Try to at least include a
link back to your main site, especially if the URL changes.

Try including a sitemap on your website. This is basically a page that has a link to every single page on your
website. This gives the search engine's crawler all of your pages so that it can index them. It also gives
your visitors a directory to look for. Make sure that you update this frequently because it could become
really hard to maintain if you don't later on.

Content needs to stay fresh. If the search engine sees that things haven't changed for a while, you may lose
your ranking to newer and more relevant results. Even if your information is something that never changes,
consider adding more to it or changing it up a little every once in a while. Sometimes people will sort search
results by when the page was last updated so to stay up there you have to work on pages often.

There are plenty of small things you can do to be sure that your website will be better ranked with search
engines. It's really not all that hard to do so it doesn't hurt to get started now. Use the tips in this
article and you'll have a better page rank and more traffic as well!

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