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					The Basics Of Search Engine Optimization

If you are planning to create a website or a blog, you may have come across discussion about search engine
optimization, also known as SEO. All the discussion that you have come across states how important it is for
your website to be optimized properly. However, what does that mean exactly, and how do you begin? This
article will give you a basic introduction to what SEO is.

Search engine optimization is a process in getting your website ranked highly in search results. Search engine
spiders crawl through the content of every web page that is published on the Internet and index the words
used. They use a complicated algorithm to determine the relevancy of each web page to the words that are used
in the content. When you optimize your website, you are using techniques in your coding to influence these
search engines to assign a good rank to your web page for a particular set of keywords. If your website is
optimized properly, when a user searches on these keywords, your website will have a good placement in the
search results.

Keywords are words that are relevant to your website content. They are words that users typically use to
search on a topic. It is up to you to decide what keywords to include in your website. In choosing keywords
for your content, you should think about what words a person will use to look for information relating to your
business. Your keywords should be used strategically in your content, and your content should be well-written.

Search engine spiders crawl through the HTML code of every web page. They recognize the tags that are
typically used in the coding, and the weight that they put on these tags varies widely. For instance, more
weight is put on words used in the title tag because the title represents the main idea of the web page. In
the content body, header tags, such as <h1> and <h2>, are given more emphasis than a regular paragraph tag
because the paragraph header should represent the main idea of the paragraph. So, in developing your web
page's content, keep in mind how search engines look at these tags, and use your keywords strategically in
these areas.

When you use keywords effectively in your website, the chances of your website ranking highly in search
results improve. When your website comes up near the top on a list of search results, web users are more
likely to click on your link. This will drive more traffic to your website. Web users usually will not spend
the time looking at links that are not within the first few pages of results, because these links are
considered less relevant to what the user was searching for.

The best way to implement good SEO is by writing high-quality content with effective use of keywords. The
worst way is to use unethical methods in trying to trick a search engine, like keyword stuffing. Search
engines have become very sophisticated and intelligent, and if they detect unethical SEO methods in a website,
they may delist the website entirely.

As you can see, learning about SEO is not difficult. It takes time to learn the right methods. Keep these
guidelines in mind, and study SEO in depth. As you apply what you learn, you will see a gradual improvement in
your page rank.

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