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									SEO tips for mobile websites

More people than ever use their tablets and smart phones to access the internet. You need to be aware of that
as a business owner, but more than that you need to take action to prove that your business can handle this
new technology. You can still do search engine optimization, or SEO on mobile sites. The tips in this article
will give you a better idea of how you need to proceed and what things you need to do so that you can be a
force to be reckoned with when dealing with mobile SEO.

1. Keep things straightforward. Pare down your site until it only has the most important elements. Use the
right keywords so that the search engines still recognize you, but be sure to eliminate as much waste as you
can. Make your content much tighter and optimize all the images so that every inch of your website can help
you with SEO in some way.

2. Think about what is now being called m-commerce. Do you buy items from your cellphone or tablet? Even if
you do not, many people are doing just that. Look for ways that your site can sell securely to those using
mobile devices. You may even consider using keywords that have something to do with mobile purchasing so that
people know they can buy from you with their mobile devices.

3. Be considerate and do not require users to download more than 20K on each page. Some people have caps on
the amount of information their mobile device can download, so you are costing them money every time you put
something else on your site. Not only that, but mobile devices have different download speeds. Don't forget
about the search engines; find out if their algorithms punish you because your site has too much going on.

4. Follow standards put out by the W3C. This will likely not even be a thought for you, as you should always
be striving to be the best and to produce quality content and sell reputable items.

5. Be on the look out for new technology. Would you have even thought a few years ago that you would be
talking about optimizing your site for the search engines? You need to always be looking for new SEO tools to
make your site better, but you also want to be aware of new places on the internet that can help you work on
your off-site SEO.

6. Use keywords with local significance. Mobile users are usually on the go and can benefit from content with
a local flair. This can be extremely helpful if you have an offline business to. If you want to attract
people, you have to let them know you are out there.

Use the examples in this article--they will help make your site make money. Remember to do SEO both on your
site and off of your site, and watch how easy it is to market to your mobile customers when you incorporate
these tips into your plans.

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