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									The Top 4 Things to Avoid for a Good SEO Campaign

Your online business will be successful if you can develop a good search engine optimization strategy. This
article will help you avoid four common mistakes webmasters make when optimizing their sites.

JavaScript is a very useful language, but search engine spiders cannot interpret it. This means none of your
JavaScript elements will be considered as relevant to your content. The worst thing you could do is use Java
to create a drop-down navigation menu: search engine spiders will not even be able to follow these links and
access other pages. If you really need to include a Java element on your site, use strong keywords to describe
this element and plan your SEO campaign around this element. Use HTML code to create a menu and do not include
any content that is central to your site in your Java element.

You have to keep in mind that there is only so much you can do to bring people to your site. At some point,
you have to sit back and wait for people to find you. Once your site is properly optimized and you have a good
number of back-links created, the only thing to do is wait. You should create a few more back-links regularly,
but do not let this become an obsession. If you push your site too hard, you will eventually go beyond your
audience and your content will not be judged as relevant by search engine spiders.

The name of your page has no impact on your SEO campaign. Instead of using keywords to name these pages, use
names that will be useful to you when you need to maintain your site. You can optimize your URLs for SEO
purposes with a URL rewriting tool. This kind of plugin allows you to replace the name of your HTML page with
a series of keywords: make sure you use strong keywords and separate them hyphens. These keywords should be
related to the content of each page. You also need to find a good domain name for your site. If possible,
choose a strong keyword. If you want to use the name of your brand, start a good branding campaign so that
this name eventually becomes a keyword.

An XML sitemap is a useful tool for search engine spiders, but do not make it the central element of your SEO
campaign. Create an XML map with a plugin and place it on your server. Search engine spiders will use it to
navigate your site, but what really matters is how your site is organized. The XML map makes navigation
easier, but it will not make much of a difference if your site is not well-structured. You need to create
different pages and use a menu to direct your visitors toward the content they are interested in. Make sure
your important pages are the most visible, for human visitors and for search engine spiders.

You should be able to develop a good SEO campaign if you avoid these mistakes. Do your research and make sure
your campaign is adapted to your audience and to your content.

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